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『暴挙ご容赦! オール・オブ・ミーで60分』(大阪ジャズ同好会1月特集)

February 12.2018


今月の特集は吉瀬氏による『暴挙ご容赦! オール・オブ・ミーで60分』

名曲「All Of Me」にスポットを当てヴォーカルと演奏でその曲の魅力を語られました。 例会では初めての企画でしたが、ブラインドフォールドテストも用意されとても楽しい時間を過ごさせて頂きました。以下、4曲を添付します。


(1)Here is Ruth Etting sings “All Of Me”.

Photo above of Russ Columbo by courtesy of Alchetron

(2)Here is Russ Columbo sings “All Of Me”.


Photo above of Helen Ward and Harry James by courtesy of UMKC digital special Collections

(3)Here is Helen Ward With Harry James And His Orchestra sings “All Of Me”.


(4)Here is フランク永井 sings “All Of Me”.

Photo above of Gerald Marks



February 10.2018

photo above of Roger Guérin by courtesy of Fresh Sound

This week I read an interesting article about Roger Guérin by JazzWax.

Please refer to Jazz wax his website. Go here

So I will introduce some recordings by Roger Guérin that Jazzwax didn’t post to his blog.


Photo above of Marc Myers from JazzWax

今週JazzWaxさんがトランペッターRoger Guérin(ロジェ・ゲラン)について興味深い記事を書かれています。

私が注目したのはJazzWax(Marc Myers)さんのご両親が戦後のパリで生活されていたことです。ご両親からお聞きになった思い出話がとても素敵です。


“For Parisians, jazz was the sound of freedom, style and individualism.”




Here is Charlie Parker with the MAURICE MOUFFLARD ORCHESTRA play “Lady bird”.
Roger Guerin, Georges Jouvin, Pierre Fassin, Yves Alouette (tp); Andre Paquinet, Maurice Gladieu, Charles Huss (tb);
Charlie Parker, Robert Merchez, Roger Simon (as); Jacques Tess, Marcel Pommes (ts); Honore Truc (bs); Robert Cambier (p);
Henri Karen (b); Pierre Loteguy (ds); two or three unknown (perc); Maurice Moufflard (arr, cond).
Radio broadcast, Paris, November 28, 1950

Django Reinhardt Decca (1)

Here is Django Reinhardt et son Quintette play “Crazy Rhythm”.
Django Reinhardt(g),Roger Guèrin (tp), Hubert Fol (as), Maurice Vander (p),Pierre Michelot (b),Pierre Lemarchand (d)
Paris, January 30,1953


Here is Bobby Jaspar’s New Jazz play “A foggy day”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Nat Peck (tb) Bib Monville (ts) no solo work, Bobby Jaspar (ts,cl,arr) Maurice Vander (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Jean-Louis Viale (d) Francy Boland, Andre Hodeir (comp)
Paris, January 12, 1954


Here is Roger Guerin and Benny Golson Quintet play “I remember Clifford”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Benny Golson (ts) Bobby Timmons (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 12, 1958

imageHere is Roger Guerin Quintet play “Not serious”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Michel Hausser (vib) Martial Solal (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 18, 1958

Here is Roger Guérin plays “April in Paris”.


February 7.2018







Here is Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy play “Boogie woogie cocktail”.
Johnny Burris, Harry Lawson (tp) Howard McGhee (tp,arr) Ted Donnelly, Milton Robinson (tb) John Harrington (cl,as) Ben Smith (as) Edward Inge (cl,ts) Al Sears (ts) Kenny Kersey (p,arr) Floyd Smith (g,el-g,vcl) Booker Collins (b) Ben Thigpen (d) June Richmond (vcl) Andy Kirk (dir) New York, July 14, 1942




Julie London;Around Midnight
Here is Julie London sings “How about me ?”.
Julie London (vcl) acc by orchestra, Dick Reynolds (arr,cond)
Los Angeles, August, 1960



Paul Weston;Mood For 12
Here is Paul Weston and his band featuaring Eddie Miller play “Emaline”.
band including : Ziggy Elman, Clyde Hurley (tp) Joe Howard, Bill Schaefer (tb) Matty Matlock (cl) Babe Russin, Ted Nash, Eddie Miller (ts) Paul Smith, Stan Wrightsman (p) Barney Kessel, George Van Eps (g) Paul Weston (dir)
Los Angeles, 1955 Columbia CL693


Phil Bodner

February 5.2018

Photo by courtesy of West Texas Jazz Society

Phil Bodner was one of the busiest reed men in the 1940s-’70s.

He played clarinet, saxophone, oboe, English horn, and flute.

前回、Metropolitan Jazz Quartetをご紹介しました。

今回はMetropolitan Jazz QuartetのリーダーであるPhil Bodnerについて少し調べてみました。

Phil Bodnerは1941年にハリウッドでAbe Lymanの伴奏者として録音デビューし、1955年にBenny Goodmanオーケストラの録音に参加しています。

その後、Coleman Hawkinsのビクター(ブルーバード)録音で主要な伴奏者として名前を連ねています。

Billie Holiday「Lady In Satin」並びにMiles Davis「Porgy and Bess」等の歴史的な録音にも名前を残しています。


Phil Bodner はスタジオミュージシャンとして有名ですが、自己名義のCDも制作しています。



Here is Abe Lyman sings “Johnson special” (acc Phil Bodner).
Warren Smith (tb) Phil Bodner (cl,as) Bill Kimmel (cl,ts) Sam Caplan , Jim Welton, Harold Keinz, Paul Sparr (vln)
Hollywood, CA, June 25, 1941
061317  Bluebird 11241

Howard McGhee Orchestra “Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries”.
Howard McGhee, trumpet; Danny Bank, Phil Bonder, Sid Brown, Leon Cohen, Herbie Mann, sax; Donn Trenner, piano; Al Caiola, guitar; Arnold Fishkin, bass; Osie Johnson, Don Lamond, drums; Frank Hunter, arranger, director.
NYC, February 14 & 15, 1956 Bethlehem BCP-61

Here is Howard McGhee Orchestra play “My Song”.

Here is Howard McGhee Orchestra play “The Thrill Is Gone”.


Mundell Lowe ,Guitar Moods (Riverside RLP 12-208)
Mundell Lowe, guitar:Phil Bodner, oboe, English horn, Trigger Alpert, bass; Ed Shaughnessy, drums. Hackensack, NJ, March 2, 1956 (Riverside RLP 12-208)
Here is Mundell Lowe Quartet play “I Dream Too Much”.

Here is Mundell Lowe Quartet play “Ill Wind”.

Here is Mundell Lowe Quartet play “Goodbye”.

Phil Bodner ;Once More With Feeling
Phil Bodner(vo,cl),Dick Hyman(p),Ron Traxler(d),Milton Hinton(b)
(Rec 1970s)
Here is Phil Bodner plays “Them There Eyes”.

Here is Phil Bodner sings and plays “Old Man Time”.
add Joe Wilder(tp)


The Metropolitan Jazz Quartet

February 1.2018

I was taught the interesting record from an owner of jazz cafe, where is founded last year in Osaka.

It is “Great Themes From The Classics” by Metropolitan jazz Quartet.

I first encountered this record.

The Metropolitan Jazz Quartet had five recordings on familiar themes from movies, TV theme and Broadway shows.


The Metropolitan Jazz Quartetによる「Great Themes From The Classics」

The Metropolitan Jazz QuartetはPhil Bodner等の有能なスタジオ音楽家により結成されました。



MGM E3727 “The Great Themes From Great American Movies”

MGM E3728 “Great Themes From Great Broadway Shows”

MGM E3729 “The Great Themes From TV Shows”

MGM E3730 “Great Themes From The Classics”

MGM E3731 “Great Themes From Foreign Movies”

Here is The Metropolitan jazz Quartet play “It’s All Right With Me”.
Phil Bodner (sax,cl) Lou Garisto (p,ldr) Pat Merola (b) Frank Garisto (d)
New York?, 1958

Here is The Metropolitan jazz Quartet play “This is my song”.

Here is The Metropolitan jazz Quartet play “Loretta”.

Here is The Metropolitan jazz Quartet play “Blue Star”.

Here is The Metropolitan jazz Quartet “Dream Along With Me”.

Here is The Metropolitan jazz Quartet “Bye Bye Baby”.

Contemporary label and Good Time Jazz label in Kobe jazz meeting(神戸ジャズ愛好会)

January 29.2018

Yesterday, I went to the jazz regular meeting in Kobe.

I heard many recordings by Contemporary label and Good Time Jazz label.

昨日出席しました神戸ジャズ愛好会の持寄テーマは『Contemporaryレコードの名演(Good Time Jazzレーベル含む)』でした。

トラッド愛好家のTさんがGood Time Jazzの録音をご紹介されました。



そんな訳でTさんが用意された演奏を自宅でゆっくり聞いてみました。モダンジャズファンへのサービスとしてSonny Rollinsを追加で1曲選曲されています。

「Good Time Jazzは12インチLPを60枚弱発売いたしましたが、Firehouse 5+2が12枚、Kid Oryが7枚、Lu Wattersのグループが14枚、Banjo Kingsのものが4枚等あり、特に Bunk Johnsonの1942年初吹き込みのJazz Manレーベルのものが含まれており一聴に値すると思います。又、EP盤、10インチ盤、12インチ盤と発売されたものに同じジャケットのデザインが採用されておりユニークに思われます。」

Sonny Rollins 含む合計6曲を添付しました。

Here is Bunk Johnson’s Original Superior Band play “Down by the riverside”.
Bunk Johnson (tp) Jim Robinson (tb) George Lewis (cl) Walter Decou (p) Lawrence Marrero (bj) Austin Young (b) Ernest Rogers (d)
Grunewald’s Music Store, New Orleans, June 11, 1942.(Jazz Man 8 ,MLB133)

Here is Bunk Johnson And The Yerba Buena Jazz Band play “Careless love”.
Bunk Johnson (tp,vcl) Turk Murphy (tb) Ellis Horne (cl) Burt Bales (p) Pat Patton (bj) Squire Girsback (b,tu) Clancy Hayes (d,vcl) Sister Lotta Peavey (vcl)
San Francisco, January/February 1944.(RM402 , Good Time Jazz 63)

Yerba Buena Jazz Band in the 1940s. L-R: Turk Murphy, Lu Watters, Bill Dart, Bob Scobey, Bob Helm, Wally Rose and Dick Lammi. Photo courtesy of the SF Trad Jazz Foundation.

Here is Lu Watters And The Yerba Buena Jazz Band play “At a Georgia camp meeting”.
Lu Watters (tp,dir) Bob Scobey (tp) Turk Murphy (tb) Ellis Horne (cl) Wally Rose (p) Clancy Hayes (bj,vcl) Russ Bennett (g,bj) Dick Lammi (tu,b) Bill Dart (d)
San Francisco, CA, December 19, 1941.(MLB106 Jazzman 3, Good Time Jazz 58)

Here is Firehouse Five Plus Two play “Firehouse stomp”.
Johnny Lucas (tp) Ward Kimball (tb) Clarke Mallory (cl) Frank Thomas (p) Harper Goff (bj) Ed Penner (b,bassax) Jim McDonald (d)
Los Angeles, May 13, 1949.(LK100-4 GTJ 1, L-12010)

Here is Kid Ory Creole Jazz Band play “Ory’s creole trombone”.
Mutt Carey (tp) Kid Ory (tb,vcl) Darnell Howard (cl) Bustor Wilson(p) Bud Scott (bj) Ed Garland (b) Minor Hall (d)
Los Angeles, November 3, 1945.(CRE1025 Crescent 6, Good Time Jazz L12022 )

Here is Sonny Rollins And The Contemporary Leaders play “In the chapel in the moonlight”.
Sonny Rollins (ts) Victor Feldman (vib-1) Hampton Hawes (p) Barney Kessel (g) Leroy Vinnegar (b) Shelly Manne (d)
Los Angeles, October 20, 21 & 22, 1958 Contemporary M3564(mono) = S7564(stereo).

I’m Glad There Is You (first published in 1941)

January 24.2018

“I’m Glad There Is You” is a song written by Jimmy Dorsey and Paul Madeira(Paul Mertz).

The song was recorded on featuring Bob Eberly on vocal,December 22, 1941.

Please listen to my favorite piece “I’m Glad There Is You”.


毎週日曜日の夜に聞いているジャズ番組「World Jazz Warehouse(FMCOCOLO765)」からブログのテーマを考えました。

今回の放送(1/21)ではFranco Ambrosetti(フランコ・アンブロゼッティ)がEnjaレーベルに昨年録音した「CHEERS」が紹介されました。

このアルバムから私の大好きな「I’m Glad There Is You」が選曲されました。

Bix and his Rhythm Jugglers in 1925. Left to right: Howdy Quicksell, Tom Gargano, Paul Mertz, Don Murray, Bix Beiderbecke, Tommy Dorsey. Courtesy Red Hot Jazz Archive.

この曲はご存知の通りJimmy DorseyとPaul Mertzの作品で1941年にBob Eberlyの歌唱でヒットしました。

私はFranco Ambrosettiについては全くの門外漢ですので、彼の経歴等を調べましたら1941年生まれと知りました。

「偶然の一致でしょうか、それともFranco Ambrosetti自身が生まれた1941年にヒットしたバラードを選曲したのでしょうか?」


そんな訳で私のお気に入りの「I’m Glad There Is You」をブログに添付しました。

Here is Franco Ambrosetti play “I’m glad there is you”.
Franco Ambrosetti (tp), Kenny Barron (p), Buster Williams (b), Jack DeJohnette (ds)
January 24-25, 2017.Brooklyn NY



Photo above of Ray Eberly by courtesy of Hoosick Township Historical Society

Here is Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra with Bob Eberly play “I’m glad there is you”.
New York, December 22, 1941


Photo above of Dorothy Dandridge
by Pinterest

Here is Dorothy Dandridge with Oscar Peterson sings “I’m glad there is you”.
Dorothy Dandridge (vcl) Oscar Peterson (p,celeste) Herb Ellis (g) Ray Brown (b) Alvin Stoller (d) January 20, 1958


Here is Helen Carr sings “I’m glad there is you”.
Helen Carr (vcl) acc by Don Fagerquist (tp) Charlie Mariano (as) Donn Trenner (p) Max Bennett (b) Stan Levey (d)
Los Angeles, January 5, 1955


Here is Art Garfunkel sings “I’m Glad There Is You”.


Here is Jane Monheit sings “I’m Glad There Is You”.


Here is Stan Getz And The Oscar Peterson Trio play “I’m glad there is you”.
Stan Getz (ts) Oscar Peterson (p) Herb Ellis (g) Ray Brown (b)
Los Angeles, CA, October 10, 1957


Here is Ralph Sharon Trio play “I’m glad there is you”.
Ralph Sharon (p) Jay Cave (b) Christy Febbo (d)
New York, 1956


Here is Duke Pearson Trio play “I’m glad there is you”.
Duke Pearson (p) Gene Taylor (b) Lex Humphries (d)
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., October 25, 1959


Here is Gus Mancuso Quartet play “I’m glad there is you”.
Gus Mancuso (bar-hrn) Gerald Wiggins (p) Eugene Wright (b) Bill Douglass (d) Hollywood, CA, June, 1956