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Johnny Pate(5)

June 11.2017

In the early 1960s,Johnny Pate successfully ventured into the rhythm and blues field.

He was hired by OKeh Records producer/A&R director Carl Davis.

The first recording was  “Monkey Time” by Major Lance.

Photo above of Curtis Mayfield by Wikipedia

The composer of the song, Curtis Mayfield, was the leader of the R&B group the Impressions.

Curtis Mayfield made many hits by Johnny’s arrangements in  ABC-Paramount recording session.

Also Johnny’s success in the R&B field was followed by film and television scoring projects in the ‘70s.

He orchestrated and arranged the music for “Shaft in Africa” and also made the scores for ”the Shaft” television series.

In 1980s he continued to arrange for Peabo Bryson and Natalie Cole.

In 1993 he produced a second album for Jimmy Smith, “Sum Serious Blues.”

This recordings featured the vocal work of Marlena Shaw.

Pate’s son is well known bassist, Don Pate.

Photo above of Don Pate

1960年代の前半、Johnny PateはR&Bの世界で成功を収めました。
OKeh RecordsのCarl Davisは彼に新しい音楽を製作するよう要請しました。
最初のレコーディングはMajor Lanceの “Monkey Time”でした。
このヒット作の作曲家、Curtis MayfieldはR&BグループのImpressionsのリーダーでした。
Curtis MayfieldはJohnnyの編曲によりABCから多くのヒットを出した。
映画「Shaft in Africa」並びにTVシリーズ「Shaft」の音楽を担当しました。
1980年、Peabo BrysonとNatalie Coleの曲を製作しヒットさせました。
1993年、Jimmy Smithの2枚目のアルバム「Sum Serious Blues」でMarlena Shawを起用するしたレコーディングも印象的です。
Johnny Pateの息子はDon Pateというベーシストとして活躍しています。

Here is Johnnie Pate Trio play “Midnight Sun”.
Johnnie Pate (b),Ronnell Bright (p),Charles Walton (ds)

Here is Natalie Cole & Peabo Bryson sing “What you won’t do for love”.

Here is Jimmy Smith and Marlena Shaw play “I’d rather Drink Muddy Water”.

The RCA Victor Jazz Workshop(4)

December 08. 2016


In the early 1950s, Hal Schaefer was working at the 20th Century Fox studio in Hollywood as a musician, musical arranger and vocal coach.

He served as a vocal coach for such stars as Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe.Jane Russell, Mitzi Gaynor and Susan Hayward,

He was romantically linked to Marilyn Monroe.


Hal Schaefer and Marilyn Monroe(Photo by The New York Times)

Unfortunately he became embroiled in a Hollywood scandal involving three of the biggest celebrities of the time: Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra.

Three months before the Monroe-DiMaggio divorce, in July 1954, Schaefer tried to kill himself.

In 1955, he moved to New York, where he recorded “The RCA Victor Jazz Workshop”.

Hal Schaeferは1950年代初め、ハリウッドの20世紀フォックススタジオでミュージシャン、音楽アレンジャー、ボーカルコーチをしていました。ジュディ・ガーランド、マリリン・モンロー、ジェーン・ラッセル、ミッチ・ゲイナー、スーザン・ヘイワードのボーカルコーチを務めていました。彼はマリリン・モンローの恋人になりました。この結果、モンロー、ジョー・ディマッジョ、フランク・シナトラを含むハリウッドのスキャンダルに巻き込まれました。


Here is Hal Schaefer band play “Dancing In The Dark”.

Hal McKusick, Sam Marowitz, Phil Woods (as) Hal Schaefer (p) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dm)

New York City, November 28, 1955

Here is Hal Schaefer band play “Imagination”.

Here is HAL SCHAEFER OCTET play “A Song for You”.

Billy Byers, Urbie Green, Fred Ohms, Chauncey Welsh (tb) Tom Mitchell (b-tb) Hal Schaefer(p)

Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dm)      New York City, November 9, 1955

Here is Hal Schaefer band play “This One’s For Jack”.

Here is “The Wrong Door Raid 1954” – Marilyn Monroe,Hal Schaefer,Joe Dimaggio,Frank Sinatra

Dick Haymes(2)

October 07, 2016


Photo of Forrest and Haymes at the start of Haymes’ radio show in 1944.

Dick Haymes left Harry James orchestra in April 1942 and joined Benny Goodman orchestra.

By the end of 1942, he left Goodman for Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra, again replacing Frank Sinatra.

In 1942 he teamed with singer Helen Forrest for many hit duets during World War II.

They recorded together both in the studio and for radio broadcasts.

The partnership of Hames and Forrest was one of the best in the history of popular music.


In particular ,“Long Ago (and Far Away)” is a popular song from “Cover Girl” starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly.

Cover Girl marked the first film collaboration of Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin.

The film featured his future wife Rita Hayworth.

Here is Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest sing “Long Ago (And Far Away).”

Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest(1978 TV). Here is they sing “It Had To Be You”

Here is “Cover Girl” by Gene Kelly & Rita Hayworth.

The legend manager,Martha Glaser and Helen Keane(4)


Photo by Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt

Martha Glaser was also a pioneer in the concept of musical artists owning the copyrights.

So she maintained her tireless effort to keep Erroll’s  right.

In 1970 Clint Eastwood produced “Play Misty for Me”.


The title of film was derived from the Garner’s “Misty.”

“Misty” plays a key role in the plot of the movie.

She argued for all rights that are associated with “Misty”.

Ms.Glaser and Erroll Garner were involved in a long struggle with Clint Eastwood.

“Misty” plays a key role in the plot of the movie.

Consequently Clint Eastwood and Universal paid $25,000 to use the song in the film.


Photo by Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt


Martha Glaser passed away December 3, 2014.

Again please refer to “Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt” about her accomplishment .

This is Erroll Garner plays ”Misty”.

Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai(5)

This week, I found many amazing photos and clips about legendary director Claude Lelouch.

At last I will introduce a few works of Francis Lai that were not produced with Claude Lelouch.

The following is my favorite tune.

This is “Du Soleil Plein Les Yeux”(さらば夏の日)

This is old trailer in Japan “La Lecon Particuliere”(個人教授)

Nathalie Delon (ナタリー・ドロン),Renaud Verley (ルノー・ベルレー)

The insert song by “Nicole Croisille” (ニコル・クロワジーユ)

This is Love Story Theme from soundtrack(ある愛の詩)

This is HD Remastered Trailer of “La Valse Du Marriage”(雨の訪問者のワルツ)

Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai(4)



I will post my most favorite movie thema song.

“13 Jours en France” was the best music in past documentary film.

This film was a big hit only in Japan.


I guess the following winter Olympic venue was at Sapporo in Japan.

In addition leading role of this tournament was two people,Peggy Fleming and skier Jean-Claude Killy.


Photo of Peggy Gail Fleming


Photo of Jean-Claude Killy

Most impressive scener was alpine ski race.

A cameraman was skiing with a high speed (he did not a ski pole) behind players.

Pierre Ballou and Nicole click Loisir were singing the insert song.

It seems Claude’s work was influenced by Kon Ichikawa supervision work “Tokyo Olympiad.

This is “13 Jours en France”(白い恋人たち).



Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai(3)


Photo by Official website

I will again post a summary of this concert.

This concert is selected 17 movies from some famous works of Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai.

Each of highlight scene of 17 works has been re-edited by omnibus form.

Their work was reborn in a new film work.

New film will be screened at a giant screen with live orchestral performance by about 60 people.

Please refer to the Films list.Go here

“A Man and a Woman” has been digitally remastered at 50 Anniversary.

Here is a trailer of new “A Man and a Woman”.