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Anita O’day with Stan Kenton Orchestra in Michigan

November 21.2017

Yesterday I was investigating some concerts by Stan Kenton Orchestra.

So I found an interesting databass about concerts that have occurred in Michigan.

“The concert  database” Go Here

Advertisement posters are included in this database.

Photo by courtesy of UNT Digital Library

Below I excerpt from the database about Anita O’day with Stan Kenton.

In 18 September 1942, Stan kenton first performed a concert in Michigan.

In 1944, Stan Kenton and Anita O’day performed a concert in Downtown Theater from 8 September to 14.

(18 September 1942)

(8 June 1945)

昨日Stan Kenton Orchestra(1940代)の演奏を聴きながら当時のコンサートについて調べていました。



そこにはMichigan州で開催されたStan Kentonのコンサートの広告ポスターが含まれていました。

Anita O’dayが出演したコンサートについてデータベースから抜粋しました。

1942年9月18日、Stan Kenton Orchestraは初めてMichiganで公演しています。

1944年9月8日から14日までAnita O’dayはStan Kenton OrchestraをバックにDowntown Theaterで公演しています。


Here is Stan Kenton Orchestra play “Artistry in Ryhthm”.

Here is Anita O’day with Stan Kenton Orchestra sings “Ride On”.(April 1944)

Here is Anita O’day with Stan Kenton Orchestra sings “I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City”.(April 1944)

Here is Anita O’day with Stan Kenton Orchestra sings “Built it Up and Tear it Down”.(April 1944)

Here is Anita O’day with Stan Kenton Orchestra sings “You Betch”.(April 1944)

Here is Anita O’day with Stan Kenton Orchestra sings “I ‘m Going Mad For a Pad”(20 May 1944)

Here is Anita O’day with Stan Kenton Orchestra sings “Special Delivery”.(December 1944)

大阪ジャズ同好会10月例会(後半特集)『Stan Kenton楽団』

October 24,2017

Photo by courtesy of yestercenturypop.com

大阪ジャズ同好会の特集後半は『Stan Kenton楽団』をご紹介しました。
Stan Kenton楽団は1941年に創設されました。それまでのスイング楽団から脱却し「Progressive Jazz」と呼ばれた進歩的なジャズを発表しました。
Pete RugoloやBill Holeman等の重厚な編曲とウエストコーストの腕達者を数多く起用し、贅沢な作品をキャピトルレコードに数多く録音しました。
又、Anita O’Day, June Christy, Chris Connerなど優秀な専属歌手を擁しました。(Ann RichardsはStan Kentonの妻でした) 今回はボーカルとの演奏は選曲しておりません。
(1)Eager Beaver(3:10)
1943年10月19日録音 作曲・編曲はStan Kenton

(2)Artistry In Rhythm(3:23)
1944年1月19日録音  アーティストリーシリーズは大ヒットしました。

(3)Art Pepper(2:11)

(4) Invnetion For Guitar and Trumpet(2:55)
1952年9月15日録音  作曲・編曲 Bill Holeman
Sal Salvador(g), Maynard Ferguson(tp)

(5)Autumn In New York(2:34)

(6)You And The Night And The Music(2:38)

Isham Jones’ compositions(3) “I’ll See You in My Dreams”

October 05,2017

Photo above of The Isham Jones Orchestra, early/mid 1920s by courtesy of Iowa Public Radio

“I’ll See You in My Dreams” was written by Isham Jones, with lyrics by Gus Kahn, and was published in 1924.

Then ”I’ll See You in My Dreams” became the title of a movie based on Gus Kahn’s life.

Also Doris Days acted as Kahn’s wife.

I heard this song for the first time in her singing.

Photo above of Gus Kahn by courtesy of IMDb

「I’ll See You in My Dreams」は Isham Jones作曲、Gus Kahn作詞で1924年に発表されました。

その後「I’ll See You in My Dreams」の作詞家Gus Kahnを描いた伝記映画のタイトルになりました。

この映画でDoris DaysはGus Kahnの妻の役を演じています。

私はこの曲をDoris Daysの歌唱で知りました。

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra play “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (1924).

Here is Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra play “I’ll See You In My Dreams” (1925).

Here is Django Reinhardt plays “I’ll See You In My Dreams”

Here is Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians play “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (1937).

Here is Doris Day sings “I’ll See You In My Dreams” .

Here is Anita O’Day sings “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

Here is Ella Fitzgerald sings “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

Here is Linda Scott sings “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

Here is Bobby Hackett plays “I’ll See You in My Dreams”.

Here is ザ・ピーナッツ sings “夢で逢いましょう 1961 / I’ll See You In My Dream”.


Joe Temperley(1)

May 10.2017

Photo above of Joe Temperley by NPR

Late last month I posted about bass clarinet players.

I announced to write again about Joe Temperley on next month.

Joe Temperley was a giant of the baritone saxophone and the first Scottish jazz musician to make it on the New York scene.

Photo above of (from left),Quentin Jackson, Harry Carney and Britt Woodman
courtesy by Pinterst

In the 1970s following the death of Harry Carney, his glorious baritone saxophone sound anchored the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

He was born on September 20,1929 in Crowdenbeath, Scotland.

When he was 14 old, he was already playing cornet alongside his elder brother in the Cowdenbeath Brass Band.

Then he began to play alto saxophone.

Photo above of Louis Armstrong and Humphrey Lytteltonby collection National Portrait Gallery, London

After moving to London, he joined Humphrey Lyttelton’s band and switched to the baritone sax.

He later said ;“That was the start of my professional career.The rest was incidental.”

He met many top American musicians ,including Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, Cannonball Adderley and Anita O’Day.

So he enjoyed his first taste of New York in August 1959.

Once I posted about Humphrey Lyttelton.Go here

先月末、Bass clarinetプレイヤー列伝として投稿致しました。
その中でJoe Temperleyについて彼の命日である5月に詳しく投稿するとお約束しました。
Joe Temperley は baritone saxophoneの名手であり、スコットランド出身のジャズミュージシャンで後年はニューヨークで活躍しました。Harry Carneyの死後、Duke Ellington Orchestraのサックスの中心でした。
ロンドン移住後、Humphrey Lyttelton’s bandに加入しバリトンサックスをメイン楽器としました。
彼はLouis Armstrong、Billie Holiday、Thelonious Monk、Cannonball Adderley、Anita O’Dayなどと共演しました。
私はHumphrey Lytteltonについて過去に投稿しています。こちらをクリックして下さい。

Here is Joe Temperley plays “Alabama”.

Here is Joe Temperley plays “SIngle Petal of a Rose”.

Billy May

February 09.2016



Billy May was an American composer, arranger and trumpeter.

He was most important arranger in Capital Records.

With the exception of the work of Frank Sinatra,I like the work that was co-starring with Anita O’day.

In 1959, May won the Grammy Award for Best Performance by an Orchestra.


A few years later he wrote arrangements for ‘Carpenters’.

The song has been recorded in their hit album “Horizon”.

It was sober song in this album.