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Delta Rhythm Boys In Sweden

April 1.2018

The Delta Rhythm Boys (vcl group) : Carl Jones, Clinton Holland, Kelsey Pharr, Lee Gaines

Since joining to Jazz meeting in Kobe last month, I am hearing Sweden Jazz such as Arne and Stan.

Today, I will introduce an interesting recordings that Arne Domnérus participated as accompaniment.

By the way I do not have much familiarity with Jazz chorus group.

先月の神戸ジャズ愛好会に参加して以降、アルネ・ドムネラス(Arne Domnerus)やスタン・ハッセルガード(Stan Hasselgard),Lars gullin(ラーシュ・グリン)等スウェーデンジャズを久し振りに聞いています。


今回はスウェーデンミュージシャンがThe Delta Rhythm Boys(デルタ・リズム・ボーイズ)の伴奏者として参加した録音を紹介します。






尚、オーディオパーク社から発売された「スウェーデンのジャズ (1940~1953)」にはDelta Rhythm Boysによる貴重な録音が2曲選曲されています。
“Begin The Beguine”,”On The Sunny Side Of The Street”     録音日 Aug. 2, 1950

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys sings “Perdido”.
The Delta Rhythm Boys (vcl group)Carl Jones, Clinton Holland, Kelsey Pharr, Lee Gaines :acc. by Bengt Arne Wallin (tp), Arne Domnérus (as), Curt Blomquist(fl), Georg Björklund (ts), Rolf Larsson (p), RolfBerg (g), Arne Söderlund (b), Gunnar Ohlsson (d).  Oct 11, 1955

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys sings “Indiana”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys sings “It Had to be You”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys sings “Midnight Sun”.
The Delta Rhythm Boys (vcl group) :acc by Sixten Eriksson (tp) Curt Blomquist (fl) Rolf Lindell (as,cl) Georg Bjorklund (ts) Rolf Larson Knight (p) Rolf Berg (g) Arne Soderlund (b) Gunnar Ohlsson (d) Stockholm, October 12, 1955

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys sings “Lullaby of Birdland ”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys sings “Early Autumn”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.
Stockholm, October 13, 1955

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys sings “Chloe”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.
Stockholm, October 13, 1955

最後にDelta Rhythm BoysのYouTube映像を添付しました。

Here is Delta Rhythm Boys “Flickorna i småland”

Here is The Delta Rhythm Boys sings “Take the “A” Train”.


March 27.2018


Photo by Wikipedia

I introduced Jimmy Dorsey and Arne Domnerus as my favorite alto saxphone.

Particularly Jimmy Dorsey was the idol of Charlie Parker.


Phil Woods(フィル・ウッズ)のDVD映像(Molde Jazz Festival 1969)を持参されました。本ブログでは同じメンバーの演奏をYouTUbeでご覧下さい。
Here is Phil Woods’ European Rhythm Machine (Molde Jazz Festival in 1969)
Phil Woods(as),Gordon Beck(p),Henry Texler(b),Daniel Humair(ds)

少年パーカーのアイドルであったJimmy Dorsey(ジミー・ドーシー) をご紹介しました。


Here is Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra play “ “Beebe”.

Photo above of Arne Domnerus by courtesy of apoloybaco.

次にスウェーデンを代表するサックス奏者(Arne Domnerus)アルネ・ドムネラスの名演(名曲)をご紹介しました。

Quincy Jones(クインシー・ジョーンズ)の編曲が素晴らしいです。

Here is Harry Arnold’s Orchestra with Arne Domnerus play “The Midnight Sun Never Sets”.
Quincy Jones (arr,dir) Stockholm, April 29, 1958

Photo by Wikipedia

Phill Woodsの演奏と比較すると面白いです。

Here is The Quincy Jones Big Band with Phill Woods play “The Midnight Sun Will Never Set”.

やっぱりこの曲はArne Domnerusの方が良いと思います。(個人的感想です)


「1969 New Orleans Jazz Festival」(寺本氏所蔵のビデオから)
主な出演者 Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughn, Count Basie, Clark Terry and Zoot Sims,Gerry Mulligan and Paul Desmond

YouTube映像でClark TerryとZoot Simsの共演を観ることが出来ます。尚、ピアノはJaki Byardです。
Here is Clark Terry(tp),Zoot Sims(ts),Alan Dawson(ds),Jaki Byard(p)


写真は「Hot Jazz 78rpms」から撮影しました。

「ジャズSPアワー第2回目BG&ガールズ」解説 SP愛好家瀬谷徹氏

Here is TRAM, BIX AND LANG play “Wringin’ An’ Twistin’”.
Bix Beiderbecke,(p,cor), Frank Trumbauer(Cm sax),Eddie Lang(g)
New York, September 17, 1927. 81450-A OK 40916


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The early Swedish Jazz(3)


Stan Getz played a folk song in Stockholm in 1951.

This song was named ‘Dear Old Stockholm’ and became modern jazz masterpiece.

Although departing from the main theme I want to mention about his bad habit.

When he visited in Sweden, he received a hero’s welcome.

There was no heroin anywhere for him.

Young Swedish players did not know about the prevalence of narcotics on the American jazz scene.

So he hoped to be clean like them.

I guess he decided to quit a narcotics in Sweden.

I summarized from his biography.Go here


When Lionel Hampton’s band had toured Europe in 1953,Clifford Brown and Quincy Jones

and other members recorded with Arne Domnerus and Lars Gullin and Bent Hallberg.

Please refer to my previous post.Go here

Here is ’The Sound’ .

The early Swedish Jazz(2)



First time Swedish jazz draw public attention abroad was at the jazz festival in Paris in 1949.

Also Miles Davis took part in this event.Go here

Arne Domnérus and Putte Wickman among others made great success in several concerts.




Leonard Feather had radio program in USA in those days.

He introduced Swedish jazz records in his program “Jazz at its best”.

In spring 1950 Down Beat wrote about Arne Domnerus recordingof Body and Soul:

“He has a wonderful pleasant,[…] they can murder most American musicians”.

Also the Metronome jazz magazine had a large and enthusiastic feature on Swedish jazz.

US record companies were interested to issue the new jazz from Sweden.


Reinhold Svensson’s recordings for Metronome Records was issued first 10 LPs from Prestige.

Furthermore,fine recordings by Lars Gullin, Arne Domnerus and Bengt Hallberg followed.

Next day I will post about American musician concert tour in Sweden.




This is Dexter Gordon/Lars Gullin/Sahib Shihab Live in Copenhagen

Quincy Jones(1)

April 18.2016


I decided this week’s theme from my most favorite song.

My favorite song is ’The Midnight Sun Never Sets’.

When Quincy Jones was staying in Sweden in the early ’50s,he had written ‘The Midnight Sun Never Sets’.

The first performance was playing by Arne Domnerus who was alto sax player in Swedish.

He recorded several times with Quincy Jones in Sweden and was featured throughout ‘The Midnight Sun Never Sets’.

His playing in his early career was typical of the ‘cool’, sophisticated, technically accomplished and lyrical style of Swedish modern jazz of the 1950s.

This week, I want to post about Quincy Jones who is a composer of significant piece.