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January 29,2020



1960年クリード・テイラーが設立したインパルスレコードで制作された「The Great Kai & J.J」から「This Could Be The Start Of Something」「 Georgia On My Mind」をご紹介されました。

Here is J.J Johnson and Kai Winding play “The Great Kai & J.J”.
1. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (3:09)
2. Georgia On My Mind (3:48)
3. Blue Monk (4:28)
4. Judy (4:03)
5. Alone Together (3:33)
6. Side By Side (3:02)
7. I Concentrate On You (4:00)
8. Theme From Picnic (4:01)
9. Trixie (5:06)
10. Going, Going, Gong! (3:08)
11. Just For A Thrill (3:19)

ブログ作成者から名手二人による最後の共演「Aurex Jazz Festival ’82」からの映像を添付します。

Here is  J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding play ”It’s alright with me”.

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Photo above of Stanley Turrentine by Discogs

Stanley Turrentine の来日公演「The Live Iin ,Tokyo,July 30,1986」(司会青木誠)をご紹介されましたが音源は提供できません。代替として翌月に開催された「1986別府国際ジャズフェスティバル(大分県城島高原)」での映像を添付します。
Here is Stanley Turrentine Quintet play “Pieces of Dreams〜Gemini”.
Stanley Turrentine(ts) Tom Jones(p) Peter Brown(b) Greg Scaff(g)Ralph Peterson(ds)  August 1986



Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Royal Garden Blues”.
Charlie Shavers (tp) Buster Bailey (cl) Russell Procope (as) Billy Kyle (p) John Kirby (b) O’Neil Spencer (ds)  New York, July 28, 1939

Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Rose room”.
New York,August 10, 1939

Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Double talk”.
New York, January 15, 1941

Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Charlie’s Prelude”.
New York, Transcription, 1940

大阪ジャズ同好会(2018年8月例会) 『私が選んだ隠れ名盤』①

August 16,2018



1.『The Ralph Sharon Trio』ラルフ・シャロ ン(Ralph Sharon)(Bethlehem盤)
「You Stepped Out Of A Dream(夢から醒めて)」
トニー・ベネット(Tony Benett)の専属ビアニストに、とどまらない実力を発揮した快作。

Here is The Ralph Sharon Trio play “You Stepped Out Of A Dream”.
Ralph Sharon (p) Jay Cave (b) Christy Febbo (d) New York, 1956

You Stepped Out Of A Dream

2.『Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out』ハワード・マギー(Howard McGhee)(United Artists盤)
「Lonely Town」
麻薬禍から何回か復帰したハワード・マ ギーのワンホーン・アルバム。

Here is Howard McGhee Quartet play ”Lonely Town”.
Howard McGhee (tp) Phil Porter (org) Larry Ridley (b) Dave Bailey (d)
New York, late 1962

Lonely Town

3.『Gentleman of The Trombone』ヴィッ ク・ディッケンソン(Vic Dickenson)(Storyville盤)
「Just Too Late」

Here is Vic Dickenson and His Band play “Just Too Late”.
Vic Dickenson (tb,vcl) ,Johnny Guarnieri (p) Bill Pemberton (b), Oliver Jackson (d) Antibes, France, July 25, 1975

Just Too Late

4.『Holiday in Braff』ルビー・ブラフ(Ruby Braff)(Bethlehem盤)
「When You’re Smiling」

Here is Ruby Braff And His Orchestra play “When You’re Smiling”.
Ruby Braff (tp) Hymie Schertzer (as) Al Klink, Bob Wilber, Boomie Richman (ts) Sol Schlinger (bar) Ellis Larkins (p) Mundell Lowe (g) or Art Ryerson (g) Walter Page (b) Bobby Donaldson (d) New York, March 17 & 18, 1955

When You’re Smiling


ブルーベックとMJQにハマり、執念深く音源を追う中でも、生来の新しい物好き、ゲテモノ趣味を交えていろいろ浮気しました。そんな昭和30 (1955) 年前後の変わりダネをお聴きください。名盤と言い切る自信は無いのですが、私にとっての”隠れヒーロー”による”隠れ名演”ではあります。

1.『 Pretty Just For You』ジミー・スミス(Jimmy Smith))(Blue Note盤)


Here is Jimmy Smith Trio Plays ”East Of The Sun”.
Jimmy Smith (org) Eddie McFadden (g) Donald “Duck” Bailey (d)
New York, May 8, 1957

East of the sun

2.「The Things We Did Last Summer」ハービー・マン(Herbie Mann)(Bethlehem盤)


Here is Herbie Mann Quartet play ”The Things We Did Last Summer”.
Herbie Mann (fl) Benny Weeks (g) Keith Hodgson (b) Lee Rockey (d)
New York, December, 1954

The Things We Did Last Summer

3.『Man Bites Harmonica』ツーツ・シールマンス(Toots Thielmans)(Riverside盤)
実は、ハマったのは彼が晩年になってから。フランスムードや、ラテン物を楽しみ、ジョージ・シェアリング5加入前の Jean 名義のこれにも行きつきました。2006年に大阪ビルボードへ聴きに行き、休み時間にCDを差し出すと上機嫌でサインをしてくれました。

Here is Toots Thielemans Quintet play ”Fundamental Frequency”.
Toots Thielemans (g,hca) Pepper Adams (bar) Kenny Drew (p) Wilbur Ware (b) Art Taylor (d) New York, December 30, 1957

Fundamental Frequency

Gordon Jenkins’ works(3) “P.S. I Love You”

November 09.2017

“P.S. I Love You” was written by Gordon Jenkins, the lyrics by Johnny Mercer in 1934.

The original hit version in the 1930s was recorded by Rudy Vallée and was revived in the 1950s by The Hilltoppers

Some famous recordings include Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby,Bette Midler.

Today I will not introduce these famous singing.

「P.S. I Love You」は作詞Johnny Mercer、作曲Gordon Jenkinsにより1934年に出版されました。

発売当初はRudyValléeのレコードが好評を博し、1950年代にThe Hilltoppersによってリバイバルヒットしました。

この曲においてはBillie Holiday、Frank Sinatra、MelTormé、Rosemary Clooney、Bing Crosby、Bette Midler等有名な録音が多くあります。


Here is Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra play “P.S. I Love You”.


Photo above of Ruddy Vallee by Wikimedia

Here is Rudy Vallée and his Connecticut Yankees, with vocal by Rudy Vallée on 9 September 1934


Here is Woody Herman & his Orchestra play “P.S. I Love You”.
vo:Mary Ann McCall 1948.


Here is The Hilltoppers sings “P.S. I Love You”.



Here is Arnett Cobb with Red Garland Trio play “P.S. I Love You”.
Arnett Cobb(ts), Red Garland(p) George Duvivier(b) J.C.Herad(ds) Red Garland(p)
November 13.1960. N.J.



Here is Andre Previn plays “P.S. I Love You”.



Here is Joe Temperley play “P.S. I Love You”.
Joe Temperley (soprano & baritone sax), Andy Farber(as,ts), Ryan Kisor(tp), John Allred (tb), James Chirillo (g), Dan Nimmer (p), John Webber (b), Leroy Williams (ds) NY,2008.

Here is Lee Morgan and Hank Mobley Quintet “P.S. I Love You”.
Lee Morgan (tp),Hank Mobley (ts),Hank Jones (p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor (ds)
5 November 1956.N.J.

Bobby Jaspar(5)

August 13. 2017

Blossom Dearie and husband Bobby Jaspar by courtesy of Blossom Dearie HP Photo Gallery

Bobby Jaspar had many recordings in US and Eurrope.

From 1961 to 1962 he came back for one year to Europe giving many concerts in several countries, and making some of his last recordings.

Unfortunately he passed away by complications following an open-heart surgery operation.

He died in New York on Feb. 28, 1963, he was 37 years old.

Finally, I will  briefly introduce a few representative recordings of Bobby Jaspar.

Bobby Jasparはアメリカだけでなくヨーロッパでも多くのレコーディングを行なっています。



最後に、簡単にBobby Jasparの代表的なアルバムを紹介して今回の投稿を終わりたいと思います。

Here is Bobby Jaspar plays “There will never be another you”.
Martial Solal(p), Pierre Michelot(b),Kenny Clarke(ds),Sacha Distel(g), Bobby Jaspar(fl) (1957)

Here is Donald BYRD with Bobby Jaspar play ”Dear old Stockholm”.
Donald Byrd (tp),Bobby Jaspar (fl),Walter Davis Jr(p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor (dr) October 22, 1958,

Here is Donald Byrd quintet Cannes 1958
Donald Byrd (tp),Bobby Jaspar (fl),Walter Davis Jr(p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor(dr) Live in Cannes in 1958

Here is Blossom Dearie with Bobby Jaspar play “L’étang”.
Blossom Dearie(Vo, P),Kenny Burrell(g), Ray Brown(b), Ed Thigpen(ds) ,Bobby Jaspar(fl)   May 21-22, 1959