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March 26.2018

Yesterday, I went to the jazz regular meeting in Kobe.

I heard many recordings by alto saxophone players.

I would like to post a summary of the meeting.




スウィング期の3大アルト奏者 Johnny Hodges, Benny Carter, Willie Smith



Here is Charlie Parker Quintet play “My Melancholy Baby”.(JP-1015)
Dizzy Gillespie(tp); Charlie Parker(as); Thelonious Monk(p); Curly Russell(b); Buddy Rich(ds). NYC. June 6,1950

Capt. John Handy(キャプテン・ジョン・ハンディ)
モダンの「John Handy」と混同される人が多いので注意して下さいと私の方を見てコメントされました。

Here is John Handy And His New Orleans Stompers play “Hindustan”.
Kid Thomas (tp) Jim Robinson (tb) Sammy Rimington (cl) Capt. John Handy (as) Bill Sinclair (p) Dick Griffith (bj) “Mouldy” Dick McCarthy (b) Sammy Penn (d) Live “Motor Inn”, West Haven, CT, December 6, 1965

Paul Desmond(ポール・デスモンド)

Here is Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Georgia on my mind”.
Paul Desmond (as) Dave Brubeck (p) Eugene Wright (b) Joe Morello (d) April 22, 1959

Here is Paul Desmond Quartet play “East of the sun”.
Paul Desmond (as) Jim Hall (g) Percy Heath (b) Connie Kay (d)
New York, September 5, 6 & 7, 1959

Sonny Criss(ソニー・クリス)

Here is Sonny Criss Quintet play “Easy to Love”.
Sonny Criss (as) Larry Bunker (vib) Sonny Clark (p) Buddy Clark(b), Lawrence Marable(d).Los Angeles, CA, October 3, 1956

Here is Sonny Criss Quintet play “In The Still Of The Night”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Art Pepper,Julian”Cannonball Adderley”,Eddy House(初めて聞く名前です)
Art Pepper(アルトが白人でピアノが黒人)
誰も事前にリストアップしなかったので選択されました。Carl Perkins(カール・パーキンス)の演奏が素晴らしいです。

Here is Art Pepper Quartet play “Summertime”
Art Pepper (as) Carl Perkins (p) Ben Tucker (b) Chuck Flores (d) Hollywood, CA, April 1, 1957


Here is Cannonball Adderley With Bill Evans play “Waltz for Debby”.
Cannonball Adderley (as) Bill Evans (p) Percy Heath (b) Connie Kay (d) New York, March 13, 1961


April 14.2017

Photo above of J.C.Higginbotham from Wikipedia

After leaving Fletcher Henderson Orchestra,J.C.Higginbotham joined Benny Carter band in Autumn 1933.

J.C.Higginbotham and Henry ‘Red’ Allen were a close friends from the early Russell days.


Photo above of Mills Blue Rhythm Band. From left to right: George Washington, J. C. Higginbotham, Henry “Red” Allen, Wardell Jones and Shelton Hemphill from Wikipedia

So they joined the Mills Blue Rhythm Band (directed by Lucky Millinder) in 1934.

Then, in 1937, they both rejoined Russell, whose band at the time was fronted by Louis Armstrong.

He was playing a purely supportive role behind Armstrong from 1937 to 1940.


Eventually he Joined Henry ‘Red’ Allen sextet (as co-leader) in December 1940 and worked regularly with Henry Allen until February 1947.

By the way there is evidence that JC ‘s solo performance was admired from others.

His coda of “Higginbotham Blues” was later developed into “Organ Grinder’s Swing” .

“Organ Grinder’s Swing” by Jimmie Lunceford had imitated the ending of “Higginbotham Blues.

”Please listen and compare “Organ Grinder’s Swing” with “the coda of Higginbotham Blues”


Photo above of Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra

Fletcher Henderson楽団を去った後、Benny Carter bandとも共演しました。
1934年、J.C.HigginbothamとHenly “Red” Allenは the Mills Blue Rhythm Band に参加しました。
1937年から1940年、Louis Armstrong楽団に加入しDeccaに名演奏を残しています。
1940年12月以降1947年2月までHenry ‘Red’ Allenと双頭バンドを結成しました。

“Higginbotham Blues”のソロ演奏は、後日”Organ Grinder’s Swing”の原曲になりました。
Jimmie Luncefordの “Organ Grinder’s Swing”と “Higginbotham Blues”のエンディングソロを聞き比べて下さい。

Here is The Mills Blue Rhythm Band play “Red Rhythm”.
Henry Allen, Wardell Jones, Shelton Hemphill (tp), possibly J. C. Higginbotham, George Washington (tb), Tab Smith, Gene Michaels (cl, as), Crawford Wethington, Joe Garland (reeds), Edgar Hayes (p), Lawrence Lucie (g), Elmer James (b), O’Neil Spencer (dm), Lucky Millinder (dir), George Washington(vo). May 20, 1936

Here is Louis Armstrong his Orchestra play “Something Tells Me “.
Louis Armstrong (tp, vo), Shelton Hemphill (tp), J. C. Higginbotham (tb), Rupert Cole (cl, as), Charlie Holmes (as), Bingie Madison (cl, ts), Luis Russell (p), Lee Blair (g), Red Callender (b), Paul Barbarin (dm)May 18, 1938

Here is Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra plays “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”.
Louis Armstrong (tp, vo), J. C. Higginbotham (tb), Charlie Holmes (as), Bingie Madison (cl, ts), Luis Russell (p), Lee Blair (g), Red Callender (b), Paul Barbarin (dm). Nov. 15, 1937

Here is J C Higginbotham and His Six Hicks play “Higginbotham Blues”.
Henry “Red” Allen (cnt), J.C. Higginbotham (tb,ldr) ,Charlie Holmes (as), Luis Russell (p) ,Will Johnson (bj,g), Pops Foster (b), Paul Barbarin (ds)
February 5, 1930

Here is Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra play “Organ Grinder’s Swing”.

Jimmy Heath(1)

October 24, 2016

Last week I was surprised to watch a video from my favorite website.

Jimmy Heath has performed with nearly all the jazz greats of the past 50 years.

Tomorrow, he celebrates the 90-year-old birthday.

This week I will post about Jimmy Heath.

Jimmy Heath was born in Philadelphia on October 25, 1926.

He is the middle brother of the legendary Heath Brothers (Percy Heath/bass and Tootie Heath/drums).

In 1941 his father gave him an alto saxophone for Christmas.


Photo from hodges nourredine2bchotmailfr.blogspot Charlie Parker, Johnny Hodges, and Benny Carter

As a matter of course he admired Benny Carter and Johnny Hodges.

He practiced his saxophone very hard.

He became a road musician out of Philadelphia at 18 years old, traveling with Omaha’s Nat Towles Orchestra.

Then he started his own band in 1946.



He formed an experimental big band that included young Philadelphians such as Benny Golson and John Coltrane.

I want to introduce a rare photo from The Philadelphia City Archive.

(1)Jimmy Heath playing with the Calvin Todd Orchestra, 1944.

(2)The Jimmy Heath Orchestra, 1947. Go here

Aurex Jazz Festival in Japan(2)

The concert program was terrific in those days.

A luxurious four bands had been organized by George Wein.





The leader Benny Goodman :”King of Swing”

The leader Benny Carter: “Gentlemen of Swing”

The leader Dizzy Gillespie:”Battle of The Horns”

The leader Freddie Hubbard:”Jazz of The 80’s”


Benny Carter 84

Incidentally George Benson Group was scheduled to visit Japan.

However, he was not able to visit Japan.

So ‘Gentlemen Of swing’ had been organized by Benny Carter.

Expo’70 Commemorative Park, Osaka, Sep.6, 1980.
Benny Goodman(cl), Teddy Wilson(p), Tony Terran(tp), Dick Nash(tb), Eddie Duran(g), Al Obidinski(b), John Markham(ds)

Aurex Jazz Fest ’80, Yokohama Stadium, Japan, Sept. 7, 1980
Freddie Hubbard (tp),Joe Henderson (ts),George Duke (keyboards),Alphonso Johnson (b)
Peter Erskine (ds)