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February 10.2018

photo above of Roger Guérin by courtesy of Fresh Sound

This week I read an interesting article about Roger Guérin by JazzWax.

Please refer to Jazz wax his website. Go here

So I will introduce some recordings by Roger Guérin that Jazzwax didn’t post to his blog.


Photo above of Marc Myers from JazzWax

今週JazzWaxさんがトランペッターRoger Guérin(ロジェ・ゲラン)について興味深い記事を書かれています。

私が注目したのはJazzWax(Marc Myers)さんのご両親が戦後のパリで生活されていたことです。ご両親からお聞きになった思い出話がとても素敵です。


“For Parisians, jazz was the sound of freedom, style and individualism.”




Here is Charlie Parker with the MAURICE MOUFFLARD ORCHESTRA play “Lady bird”.
Roger Guerin, Georges Jouvin, Pierre Fassin, Yves Alouette (tp); Andre Paquinet, Maurice Gladieu, Charles Huss (tb);
Charlie Parker, Robert Merchez, Roger Simon (as); Jacques Tess, Marcel Pommes (ts); Honore Truc (bs); Robert Cambier (p);
Henri Karen (b); Pierre Loteguy (ds); two or three unknown (perc); Maurice Moufflard (arr, cond).
Radio broadcast, Paris, November 28, 1950

Django Reinhardt Decca (1)

Here is Django Reinhardt et son Quintette play “Crazy Rhythm”.
Django Reinhardt(g),Roger Guèrin (tp), Hubert Fol (as), Maurice Vander (p),Pierre Michelot (b),Pierre Lemarchand (d)
Paris, January 30,1953


Here is Bobby Jaspar’s New Jazz play “A foggy day”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Nat Peck (tb) Bib Monville (ts) no solo work, Bobby Jaspar (ts,cl,arr) Maurice Vander (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Jean-Louis Viale (d) Francy Boland, Andre Hodeir (comp)
Paris, January 12, 1954


Here is Roger Guerin and Benny Golson Quintet play “I remember Clifford”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Benny Golson (ts) Bobby Timmons (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 12, 1958

imageHere is Roger Guerin Quintet play “Not serious”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Michel Hausser (vib) Martial Solal (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 18, 1958

Here is Roger Guérin plays “April in Paris”.

Toots Thielemans as guitarist(4)

August 26. 2017 

Photo by courtesy of Radio 1

By the early 1960s, Thielemans had become increasingly popular in the studios as a harmonica player and whistler. So his guitar playing had become less.

On 23 January 2009, he joined the memory of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Django Reinhardt.

1960年の初めには、Toots Thielemansはハーモニカと口笛奏者としての演奏が高く評価され、世界的なスターになりました。
後年の活躍で私が注目したのは、2009年1月に開催されたDjango Reinhardt生誕100年記念コンサートに出演していることです。

Photo above of Cary Grant, Toots Thielemans and Quincy Jones by courtesy of Amazing Belgium

Here is Toots Thielemans plays “We’ll be Together”(1961)
George Arvanitas(p), Roland Lobligeois(b) Philippe Combelle(ds)  January 3~4 Paris

Here is Toots Thielemans plays “Willow Weep for Me“.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Martial Solal &Toots Thielemans play “ Waltz For Sonny”.(1990)
Martial Solal(p),Toots Thielemans(g,harmonica)

Here is Toots Thielema plays “Nuages”.
Toots Thielemans (hca,g),Ray Bryant (p),Tommy Bryant (b),Oliver Jackson (ds)
October ~November, 1959

Here is Milt Jackson & Benny Golson with Toots Thielemans play “Bags Groove”.
Toots Thielemans plays harmonica.Milt Jackson(vib),Benny Golson(ts),Art Farmer(tp),Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen(b),Ulf Wakenius(g), Jonas Johansen(ds), Kenny Kirkland(p),Toots Thielemans(harmonica)Max Roach(ds)   June 14, 1997, Germany

Photo by courtesy of Thielemans’s Facebook page

Benny Golson in Osaka(4)

December 01. 2016


Photo by BlueNote Tokyo

I want to introduce a terrific interview with Benny Golson.

I think this interview is the best article for understanding Benny Golson.

His interview is serialized five times at JazzWax.

Go (1)here and (2)here and (3)here and (4)here and (5)here

When I wrote to Marc Jazz Wax Myers about his saxophone,Mr.Marc replied to my comment.

It is described below.

Takafumi Hirano /react-text react-text: 116 /react-text
In Japan, he seems to be popular as a composer than the musicians.However, I think his saxophone sound is the sound of a real tenor. This video I think great performance even look many times.
Like · Reply · November 29, 2015 at 8:08pm

react-text: I agree, Takafumi. Thanks.
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Here is Benny Golson plays “Whisper Not”.

Here is BENNY GOLSON QUINTET Live in Japan(1988).

Benny Golson in Osaka(3)

November 30. 2016


Photo from Benny Golson’s Official Website

Generally his composing skill has been drawing more attention than his saxophone performance.

However I like his saxophone sound.

Today I will post about his tenor saxophone.

He began to play a piano at age 9 with his mother’s suggestion and had a dream of becoming a concert pianist.

When he was at age 14, he discovered the saxophone and began to blow tenor saxophone since the age of 14.

As a matter of course he heard a famous tenor saxsophone players “Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster and others.


Photo above of Don Byas (photo from Jazz Profiles)

Especially his idol was Don Byas.

They were playing saxophones with a metal circle attaching the bell to the body of the saxophone.

He noticed that they all had Selmer saxophone.

He quickly went to a local music store to try out one of these saxophone.


Then he became the player of only Selmer saxophones including his soprano since 1951.

He says about Selmer saxophone: “Selmer makes the best instruments in the world.

I have joyfully and successfully played their saxophones since 1951”.

Here is “Benny Golson Interview on Selmer Saxophones”.

Here is “Benny Golson & the Henri Selmer reeds”

Here is Benny Golson plays “Killer Joe”.

Benny Golson in Osaka(2)

November 29. 2016


Photo of Miki Yamaoka and Benny Golson

Today I want to introduce about Miki Yamaoka’s work with Benny Golson.

In 1997 she recorded for the first time in NY.

Fortunately she had recorded “I Remember Clliford ” with Tommy Flanagan and Benny Golson.


That started a firm friendship between Miki Yamaoka and Benny Golson.

Then Benny Golson has cooperated to her as producer and music director and player.

Last week Benny Golson arrived to Narita airport.

He visited to play for 35th anniversary concert of Miki Yamaoka.

You can listen to “Love” at her website.Go here


About ‘One Day,Forever’,please refer to below website.

Go here.

Here is 「Dear Friends」recorded on March 9,2007 in N.Y.C.

Here is “MIKI YAMAOKA & BENNY GOLSON / 山岡未樹&ベニー・ゴルソン”

Benny Golson in Osaka(1)

November 28. 2016


Photo above, from left, Benny Golson,vocalist Miki Yamaoka, pianist Souichi Noriki,drummer Rikiya Higashihara,bassist Yoshihiro Tokiyasu at the RUG TIME OSAKA(Photo from Miki Yamaoka Facebook)

Yesterday I went to the terrific concert in Osaka.

Benny Golson visited to Japan for 35th anniversary concert of Japanese jazz singer Miki Yamaoka.

He came to Japan alone without his attendant.


Today I will post their ending tune  ”Blues March”.

The song is the composer’s acknowledgement of the early marching bands of New Orleans.

Benny Golson saluted the audience at the beginning and end of the song.

Also the drummer Rikiya Higashihara(東原力哉) was great.

It was wonderful to hear ”Blues March” by Higashihara’s drumming.


Photo from Rikiya Higashihara Website

Here is Benny Golson & Lee Morgan play “Blues March”(1958)


Jimmy Heath(1)

October 24, 2016

Last week I was surprised to watch a video from my favorite website.

Jimmy Heath has performed with nearly all the jazz greats of the past 50 years.

Tomorrow, he celebrates the 90-year-old birthday.

This week I will post about Jimmy Heath.

Jimmy Heath was born in Philadelphia on October 25, 1926.

He is the middle brother of the legendary Heath Brothers (Percy Heath/bass and Tootie Heath/drums).

In 1941 his father gave him an alto saxophone for Christmas.


Photo from hodges nourredine2bchotmailfr.blogspot Charlie Parker, Johnny Hodges, and Benny Carter

As a matter of course he admired Benny Carter and Johnny Hodges.

He practiced his saxophone very hard.

He became a road musician out of Philadelphia at 18 years old, traveling with Omaha’s Nat Towles Orchestra.

Then he started his own band in 1946.



He formed an experimental big band that included young Philadelphians such as Benny Golson and John Coltrane.

I want to introduce a rare photo from The Philadelphia City Archive.

(1)Jimmy Heath playing with the Calvin Todd Orchestra, 1944.

(2)The Jimmy Heath Orchestra, 1947. Go here