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Ziggy Elman “Fralich in Swing”(3)

November 17.2017

Photo above of  Johnny Mercer by Wikipedia

Ziggy’s composition “Fralich in Swing” turned to  “And the Angels Sing” with lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

In Feb.1,1939 Johnny Mercer joined Benny Goodman’s recordings and cut two songs.

“Cuckoo In The Clock”, “Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today”

Then Johnny Mercer co-founded Capitol Records in 1942.

Meanwhile, Ziggy Elman continued to play in his own band.

By the 1950s big bands had declined.

Ziggy Elman was felled by a heart attack in 1956 and, losing his capacity as a musician.

Then he made a living as trumpet teacher.

6th October 1966: Trumpeter Herb Alpert with members of his combo on their arrival at London Airport. They are here for a concert at the Albert Hall. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

Interestingly Herb Alpert was one of his students.

After a reunion concert at Carnegie Hall with Benny Goodman, Ziggy Elman died at 54 in 1968.

Ziggy Elmanが作曲した「Fralich in Swing」はJohnny Mercerが歌詞を付け加え「And the Angels Sing」という名曲に生まれ変わりました。

Johnny MercerはZiggy ElmanやMartha Tiltonと共にBenny Goodman楽団の録音に参加し下記2曲録音しています。(1939年2月1日)
「Cuckoo In The Clock」「 Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today」

その後1942年にJohnny MercerはCapitolレコードを共同創業者となりました。

一方でZiggy Elmanは彼自身のバンドで演奏活動を続けていました。


1956年、Ziggy Elmanは心臓発作によって倒れ音楽生活を諦める状況になり生活にも困り、トランペット教師として細々と生計を立てるに至りました。

興味深いことにA&Mレコードを共同で創業者したHerb Alpertはその頃の教え子の一人だったそうです。

1968年のZiggy ElmanはBenny Goodmanとの再会コンサートが行われて間もなく54歳で永眠しました。

Photo above of Benny Goodman (left) and Ziggy Elman of the 640th Army Air Forces Band

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “Fralich In Swing .”
Ziggy Elman(tp), Dave Matthews, Noni Bernardi(as),Jerry Jerome, Arthur Rollini(ts),Jess Stacy(p),Ben Heller(g),Harry Goodman(sb),Al Kendis(d) New York, December 28, 1938.

Here is Benny Goodman and his Orchestra play “The Angels Sing”.
Vocal by Martha Tilton(vo),Ziggy Elman(tp) New York, February 1, 1939.

Here is Benny Goodman and his Orchestra play “Cuckoo in the Clock”.
Johnny Mercer(vo),Ziggy Elman(tp) New York, February 1, 1939.

Here is Jess Stacy with Ziggy Elman play “King Porter Stomp”.
Ziggy Elman(tp),Murray McEachern(tb),Heinie Beau(as), Charles Gentry(bs), Vido Musso(ts),Allan Reuss(g),Jess Stacy(p),Artie Shapiro(b),Nick Fatool(ds)Atlantic LP1225  LA. June 1955.

Ziggy Elman “Fralich in Swing”(2)

November 16.2017

Photo by courtesy Bettmann/CORBIS Tommy Dorsey and his band. On the far right in the last row is a very young and yet unknown Frank Sinatra.

After leaving Benny Goodman orchestra, Ziggy Elman played a month with violinist Joe Venuti’s band.

Then he joined Tommy Dorsey orchestra in August in 1940, at a salary of $500 a week.

He also played with Jo Stafford, Frank Sinatra, and other great vocalists.

Photo by courtesy of grammymuseum.org

Ziggy became a star with the band ‘s drummer Buddy Rich.

He served in the US Army Air Force from 1943-46.

In 1947 he formed his own band and signed to the MGM record label.

Benny Goodman楽団を退団したZiggy ElmanはJoe Venutiバンドと1ヶ月だけ共演しています。

その後1940年8月、週給500ドルの条件でTommy Dorsey楽団に入団しました。

同楽団ではJo StaffordやFrank Sinatraなどの有名歌手のバックでソロ演奏を行い、Buddy Richと共に人気を集めていきました。



Here is Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra play “Well Get It”.
Tommy Dorsey(tb, dir),Ziggy Elman, Charlie Peterson, Jimmy Blake,Jimmy Zito(tp),George Arus, Dave Jacobs, Jimmy Skiles(tb),Fred Stulce, Harry Schuchman(as),Don Lodice, Heinie Beau,Bruce Snyder(ts), Leonard Atkins, Al Beller, William Ehrenkranz, Leonard Posner, Irving Raymond, Sam Ross, Bernard Tinterow(vn),Harold Bemko(vc),Ruth Hill, (harp),JMilt Raskin(p),Clark Yocum(g),Phil Stevens(sb),Buddy Rich(d),  New York, August 17, 1942.


Here is Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra with Virginia Maxey play “And The Angels Sing”.MGM (1947)

Here is Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra play “Zaggin’ with Zig”  MGM (1947)

Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra play “Deep Night”.
Ziggy Elman(tp),Toots Mondello, Noni Bernardi(as), Jerry Jerome, Arthur Rollini(ts),Milt Raskin(p),Ben Helfer(g),Artie Bernstein(sb),Nick Fatool(d)New York, November 27, 1939 043924-1

Here is Ziggy Elman and his orchestra play “What Used To Was Used To Was (Now It Ain’t)”.
Members of the recording are the same as above. 043921-1


Ziggy Elman “Fralich in Swing”(1)

November 15.2017

Photo by Courtesy hnwhite.com

Yesterday I confirmed the later years of Ziggy Elman.

Unfortunately he had been economically deprived of music life by heart attack in 1956.

He economically distressed.

Meanwhile, a male vocalist who participated in the recording of “And the Angels Sing, has become a co-founder of Capitol Records.

In addition one of the students who taught trumpet in later years has become the founder of A & M Records.

I thought his achievement was not appreciated in Japan.

So I would like to post about his footprints.

Ziggy Elman joined Benny Goodman band in September 1936.

Also Harry James joined Goodman in January 1937.

In those days Harry James and Ziggy Elman and the third trumpeter, Chris Griffin were nicknamed “The Biting Brass.”

From left Harry James,midle Ziggy Elman , righr Chris Griffin

昨日Ziggy Elmanの晩年を調べていました。



一方「And the Angels Sing」の録音に参加した男性ボーカリストはキャピトル社の共同設立者になっています。




Ziggy Elmanは1936年9月にBenny Goodmanバンドに加入しました。

翌年1月にはHarry JamesがBenny Goodmanバンドに加わりました。

その当時、Harry JamesとZiggy ElmanにサードトランペッターChris Griffinの陣容は「The Biting Brass」と呼ばれていました。

Photo by courtesy Griffin House Productions Chris Griffin, Harry James, Ziggy Elman, Benny Goodman

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “Fralich In Swing (And The Angels Sing).”
Ziggy Elman(tp), Dave Matthews, Noni Bernardi(as),Jerry Jerome, Arthur Rollini(ts),Jess Stacy(p),Ben Heller(g),Harry Goodman(sb),Al Kendis(d) New York, December 28, 1938.

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “Bublitchki” .
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “You’re Mine, You”.
Ziggy Elman(tp), Hymie Schertzer, Noni Bernardi(as),Jerry Jerome, Arthur Rollini(ts),Jess Stacy(p),Ben Heller(g),Artie Bernstein(sb),Al Kendis(d) New York, June 8, 1939.

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “Let’s Fall In Love”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “Zaggin’ With Zig”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Ziggy Elman and His Orchestra play “I’ll Never Be The Same”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Gordon Jenkins’ works(4) Goodbye

November 11.2017

Photo above of Gordon Jenkins with Nat King Cole by courtesy of the Jenkins family

Gordon Jenkins composed “Goodbye” in the early 1930s.

Unfortunately Isham Jones did not adopt the song because “Goodbye” was too sad.

Then Gordon Jenkins had become friendly with Benny Goodman.

When Goodman’s band was hired by NBC in 1934, Benny needed a closing theme on radio program.

So Jenkins wrote the score for Benny’s closing theme.

I will summarize ”In Search of Gordon Jenkins”.

Gordon originally wrote “Goodbye” to his first wife who died on the operating table giving birth to his first child. The baby also died.

Gordon Jenkinsは1930年代の初め頃「Goodbye」を作曲しました。

残念ながら当時のバンドリーダーのIsham Jonesは「Goodbye」があまりにも悲しい曲であったためレパートリーとして採用しませんでした。

その後、ニューヨークに移ったGordon JenkinsはBenny Goodmanと親しくなりました。

1934年Benny GoodmanバンドがNBCとレギュラー番組契約をした時、Goodmanはラジオ番組のクロジングテーマが必要になりました。

そこでGordon Jenkinsはクロージングテーマ曲として「Goodbye」を改めて編曲しGoodmanバンドに提供しました。

「Goodbye」については息子が出版した「 In Search of Gordon Jenkins」で詳述されています。

Gordon Jenkinsは一人の女性と恋愛し彼女は妊娠しました。悲しいことですが出産時に母子共に死亡してしまったそうです。それ故この曲は「I’ll Never Forget You」で始まリます。

Here is Benny Goodman and his Orchestra play “Goodbye”.
Benny Goodman(cl, dir),Nate Kazebier, Bunny Berigan, Ralph Muzzillo(tp), Red Ballard, Joe Harris(tb),Hymie Schertzer, Bill DePew, Dick Clark, Arthur Rollini(ts),Jess Stacy(p),Allen Reuss(g),Harry Goodman(b),Gene Krupa(ds) Gordon Jenkins(arr)
97016-1  Vic 25215Hollywood, September 27, 1935.

Here is Richard Stoltzman plays “Goodbye”.

Here is Gordon Jenkins and Marshall Royal plays “Goodbye”.

Isham Jones’ compositions(5) “You’re Just a Dream Come True”

October 07,2017

Photo from The Big Band by George T.Simon

In 1931 Isham Jones composed “You’re Just a Dream Come True”.

It becoming the band’s lovely theme song.

In those days Gordon Jenkins was hired as arranger.

Photo above of Gordon Jenkins and Sinatra as a “Trilogy” recording session by courtesy of Billboard

Gordon had arranged for the Jones band for many years.

Jenkins was given the opportunity to develop his skills in melodic scoring.

Finally I will introduce my favorite piece by Isham Jones

Photo from BG on the Record

In December 1927, Benny Goodman joined Jones’ band for a few months.

In those days Jones had assemble the best musicians in Chicago.

Unfortunately they made no records.

Interestingly Benny Goodman and Isham Jones had recorded the same song,“Georgia Jubilee” .

In February 2,1934 Benny Goodman recorded with Coleman Hawkins, and the producer was Milt Gabler.

In July 16 Isham Jones Orchestra recorded “Georgia Jubilee” .

Please compare two recordings.

1931年Isham Jonesは「You’re Just a Dream Come True]

この素敵な曲はIsham Jones bandのテーマソングになっています。

その当時Gordon Jenkinsが編曲者として雇われました。

Gordon Jenkinsはその後数年間に亘ってIsham Jones bandの編曲を担当することになりました。

その間Gordon Jenkinsは編曲者としての才能をいかんなく発揮できる機会が与えられたと言えそうです。

最後に私が一番好きなIsham Jonesの作品を紹介致します。

「Georgia Jubilee」

1927年12月Benny GoodmanはIsham Jones bandに数ヶ月だけ参加していました。

その当時のシカゴではIsham Jones bandが最高の演奏家を集めていたと伝えられています。

残念ながらBenny Goodmanが在団していた時の録音は残っていません。

後年Benny GoodmanとIsham Jonesは同じ曲「Georgia Jubilee」を録音しています。

1934年2月2日Benny GoodmanはColeman Hawkinsと共演し「Georgia Jubilee」を録音しています。プロデューサーはMilt Gablerであります。(写真を添付しました)

同年7月16日Isham Jones bandも「Georgia Jubilee」を録音しています。編曲はGordon Jenkins


ちなみにIsham Jones bandによる「Georgia Jubilee」は故油井正一氏の「アスペクトインジャズ」で放送されていました。(History in Jazz 第18回 スイング以前の白人オーケストラ)

Here is Isham Jones Orchestra play “You’re Just a Dream Come True”.

Here is Isham Jones Orchestra play “Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia”.
Isham Jones(ts,dir),George Thow, Clarence Willard(tp), Sonny Lee, Jack Jenney, Red Ballard, (tb),Milt Yaner, Victor Hauprich(cl, as), Saxie Mansfield(ts) ,Joe Bishop(fh), Eddie Stone(vin), James Noble(p), Jack Blanchette(g), Richard Kissinger(b), Charles French(ds), Gordon Jenkins(arr), Eddie Stone(vo) NJ, August 17, 1932.

Here is Benny Goodman And His Orchestra play “Georgia Jubilee”Charlie Margulis , Manny Klein (tp) Sonny Lee (tb) Coleman Hawkins (ts) Benny Goodman (cl,ldr) Arthur Schutt (p,arr) Dick McDonough (g) Artie Bernstein (b) Gene Krupa (d) New York, February 2, 1934 152701-3

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra play “Georgia Jubilee”.
NJ, July 16, 1934. 83180-1 (arr) Gordon Jenkins

Bob Wilber(4)

September 16.2017

Photo above of Sidney Bechet & Bob Wilber’s Wildcats by courtesy of Riverwalk Jazz-Stanford University Libraries

Photo by National Museum of American History, Kenneth E. Behring Center

On 28 April,1949, Bob Wilber and His Jazz Band recorded six tunes on Circle Records.

In Boston from 1948 to 1951, Bob Wilber led a group of veteran jazzmen at the Savoy Cafe.

Then he played at George Wein’s Storyville as a headliner with the De Paris brothers(Sidney De Paris and Wilbur de Paris) and Sid Catlett.

Photo above of Lennie Tristano

Photo above of Benny Goodman and Bob Wilber by courtesy of Hank O’Neal’s Jazz Portraits

In 1951 he studied with cool jazz, bebop and Avant-garde pianist Lennie Tristano.

From the late 1950s through the 60s, Bob Wilber played and recorded with Bobby Hackett, Benny Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Jack Teagarden and Eddie Condon.

In 1968 he was an original member of the World’s Greatest Jazz Band(WGJB).

In 1975, Wilber formed Soprano Summit along with co-leader Kenny Davern.

After the Soprano Summit in 1979, Wilber formed the Bechet Legacy Band.

1949年4月28日Bob Wilber and His Jazz Bandの名義で Circle Recordsに6曲録音しました。

1948年から1951年までBob WilberはボストンのSavoy Cafeというジャズクラブで自己のバンドを率いて出演していました。

その後 ブログの第1回目に記述したGeorge Weinが開店した「Storyville」にDe Paris 兄弟(Sidney De ParisとWilbur de Paris)とドラマーSid Catlett 達と出演しました。

1951年クール派の代表で当時は前衛的なジャズを演じていたLennie Tristanoにも師事したこともありました。

1950年代後半から1960年代にはBobby Hackett, Benny Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Jack Teagarden, Eddie Condon達と共演しレコーディングも多く残しました。

1968年The World’s Greatest Jazz Bandの創立メンバーとして活躍しました。

1975年Kenny DavernとSoprano Summitという双頭バンドを結成しました。

1979年Soprano Summitを解散後、Bechet Legacy Bandを結成しました。

Photo by courtesy of Jazz Photo Gallery: The World’s Greatest Jazz Band 1974, Hamburg, G (L to R: D.Wellstood, B.Wilber, B.Freeman, Y.Lawson, B.Butterfield, S. Russo, B.Morton)

Here is The World’s Greatest Jazzband play “South Rampart Street Parade”.
Yank Lawson, Billy Butterfield (tp),Bob Wilber(cl),Bud Freeman (ts),Vic Dickenson ,Sonny Russo(tb),Dick Wellstood(p), Bob Haggart(b) Gus Johnson(ds) Rec 1975.

Here is  Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern Summit Reunion play “Limehouse Blues”.
Bob Wilber ss, cl),Kenny Davern(cl),Roberto Colombo(g),Aldo Zunino(b)Stefano Bagnoli(ds) live at Sori (Ge), 16 july 1996

Here is Bob Wilber plays “Rockin’ Chair”.
Bob Wilber(ss),David Ostwald(tuba),Jon-Erik Kellso(tp), Harvey Tibbs(tb) Ehud Asherie(p), Marion Felder(ds), September 1, 2010

Bob Wilber(1)

September 13.2017

Photo by Wikipedia

Yesterday I was investigating about Jazz At Storyville in Boston.

Storyville was opened by Boston native jazz promoter and producer George Wein in 1950.

Photo above of George Wein by courtesy of Discogs

Its name derives from the Red Light District in New Orleans.

Recently I read an interesting interview with George Wein.

The following I quotes Jazz Wax interview .[July 23, 2008]  Go here

JW: Storyville opened in September 1950. Who was the first group booked?

GW: Bob Wilber, who played soprano sax at the time. His original group was a pure Jelly Roll Morton band.

But he changed his style at Storyville when he added drummer Big Sid Catlett.

Big Sid was an extraordinary swing drummer. That’s how we opened the club. It was very exciting.

Photo above of Jelly Roll Morton by courtesy of Discogs

Photo above of Sid Catlett by Wikipedia

Frankly speaking I’m not familiar with Bob Wilber,so I would like to post about footprints of Bob Wilbur this week.

From the late 1950s through the 60s, Bob Wilber played and recorded with Bobby Hackett,Benny Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Jack Teagarden and Eddie Condon.

Unfortunately I only have a CD that co-starred with Sidney Bechet.

昨日ボストンの  Storyvilleで録音されたレコードについて調べていました。

Storyvilleは1950年にボストン在住のプロモーターでプロデューサーとして有名なGeorge Weinによって開店されました。


最近George Weinがこの店について語った興味深い記事を読みました。



GW:当時ソプラノサックスを主に吹いていたBob Wilberだよ。

従来、Bob Wilberは Jelly Roll Morton bandそっくりの演奏をしていた(中略)

しかし、Storyvilleに出演する際にBig Sid Catlettを起用し演奏スタイルが変わった。(中略)

Big Sid Catlettは素晴らしいスイングドラマーだった。クラブでの演奏も物凄く盛り上がりました。

正直に言いますと私自身あまりBob Wilberについて馴染みがありません。

それ故今週はBob Wilberの足跡について調べたことを投稿したいと思います。

1950年代後半から60年代にかけて、Bob Wilberは Bobby Hackett, Benny Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Jack Teagarden, Eddie Condon達と共演しレコーディングしています。

残念ながら私はSidney Bechetと共演した復刻版のCDしか持っていません。

Here is Bob Wilber’s Jazz Quartet play “Petite Fleur”.

Here is Bob Wilber and Lino Patron and The Band of “Bix” Soundtrack play “I’ll Be A Friend with Pleasure”.