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January 29,2020



1960年クリード・テイラーが設立したインパルスレコードで制作された「The Great Kai & J.J」から「This Could Be The Start Of Something」「 Georgia On My Mind」をご紹介されました。

Here is J.J Johnson and Kai Winding play “The Great Kai & J.J”.
1. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (3:09)
2. Georgia On My Mind (3:48)
3. Blue Monk (4:28)
4. Judy (4:03)
5. Alone Together (3:33)
6. Side By Side (3:02)
7. I Concentrate On You (4:00)
8. Theme From Picnic (4:01)
9. Trixie (5:06)
10. Going, Going, Gong! (3:08)
11. Just For A Thrill (3:19)

ブログ作成者から名手二人による最後の共演「Aurex Jazz Festival ’82」からの映像を添付します。

Here is  J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding play ”It’s alright with me”.

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Photo above of Stanley Turrentine by Discogs

Stanley Turrentine の来日公演「The Live Iin ,Tokyo,July 30,1986」(司会青木誠)をご紹介されましたが音源は提供できません。代替として翌月に開催された「1986別府国際ジャズフェスティバル(大分県城島高原)」での映像を添付します。
Here is Stanley Turrentine Quintet play “Pieces of Dreams〜Gemini”.
Stanley Turrentine(ts) Tom Jones(p) Peter Brown(b) Greg Scaff(g)Ralph Peterson(ds)  August 1986



Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Royal Garden Blues”.
Charlie Shavers (tp) Buster Bailey (cl) Russell Procope (as) Billy Kyle (p) John Kirby (b) O’Neil Spencer (ds)  New York, July 28, 1939

Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Rose room”.
New York,August 10, 1939

Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Double talk”.
New York, January 15, 1941

Here is John Kirby And His Onyx Club Boys play ”Charlie’s Prelude”.
New York, Transcription, 1940




「Bill Evans」


Here is Bill Evans in Helsinki (1970 Live Video)
Bill Evans(p),Eddie Gomez(b),Marty Morell(ds)

「Ann Burton:Blue Burton」

当日は“I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”をご紹介されましたが、アルバム全曲お聴き下さい。

Here is Ann Burton sings “Blue Burton ( Full Album )”.
Ann Burton(vcl), Louis van Dijk (p), Jacques Schols (b) John Engels (ds) Piet Noordijk(as) Amsterdam, July 27~28, 1967

Here is Ann Burton sings ”Got To Get You Into My Life”.
Ann Burton(vcl), Wim Overgaauw(g),Louis van Dijk (p), Jacques Schols (b), John Engels (ds)

例会当日はアン・バートンの伝記(Annette Muller著)もご紹介されました。K氏が参考された下記ブログもご覧下さい。

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「Lou Mecca」


Here is Lou Mecca Quartet play ”All The Things You Are”.
Lou Mecca (g) Jack Hitchcock (vib) Vinnie Burke (b) Jimmy Campbell (ds)
N.J., March 25, 1955
All The Things You Are

Here is Lou Mecca Quartet play ”Bernies Tune”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.
Bernies Tune

Photo above of Eddie Lang by courtesy of YouTube

「Eddie Lang」

1920 年代の録音とは思えない斬新な演奏です。

Here is Eddie Lang and Arthur Schutt play “Eddie’s Twister”.
Eddie Lang (g), Arthur Schutt (p) New York, April 1, 1927
Eddie’s Twister

「Bix Beiderbecke」


Here is Bix Beiderbecke plays “In a Mist”.
Bix Beiderbecke( piano solo) New York, September 8, 1927
In a Mist

上記録音は「THE BIX BEIDERBECKE STORY(上記写真)」に収録されており、故油井正一氏による長文の解説書(20ページ)は貴重な資料だと思います。

(ビックスが弾いたピアノ)Bix’s piano:Wurlitzer baby grand, serial number 124231
Photo by courtesy of jjs.libraries.rutgers.edu


大阪ジャズ同好会第37回例会(2019年6月9日) 特集「ベーシストに注目してジャズを楽しむ」

June 10,2019



普段はリズムをキープして、演奏の下支えの役割を果たすベース。 今回は、そんな縁の下を支えるベーシストに着目します。(と言っても、前に出てきて弾 きまくるベーシストも出てきますが。)


1. Ray Brown
Here is Milt Jackson Quintet play “Frankie And Johnny”.
Milt Jackson (vib), Ray Brown (b), Teddy Edwards(ts), Monty Alexander(p), Dick Berk(ds)
Live “Shelly’s Manne-Hole”, Hollywood, August 1 & 2, 1969

Here is Ray Brown play Solo Bass on “Black Orpheus”.

2. Paul Chambers
Here is Red Garland Trio play “C Jam Blues”.
Red Garland(p), Paul Chambers(b), Art Tylor(ds)
Hackensack, N.J., August 9, 1957




Anyway, on this trip to Rochester, Paul is drinking zombies. I ask him, “Why do you drink shit like that? Why you drink so much, Paul?”
And he says, “Aw, man, I can drink all I want. I can drink ten of these and it wouldn’t bother me.”
”Drink ‘em and I’ll pay for them,” I told him. And he said, “Okay”.
The only downer for me, really, during this entire first trip was that Paul Chambers was staying with Bird’s ex-wife, Doris Sydnor, in her hotel room at the Sutherland Hotel. So he kept her to himself while we were there. I think he was a little disappointed that I didn’t like Doris, though. He probably figured she was a catch, a feather in his cap, being Bird’s former old lady.

3. Scott Lafaro
Here is Pat Moran Trio play “Blues”.
Pat Moran(p), Scott LaFaro(b), Johnny Whited(ds)
New York, December, 1957

Here is Richie Kamuca and Frank Rosolino Quintet with Scott LaFaro play “Cherry”.
Richie Kamuca(ts), Frank Rosolino(tb), Scott LaFaro(b),Victor Feldman(p), Stan Levey,(ds)
LA,7 April,1958

Photo above of Scott LaFaro’s car following his fatal accident
(JazzWaxさんから事故現場の写真をお借りしました。July 02, 2016)

4. Gary Peacock
Here is Bill Evans Trio play “A Sleeping Bee”.
Bill Evans(p), Gary Peacock(b), Paul Motian(ds)
New York, December 18, 1963

Here is Ralph Towner & Gary Peacock play “The Prowler”.

5. Marc Johnson
Here is Bill Evans Trio play “Up With The Lark”.
Bill Evans(p), Marc Johnson(b), Joe LaBar bera(ds)

Here is Bill Evans Trio play Jazz at the Maintenance Shop (1979)

6. Charlie Haden
Here is Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron play “You Don’t Know What Love Is”.
Charlie Haden(b), Kenny Barron(p)
Live “The Iridium”, New York, September 20, 21 & 22, 1996

Here is Charlie Haden “In Memoriam”.

7. Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen
Here is Tete Montoliu Trio play “Giant Steps”.
Tete Montoliu(p), Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen(b), Albert Tootie Heath(ds)
Copenhagen, Denmark, May 28, 1974

Here is Joe Pass & Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen play “Tricostin”.

8. George Mraz
Here is Tommy Flanagn Trio play “Mr. P.C”.
Tommy Flanagn(p), George Mraz(b), Al Foster(ds)
New York, February 17 & 18, 1982

Here is George Mraz and Camilla Mraz(妻) Trio “Sad history”.


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又、上記以外の情報についてはJazz Club Over Seas(大阪メトロ堺筋本町駅12番出口)にご訪問下さい。


1959:Jazz’s Vintage Year

May 12,2019


「この例会ではあまり取り上げる機会がなかった1960年代のジャズで お気に入りのものがあればご紹介ください。当時最新のモダンジャズでも結構ですし、古くからのジャズメンの当時の演奏でも結構です。」



「1959:Jazz’s Vintage Year」2009年3月放送


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3月15日 シドニーべシェ (パリで永眠)

5月14日 レスター・ヤング

7月17日 ビリー・ホリディ

大阪ジャズ同好会第36回例会(2019年4月14日) 概要③持ち寄り「『マイ・ベスト・マイルス・デヴィス』(前)

April 17,2019

Jeanne Moreau and Miles Davis during the recording of the music for Louis Malle’s film “Elevator to the Gallows,” in December, 1957.Photograph by AGIP / RDA / Everett



学生のころにいた森小路に近い千林商店街のレコード店で「来月出るのが凄いらしいよ」 と教えられたのが1957(昭和32)年3月発売の「ラウンド・ミッドナイト」です。マイルスのメジャー・レーベル移籍第1弾で、それまでマイルスを聴いたことは無かったのですが、その音盤以上に衝撃を受けたのは翌58年9月に公開された映画「死刑台のエレベータ ー」でした。そのサウンドトラックと、後年に完全版として追加されたテストテイクを合わせて、マイルスとルイ・マル、そしてジャンヌ・モローの輝きをご堪能ください。
(テイク1-3 冒頭各0:30+テイク4)


ご紹介された「テイク1-3 冒頭各0:30+テイク4」を本ブログで再現しました。



マイルス デヴィスの持ち味が最もよく表れた演奏が、プレスティジのマラソンセッ ションです。バラードのワンホーンを二曲聴いてください。
1.「When I Fall In Love」
2.「It Never Entered My Mind」(May 11,1956)
Miles Davis(tp) Red Garland(p) Paul Chambers(b) Philly Joe Jones(ds) John Coltrane(ts)が加わっての演奏です。
個人的には、ジョン コルトレーンを帯同した1960年の3月のJATPの欧州ツア ーでのマイルスが一番好きですが、マイルスがかすむくらいコルトレーンが凄すぎて、今 回は取り上げるのを遠慮(?)しました。マイルスは、私の最初のアイドルであり、特別な存在です。1960年代の末に二度目の来日公演が、トニー ウイリアムスの麻薬が原因で中止になった時ほど失望したことはありません。

Here is Miles Davis Quartet play “When I Fall in Love”.
Miles Davis(tp), Red Garland(p), Paul Chambers(b), Philly Joe Jones(ds)
Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, May 11, 1956

Here is Miles Davis Quartet play “It Never Entered My Mind”.
Miles Davis(tp), Red Garland(p), Paul Chambers(b), Philly Joe Jones(ds)
Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, May 11, 1956

Here is Miles Davis Quintet play “Airegin”.
Miles Davis(tp), John Coltrane(ts), Red Garland(p), Paul Chambers(b), Philly Joe Jones(ds)
Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, October 26, 1956


Another Tracks Of Kind Of Blueより「Blue In Green」
Here is Miles Davis Quintet play “Blue In Green”.
Miles Davis(tp), Cannonball Adderley(as), John Coltrane(ts), Bill Evans(p), Paul Chambers(b), Jimmy Cobb(ds)
Columbia 30th Street Studios, NYC, March 2, 1959


Miles Davis European Tour ’56より「How High The Moon」
Here is Miles Davis and Lester Young play “How High The Moon”.
Miles Davis(tp) Lester Young(ts) John Lewis(p) Milt Jackson(vi) Percy Heath(b) Connie Kay(ds)

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Lester Young Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


January 30,2019



パウエル派のピアニストとして知られるBarry Harrisをご紹介されました。(当日3回目の登場です)
Here is Barry Harris Trio play ”There’s no one but you.”
Barry Harris (p) Joe Benjamin (b) Elvin Jones (d)
New York, December 21, 1960 & January 19, 1961

Here is Barry Harris Trio play ”It’s the talk of the town”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Barry Harris Trio play ”What is this thing called love ?”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Photo above of Louis Cottrell by Discogs


昔から大好きだったルイス・コトレル(Louis Cottrell)をご紹介されました。

Here is Jim Robinson’s New Orleans Band play ”Yearning”.
Ernie Cagnolatti (tp) Jim Robinson (tb) Louis Cottrell (cl) George Guesnon (bj) Alcide “Slow Drag” Pavageau (b) Alfred Williams (d) Annie Pavageau (vcl)
“Jeunes Amis Hall”, New Orleans, LA, January 30, 1961

Here is Louis Cottrell Trio play ”Down By The Riverside”.
Louis Cottrell (cl) Emanuel Sayles (g,bj) McNeal Breaux (b)
“Hall Of The Societe Des Jeunes Amis”, New Orleans, LA, January 27, 1961

Here is Louis Cottrell Trio play ”You don’t love me”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.
“Hall Of The Societe Des Jeunes Amis”, New Orleans, LA, January 27, 1961


「Waltz for Debby」by Cannonball Adderley and Bill Evansをエントリーされていましたが、冒頭で言及しました「1961年1月27日」に録音された作品を添付させて頂きます。

Here is Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans play “Goodbye”.
Cannonball Adderley (as) Bill Evans (p) Percy Heath (b) Connie Kay (d)
Bell Sound Studios, NYC, January 27, 1961

Here is Milt Jackson & Wes Montgomery Quintet play “S.K.J.”
Milt Jackson (vib) Wynton Kelly (p) Wes Montgomery (g) Sam Jones (b) Philly Joe Jones (d)
New York, December 19, 1961


Here is Lil Armstrong and Booker T. Washington play “Boogie me”.
Lil Armstrong (p) Booker T. Washington (ds)
Chicago, September 7, 1961
Boogie me

Here is Tadd Dameron and His Orchestra play “Fontainebleau”.
Charlie Shavers,Blue Mitchell, Clark Terry(tp); Jimmy Cleveland, Britt Woodman(tb), Julius Watkins(french horn); Jerry Dodgion, Leo Wright(as,flute);
Johnny Griffin(ts); Jerome Richardson(ts, fl); Tate Houston(bs); Bill Evans(p); Ron Carter(b); Philly Joe Jones(ds); Tadd Dameron(arranger, conductor)
NYC, March 9, 1962


Photo above of Orrin Keepnews by WikiPedia

January 29,2019



Here is Blue Mitchell Quartet play ”I’ll Close My Eyes”.
Blue Mitchell (cnt) Wynton Kelly (p) Sam Jones (b) Roy Brooks (d)
New York, August 25, 1960

Here is Sonny Red Quintet play “The Mode”.
Sonny Red (as) Barry Harris (p) Grant Green (g) George Tucker (b) Jimmy Cobb (ds)
New York, December 14, 1961

Here is Johnny Griffin Quartet play “Hush-A-Bye”.
Johnny Griffin (ts) Barry Harris (p) Ron Carter (b) Ben Riley (d)
New York, December 21, 1961

Here is Chet Baker plays ”You and the Night and the Music”.
Chet Baker(tp),Herbie Mann(fl),Pepper Adams(bs), Bill Evans(p), Kenny Burrell(g), Paul Chambers(b),Philly Joe Jones(ds)
NYC, January 19, 1959

Here is Bill Evans Trio “Nardis”.
Bill Evans,(p),Scott LaFaro(b),Paul Motian,(ds)
NYC, February 2, 1961


Here is Charles A. Matson’s Creole Serenaders plays “Taint Nobody’s business if I Do.”
unknown cnt, tb, cl/as, as, ts, Charles Matson (p,arr) unknown bj, tu and d.
New York, July 30, 1923
Ed 51222, Riverside RLP1005(10インチ)

Here is Scott Joplin plays “The Entertainer”.
Scott Joplin, piano roll.
December 29, 1902
Ragtime piano Rolls Vol.1,RLP1006(10インチ)

Here is Thelonious Monk plays “Blue Monk”.
Thelonious Monk (p)
Concert “Fugazi Hall”, San Francisco, CA, October 21, 1959

Here is Sonny Rollins Trio play “The Last Time I Saw Paris”.
Sonny Rollins (ts) Paul Chambers (b) Roy Haynes (d)
New York, June 19, 1957

Here is George Lewis Ragtime Band play “In the Sweet Bye and Bye”.
Kid Howard(tp), Jim Robinson(tb), George Lewis(cl), Alton Purnell(p),Lawrence Marrero(bj),Alcide “Slow Drag” Pavageau,(b),Joe Watkins(ds)
Trinity Episcopal Church, Oxford, OH, February 21, 1954

Here is Thelonious Monk Septet play ”Well You Needn’t ”.
Ray Copeland (tp) Gigi Gryce (as) Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) Wilbur Ware (b) Art Blakey (d)
New York, June 26, 1957