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Phil Bodner

February 5.2018

Photo by courtesy of West Texas Jazz Society

Phil Bodner was one of the busiest reed men in the 1940s-’70s.

He played clarinet, saxophone, oboe, English horn, and flute.

前回、Metropolitan Jazz Quartetをご紹介しました。

今回はMetropolitan Jazz QuartetのリーダーであるPhil Bodnerについて少し調べてみました。

Phil Bodnerは1941年にハリウッドでAbe Lymanの伴奏者として録音デビューし、1955年にBenny Goodmanオーケストラの録音に参加しています。

その後、Coleman Hawkinsのビクター(ブルーバード)録音で主要な伴奏者として名前を連ねています。

Billie Holiday「Lady In Satin」並びにMiles Davis「Porgy and Bess」等の歴史的な録音にも名前を残しています。


Phil Bodner はスタジオミュージシャンとして有名ですが、自己名義のCDも制作しています。



Here is Abe Lyman sings “Johnson special” (acc Phil Bodner).
Warren Smith (tb) Phil Bodner (cl,as) Bill Kimmel (cl,ts) Sam Caplan , Jim Welton, Harold Keinz, Paul Sparr (vln)
Hollywood, CA, June 25, 1941
061317  Bluebird 11241

Howard McGhee Orchestra “Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries”.
Howard McGhee, trumpet; Danny Bank, Phil Bonder, Sid Brown, Leon Cohen, Herbie Mann, sax; Donn Trenner, piano; Al Caiola, guitar; Arnold Fishkin, bass; Osie Johnson, Don Lamond, drums; Frank Hunter, arranger, director.
NYC, February 14 & 15, 1956 Bethlehem BCP-61

Here is Howard McGhee Orchestra play “My Song”.

Here is Howard McGhee Orchestra play “The Thrill Is Gone”.


Mundell Lowe ,Guitar Moods (Riverside RLP 12-208)
Mundell Lowe, guitar:Phil Bodner, oboe, English horn, Trigger Alpert, bass; Ed Shaughnessy, drums. Hackensack, NJ, March 2, 1956 (Riverside RLP 12-208)
Here is Mundell Lowe Quartet play “I Dream Too Much”.

Here is Mundell Lowe Quartet play “Ill Wind”.

Here is Mundell Lowe Quartet play “Goodbye”.

Phil Bodner ;Once More With Feeling
Phil Bodner(vo,cl),Dick Hyman(p),Ron Traxler(d),Milton Hinton(b)
(Rec 1970s)
Here is Phil Bodner plays “Them There Eyes”.

Here is Phil Bodner sings and plays “Old Man Time”.
add Joe Wilder(tp)


Art Tatum was selected “The All American Band” by Esquire Magazine(2)

December 01. 2017

Photo by YouTube

Yesterday I read an interesting article about “The All American Band.”

In 1943 Arnold Gingrich, who was co-founder of Esquire magazine, entrusted witht Robert Goffin to come up with a poll of the greatest jazz musicians in the country.

Robert Goffin was a distinguished Belgian music scholar.

Photo above of Robert Goffin, Benny Carter, Louis Armstrong, and Leonard Feather (L to R) in 1942 by Wikipedia

In those days Robert Goffin and Leonard Feather taught a course on jazz with Goffin at the New School in New York.

Leonard Feather assisted Goffin with the poll.

They selected “three team” as The All American Esquire Jazz Band.

The concert was planned as a benefit for the Navy League, with war bonds sold for seats.

So the audience had to buy a war bond to attend.

The Navy League is a nonprofit civilian, educational and advocacy organization that supports America’s sea services: the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and US – flag Merchant Marine. Go here

The O.W.I. (Office of War Information) arranged to have the concert recorded.

Esquire Magazine turned the concert into a benefit for the war effort.

I referred to The All-American Esquire Jazz Band(EDITOR’S NOTES) by Alex Belth (SEP 23, 2016)

昨日「The All American Band」に関して興味深い記事を読みました。

1943年、Esquire誌の共同設立者(編集者)であったArnold Gingrichはベルギー人の評論家で有名な作家であったRobert Goffinにジャズミュージシャンの人気投票の実施を依頼しました。

その当時、Robert Goffinと共にニューヨークのNew Schoolでジャズ講座を担当していたLeonard Featherもこの仕事に協力しました。

二人は「The All American Esquire Jazz Band」として 「3組のバンド」を選びました。

又、このコンサートは「Navy League」を援助することを目的として開催され、ホールの座席入場券の売り上げは戦事債券となったそうです。


「Navy League」とは海軍、海兵隊、沿岸警備隊、米国の旗艦商船などアメリカの海上保安警備をサポートする非営利の民間組織です。こちらをクリックして下さい。

コンサートの模様はO.W.I.(Office of War Information)が録音した全米に放送されています。

上記はThe All-American Esquire Jazz Band(EDITOR’S NOTES) by Alex Belth (SEP 23, 2016)を引用致しました。

Photo by Discogs

Here is Coleman Hawkins with Art Tatum play “My Ideal”.

Here is Art Tatum plays “Tea For Two”.
Bigard→ Eldridge→Tatum→Norvo(vib)

Here is Billie Holiday (with Art Tatum) sings “I’ll Get By”.

Here is Billie Holiday (with Art Tatum) sings “Billie’s Blues”.

Photo above of Billie Holiday and Art Tatum(Metropolitan Opera House. Esquire Jazz Concert. January, 18th 1944) by courtesy Pinterest

Gordon Jenkins’ works(3) “P.S. I Love You”

November 09.2017

“P.S. I Love You” was written by Gordon Jenkins, the lyrics by Johnny Mercer in 1934.

The original hit version in the 1930s was recorded by Rudy Vallée and was revived in the 1950s by The Hilltoppers

Some famous recordings include Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby,Bette Midler.

Today I will not introduce these famous singing.

「P.S. I Love You」は作詞Johnny Mercer、作曲Gordon Jenkinsにより1934年に出版されました。

発売当初はRudyValléeのレコードが好評を博し、1950年代にThe Hilltoppersによってリバイバルヒットしました。

この曲においてはBillie Holiday、Frank Sinatra、MelTormé、Rosemary Clooney、Bing Crosby、Bette Midler等有名な録音が多くあります。


Here is Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra play “P.S. I Love You”.


Photo above of Ruddy Vallee by Wikimedia

Here is Rudy Vallée and his Connecticut Yankees, with vocal by Rudy Vallée on 9 September 1934


Here is Woody Herman & his Orchestra play “P.S. I Love You”.
vo:Mary Ann McCall 1948.


Here is The Hilltoppers sings “P.S. I Love You”.



Here is Arnett Cobb with Red Garland Trio play “P.S. I Love You”.
Arnett Cobb(ts), Red Garland(p) George Duvivier(b) J.C.Herad(ds) Red Garland(p)
November 13.1960. N.J.



Here is Andre Previn plays “P.S. I Love You”.



Here is Joe Temperley play “P.S. I Love You”.
Joe Temperley (soprano & baritone sax), Andy Farber(as,ts), Ryan Kisor(tp), John Allred (tb), James Chirillo (g), Dan Nimmer (p), John Webber (b), Leroy Williams (ds) NY,2008.

Here is Lee Morgan and Hank Mobley Quintet “P.S. I Love You”.
Lee Morgan (tp),Hank Mobley (ts),Hank Jones (p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor (ds)
5 November 1956.N.J.

Gordon Jenkins’ works(2) When a Woman Loves a Man

November 08.2017

Photo above of Gordon Jenkins

“When a Woman Loves a Man” was composed in 1934 by Gordon Jenkins, Bernard Hanighen with lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

It is different from “When a Man Loves a Woman.”

「When a Woman Loves a Man」はGordon Jenkins, Bernard Hanighenによる共同の作曲となっています。(1934年作)

作詞は有名なJohnny Mercerでした。「When a Man Loves a Woman」とよく似た題名です。

Here is Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra plays “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Here is Billie Holiday sings “When a woman Loves a man”.

Here is Ella Fitzgerald sings “When a Woman Loves a Man”.

Here is Kay Starr sings “When a woman loves a man”.

Here is Peggy Lee sings “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Here is Julia Lee and Kansas City’s First Lady Of The Blues sings “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Here is Art Tatum plays “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Photo by Discogs

Here is Tony Bennett sings “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Photo above of Bobby Hackett

Here is Bobby Hackett plays “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Here is George Shearing plays “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Photo above of Joe Albany by courtesy of AllabutJazz

Here is Joe Albany plays “When A Woman Loves A Man”.

Melba Liston(4)

June 16.2017

Photo above of Buck Clayton band with Melba Liston by courtesy of UMKC WordPress

Melba Liston had a particularly difficult time when she went on a Southern tour with Billie Holiday.

Southern racism was rife and the crowds were sparse.

After returning her home,she put her trombone down.

She took a desk job at the Los Angeles School Board and won some small movie roles.

She said of this experience:

“I had a long thing with Lana Turner and walked around behind her playing a harp in The Prodigal (1955) and was a member of the palace orchestra in The Ten Commandments. “

In 1956 Melba Liston returned to playing her trombone in Dizzy Gillespie’s orchestra commissioned by the U.S. State Department as a musical ambassador of the U.S. in South America.

She wrote and arranged many of her most memorable tunes during her work with Dizzy’s ambassador orchestra including “Stella By Starlight,” “My Reverie,” and “The Gypsy.”

Photo above of Dizzy in South America: Official U.S. State Department Tour, 1956 by courtesy of AvaxHome

In 1958, Melba Liston recorded her only album as a leader, “Melba Liston and Her ‘Bones” – a true gem in jazz history.

At the end of the 1950s, Liston joined up with Quincy Jones’ big band as it headed over to Europe.

Liston played trombone, soloed, and contributed both charts and original compositions to Jones’ orchestra.

Also she arranged and conducted the bassist Charles Mingus 1962 Town Hall Concert.

Melba Listonが同行したBillie Holidayの南部への興行は困難を極めた。

「The Prodigal(1955制作)ではLana Turnerの後ろで歩き廻りながらハープを演奏したり、「十戒」では宮殿でのオーケストラのメンバーの一人として演奏していました。」

1956年、米国務省初の親善大使としてDizzy Gillespieが率いたオーケストラに加入しトロンボーンを演奏しました。
この時「Stella By Starlight」「My Reverie」「The Gypsy」など記憶に残る編曲をDizzy Gillespieオーケストラに提供しました。
1958年、彼女の唯一のリーダーアルバムになった「Melba Liston and Her ‘Bones」をレコーディングしています。
1950年代末、Quincy Jonesバンドに参加しヨーロッパ各地で演奏しました。
1962年、Charles Mingus Town Hall Concertでは編曲を提供しオーケストラの指揮者としても参加しています。

Here is Melba Liston and Her Bones play “Zagred This”.
Melba Liston, Frank Rehak(tb),Marty Flax(bs),
Walter Davis Jr(p),Nelson Boyd(b), Charlie Persip(ds)
June 1956

Here is Quincy Jones band with Melba Liston play “My Reverie”.

Melba Liston(3)

June 15.2017


Photo above by jazzinphoto-Wordpress.com Melba Liston and Dexter Gordon joke around during a Dial Records recording session on June 5th, 1947 in Los Angeles.

Melba ’s teacher Alma Hightower ran a big band made up of children from the neighbourhood.

Naturally Melba Liston was also participating in the a big band.

Then she decided to become a professional musician and joined the musicians union.

Photo above of the Los Angeles Lincoln Theater

At 16,she became a member of the band of the Los Angeles Lincoln Theater.

Also she began composing and arranging for other acts performing at Lincoln Theater.

By the 1940s Liston was getting some of her earliest chances to prove herself in Los Angeles’ thriving jazz scene.

Photo above of Gerald Wilson by courtesy of Past Daily

In 1943 she joined Gerald Wilson’s progressive big-band.

She recorded one of her her early compositions, “Warm Mood,” with Gerald Wilson’s orchestra.

From L to R, Melba Liston, Charles Fox, Chuck Thompson, Ross Russell and Dexter Gordon

Also she was invited to make a recording with Dexter Gordon who was a former classmate.

She soloed on a tune that Dexter dedicated to her called “Mischievous Lady”.

In 1948 she joined Dizzy Gillespie’s big band.

Photo above of Melba Liston with Dizzy Gillespie’s Big Band by courtesy of The Charlie Menees Collection.

Melba enjoyed working in this exciting band full of talented artists.

Unfortunately Gillespie disbanded the group only a year later.

Then she and her former bandleader Gerald Wilson toured with Billie Holiday in the South in 1950.

Photo above of Billie Holiday by William Gottlieb

Alma Hightower先生は自宅の近くに住む子供たちを集めビッグバンドを運営していました。もちろんMelba Listonもアマチュアバンドに参加しました。
1943年、Gerald Wilsonをリーダーとするビッグバンドに参加しました。
Gerald Wilsonバンドと共に初期の名曲「Warm Mood」を録音しました。
又、同級生であった Dexter GordonによるDialセッションに招かれました。
このレコーデイングでは「Mischievous Lady」と「Lullaby In Rythm」を録音しました。
1948年、Dizzy Gillespie率いるビッグバンドに参加しました。
残念なことにDizzy Gillespieはこのグループを1年で解散しました。
Gillespieバンド解散後、元バンドリーダーであったGerald Wilsonと共にBillie Holidayの南部巡業に同行しました。

Here is All American Girl Band with Melba Liston play “Start Swingin” .(1945).

Here is Dexter Gordon Quintet with Melba Liston play “Mischievous Lady”.
Dexter Gordon Quintet
Melba Liston (tb), Dexter Gordon (ts) ,Charles Fox (p) ,Red Callender (b) ,Chuck Thompson (ds)
Hollywood, CA, June 5, 1947

Joe Temperley(1)

May 10.2017

Photo above of Joe Temperley by NPR

Late last month I posted about bass clarinet players.

I announced to write again about Joe Temperley on next month.

Joe Temperley was a giant of the baritone saxophone and the first Scottish jazz musician to make it on the New York scene.

Photo above of (from left),Quentin Jackson, Harry Carney and Britt Woodman
courtesy by Pinterst

In the 1970s following the death of Harry Carney, his glorious baritone saxophone sound anchored the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

He was born on September 20,1929 in Crowdenbeath, Scotland.

When he was 14 old, he was already playing cornet alongside his elder brother in the Cowdenbeath Brass Band.

Then he began to play alto saxophone.

Photo above of Louis Armstrong and Humphrey Lytteltonby collection National Portrait Gallery, London

After moving to London, he joined Humphrey Lyttelton’s band and switched to the baritone sax.

He later said ;“That was the start of my professional career.The rest was incidental.”

He met many top American musicians ,including Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, Cannonball Adderley and Anita O’Day.

So he enjoyed his first taste of New York in August 1959.

Once I posted about Humphrey Lyttelton.Go here

先月末、Bass clarinetプレイヤー列伝として投稿致しました。
その中でJoe Temperleyについて彼の命日である5月に詳しく投稿するとお約束しました。
Joe Temperley は baritone saxophoneの名手であり、スコットランド出身のジャズミュージシャンで後年はニューヨークで活躍しました。Harry Carneyの死後、Duke Ellington Orchestraのサックスの中心でした。
ロンドン移住後、Humphrey Lyttelton’s bandに加入しバリトンサックスをメイン楽器としました。
彼はLouis Armstrong、Billie Holiday、Thelonious Monk、Cannonball Adderley、Anita O’Dayなどと共演しました。
私はHumphrey Lytteltonについて過去に投稿しています。こちらをクリックして下さい。

Here is Joe Temperley plays “Alabama”.

Here is Joe Temperley plays “SIngle Petal of a Rose”.