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February 10.2018

photo above of Roger Guérin by courtesy of Fresh Sound

This week I read an interesting article about Roger Guérin by JazzWax.

Please refer to Jazz wax his website. Go here

So I will introduce some recordings by Roger Guérin that Jazzwax didn’t post to his blog.


Photo above of Marc Myers from JazzWax

今週JazzWaxさんがトランペッターRoger Guérin(ロジェ・ゲラン)について興味深い記事を書かれています。

私が注目したのはJazzWax(Marc Myers)さんのご両親が戦後のパリで生活されていたことです。ご両親からお聞きになった思い出話がとても素敵です。


“For Parisians, jazz was the sound of freedom, style and individualism.”




Here is Charlie Parker with the MAURICE MOUFFLARD ORCHESTRA play “Lady bird”.
Roger Guerin, Georges Jouvin, Pierre Fassin, Yves Alouette (tp); Andre Paquinet, Maurice Gladieu, Charles Huss (tb);
Charlie Parker, Robert Merchez, Roger Simon (as); Jacques Tess, Marcel Pommes (ts); Honore Truc (bs); Robert Cambier (p);
Henri Karen (b); Pierre Loteguy (ds); two or three unknown (perc); Maurice Moufflard (arr, cond).
Radio broadcast, Paris, November 28, 1950

Django Reinhardt Decca (1)

Here is Django Reinhardt et son Quintette play “Crazy Rhythm”.
Django Reinhardt(g),Roger Guèrin (tp), Hubert Fol (as), Maurice Vander (p),Pierre Michelot (b),Pierre Lemarchand (d)
Paris, January 30,1953


Here is Bobby Jaspar’s New Jazz play “A foggy day”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Nat Peck (tb) Bib Monville (ts) no solo work, Bobby Jaspar (ts,cl,arr) Maurice Vander (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Jean-Louis Viale (d) Francy Boland, Andre Hodeir (comp)
Paris, January 12, 1954


Here is Roger Guerin and Benny Golson Quintet play “I remember Clifford”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Benny Golson (ts) Bobby Timmons (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 12, 1958

imageHere is Roger Guerin Quintet play “Not serious”.
Roger Guerin (tp) Michel Hausser (vib) Martial Solal (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (d)
Paris, December 18, 1958

Here is Roger Guérin plays “April in Paris”.

CLARINESCAPADE” Bobby Jaspar first leader work”

October 26,2017

In 1950, Bobby Jaspar moved to Paris, and became one of the center figures of Modern Jazz in Paris.

In those days he was briefly married to Blossom Dearie before moving to NYC.

In 1956 They settled in New York.

Blossom Dearie and husband Bobby Jaspar by courtesy of Blossom Dearie HP Photo Gallery

Fortunately he recorded a precious leader album in November 1956.

His composition “In a Little Provincial Town” is a song related to his home town “Liège”.

1950年Bobby Jasparはパリに移りモダンジャズの中心人物の1人になりました。
当時、ニューヨークから来ていたBlossom Dearieと結婚していました。
「In a Little Provincial Town」は彼の故郷「Liège」に因んだ曲です。

Here is Bobby Jaspar Quartet play “Clarinescapade”.
Bobby Jaspar(cl),Tommy Flanagan(p), Nabil Totah(b), Elvin Jones(ds)
November, 1956 NYC

Here is Bobby Jaspar Quintet play “In A Little Provincial Town”.
Bobby Jaspar(fl) Eddie Costa(p), Barry Galbraith(g), Milt Hinton(b), Osie Johnson(ds)
November, 1956 NYC

Here is Bobby Jaspar Quartet play “I Remember You”.
Bobby Jaspar(ts),Tommy Flanagan(p), Nabil Totah(b), Elvin Jones(ds)
November, 1956 NYC

Bobby Jaspar(5)

August 13. 2017

Blossom Dearie and husband Bobby Jaspar by courtesy of Blossom Dearie HP Photo Gallery

Bobby Jaspar had many recordings in US and Eurrope.

From 1961 to 1962 he came back for one year to Europe giving many concerts in several countries, and making some of his last recordings.

Unfortunately he passed away by complications following an open-heart surgery operation.

He died in New York on Feb. 28, 1963, he was 37 years old.

Finally, I will  briefly introduce a few representative recordings of Bobby Jaspar.

Bobby Jasparはアメリカだけでなくヨーロッパでも多くのレコーディングを行なっています。



最後に、簡単にBobby Jasparの代表的なアルバムを紹介して今回の投稿を終わりたいと思います。

Here is Bobby Jaspar plays “There will never be another you”.
Martial Solal(p), Pierre Michelot(b),Kenny Clarke(ds),Sacha Distel(g), Bobby Jaspar(fl) (1957)

Here is Donald BYRD with Bobby Jaspar play ”Dear old Stockholm”.
Donald Byrd (tp),Bobby Jaspar (fl),Walter Davis Jr(p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor (dr) October 22, 1958,

Here is Donald Byrd quintet Cannes 1958
Donald Byrd (tp),Bobby Jaspar (fl),Walter Davis Jr(p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor(dr) Live in Cannes in 1958

Here is Blossom Dearie with Bobby Jaspar play “L’étang”.
Blossom Dearie(Vo, P),Kenny Burrell(g), Ray Brown(b), Ed Thigpen(ds) ,Bobby Jaspar(fl)   May 21-22, 1959

Bobby Jaspar(4)

August 11. 2017

Bobby Jaspar had belonged to the J. J. Johnson Quintet for 15 months.

Two days after recording the “Dial J.J. 5”, they had the performance at “Cafe Bohemia in NY”.

Their performance was released as “Jay Jay Johnson 5 Live at Cafe Bohemia 1957”.

Also Bobby Jaspar was a very good Jazz composer as well, giving top creations to the musicians of the time.

“In a Little Provincial Town” of his composition was included in this live performance.

Photo above of Claes Dahlgren by courtesy of Averages Radio

When J.J. Johnson lost his cabaret card – the New York musician’s indispensable passport to employment, J.J. Johnson Quintet had the European tour.

The tour was planed by Claes Dahlgren who was the Swedish jazz journalist.

Interestingly Claes Dahlgren was involved in the recording of ”Overseas”.

Because he was deeply connected with the Metronome label in Sweden at that time.

Please refer to here for “the European tour” and “Overseas”. Go here and here.

After 15 months with Johnson, Jaspar has a brief stint with Miles Davis in between Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane.

Also  Bobby Jaspar had recorded on Savoy label and Prestige labe in March 1957.

Bobby JasparはJ. J. Johnsonのグループに15ヶ月間所属していました。
グループは「Dial J.J.5」を録音した2日後にNYのライブハウスCafe Bohemia で演奏していました。この時の演奏は「Jay Jay Johnson 5 Live at Cafe Bohemia 1957」として発売されています。
又、Bobby Jasparは作曲家としても非凡な才能を持っており、その当時のジャズミュージシャンに優れた楽曲を提供していました。
彼が作曲した「In a Little Provincial Town」はライブ盤に収録されています。
その後、J.J. Johnson が「Cabaret card(NYで演奏するために必要な許可証) 」を剥奪された時、J.J. Johnson クインテットはヨーロッパ巡業を行いました。
この巡業はスウェーデンのジャズジャーナリストであったClaes Dahlgrenが企画したものでした。
興味深いことにClaes Dahlgrenが「Overseas(Tommy Flanaganの名盤)」の レコーディングに関わっていたことです。
その理由として、当時Claes DahlgrenがスウェーデンのMetronome社と深く関わっていたからだと言われています。
「ヨーロッパ巡業」と「Overseas(Tommy Flanaganの名盤)」については、今週投稿の契機となったJazz Club Over SeasのBlog(INTERLUDE)をご覧ください。
こちら ここをクリックして下さい。
Miles DavisはJ. J. Johnsonグループを脱退したBobby JasparをSonny RollinsとJohn Coltraneとの間のテナー奏者と参加させました。
1957年3月以降、Bobby JasparはSavoy社並びにPrestige社にレコーデイングしています。

Here is Bobby Jaspar plays “In A Little Provincial Town”.
Bobby Jaspar(fl),Eddie Costa(p), Barry Galbraith(p), Milt Hinton(b),Osie Johnson(ds) New York, 1956

Here is J.J.Johnson Quintet in Sweden play “Thou Swell”.
J.J.Johnson (tb,trombonium),Bobby Jaspar (ts,fl),Tommy Flanagan (p),Wilbur Little (b), Elvin Jones (ds)  Stockholm, June 14,1957

Here is J.J.Johnson Quintet in Sweden play “A Night In Tunisia”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is The J.J. Johnson Quintet ‎play Live At Cafe’ Bohemia ( Full Album )

J.J. Johnson(tb) ,Tommy Flanagan(p), Wilbur Little(b),Elvin Jones(ds),Bobby Jaspar(ts,fl)  February 27, 1957 – Café Bohemia, New York
1 Introduction By J.J.Johnson – Bernie’s Tune
2 In A Little Provincial Town
3 I Should Care
4 Angel Eyes
5 Old Devil Moon
6 My Old Flame
7 Dailie Double – Solar


Bobby Jaspar(3)

August 10. 2017

In April 1956, Bobby Jaspar moved to the US.

Despite he recognized as a proficient saxophonist in Europe, he was practically unknown in US.

Fortunately J.J. Johnson engaged Bobby for his newly formed quintet.

The other members were Hank Jones and Percy Heath and Elvin Jones.

They recorded “J Is For Jazz” on Columbia label.

Next he joined Hank Jones Quartet at Savoy label, which was produced by Ozzie Cadena.

Photo above of Ozzie Cadena

Then he recorded two tracks “Barrys Tune” and  “Minor Drop” with  for the French Columbia,

and two tracks were released as 7-inch “Bobby Jaspar Quintet” (ESDF 1142).

He respected Lester Young, but always keeping his original creative talent for lyricism.

So he won Down Beats critics poll award in the New Star Tenor Sax category during the summer of 1956.

今日はBobby Jasparが渡米し「Dial J. J. 5」がレコーデングされるまでの3枚のアルバムについて調べてみました。
1956年4月、Bobby Jasparはアメリカで音楽活動を開始しました。
運よくJ.J. Johnsonが新グループを結成した時にBobbyはJ.J. に雇われました。
彼以外のメンバーはHank Jones, Percy Heath, Elvin Jonesでした。
J.J. JohnsonはColumbiaレコードに「J Is For Jazz」をレコーディングしました。
次にOzzie Cadena率いるSavoyレコードが製作した「Hank Jones Quartet」に参加しました。
その後、フランスColumbiaの独自の企画として「Barrys Tune」と「Minor Drop」の2曲がレコーディングされました。この2曲は7インチ盤「Bobby Jaspar Quintet」(ESDF 1142)として発売されました。
彼はサックス奏者としてLester Youngを尊敬しつつ、彼独自のオリジナリティを意識した演奏を心がけていました。
そういった活躍が評価された結果、同年の「Down Beats批評家投票(テナーサックス部門)」で新人賞に選ばれています。

Here is J.J. Johnson Quintet play “Undecided”.

J.J. Johnson (tb), Bobby Jaspar (ts, fl), Hank Jones (p), Percy Heath (b), Elvin Jones (ds) NYC on July 24, 1956

Here is J.J Johnson Quintet play “Angel Eyes”.

Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Hank Jones Quartet  play Moonlight Becomes You”.

Bobby Jaspar (ts, fl), Hank Jones (p) ,Paul Chambers (b), Kenny Clarke (ds)

NYC, August 21, 1956

Here is Hank Jones Quartet  play “Relaxin’ At Camarillo”.

Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Bobby Jaspar Quintet “Barry’s Tune”.

Bobby Jaspar(ts,fl),Eddie Costa(p),Barry Galbraith(g),Milt Hinton(b),Osie Johnson(ds) New York, 1956

Here is Bobby Jaspar Quintet play “Minor Drop”.

Members of the recording are the same as above.





Bobby Jaspar(2)

August 9. 2017


 Bobby Jaspar and René Thomas by courtesy of Mon Devoghelaere

Tenor saxophonist and flutist Bobby Jaspar was born 20 February 1926 in Liege, Belgium.

He learned the piano and to play the clarinet in his teens.

Then he played tenor saxophone with Toots Thielemans in Belgium.

Mr. Thielemans, right, and Benny Goodman play each other’s instruments around 1948. Mr. Thielemans toured with Goodman’s big band. Credit Metronome, via Getty Images

In 1950, he moved to Paris, and becomes one of the center figures of Modern Jazz in Paris.

In 1951 he recorded with Henri Renaud and then played with touring Americans, including Jimmy Raney, Chet Baker.

In terms of private life he was briefly married to Blossom Dearie before moving to NYC.

Blossom Dearie moved to Paris in 1952.

She formed a vocal group, the Blue Stars and where she met Bobby Jaspar.

I would like to post on Blossom’s activities in Paris on another occasion.

In 1956 he settled in New York.

Blossom Dearie and husband Bobby Jaspar by courtesy of Blossom Dearie HP Photo Gallery

Bobby Jasparは1926年2月20日、ベルギーのリエージュという町で生まれました。



その後、テナーサックスも習得し、同じベルギー出身のToots Thielemansと共演していました。


1951年、Henri Renaud と初レコーデイングを行い、当時パリにツアーに来ていたJimmy Raneyや Chet Bakerとも演奏の機会を持ちました。

私生活においてBlossom Dearieと短期間ですが結婚していました。


1952年、Blossom Deareeはボーカルグループ「The Blue Stars」を結成し、パリで音楽活動を開始しました。その頃Bobby Jasparと出会ったそうです。


1956年、Bobby Jasparはニューヨークに活動の場所を求めました。

Here is Bobby Jaspar with Henri Renaud play “Jeepers Creepers”.

Bobby Jaspar(ts),Jimmy Gourley(g),Henri Renaud(p),Benoît Quersin(b),Jean Louis Vialle(ds)

Paris , May 22, 1953.

Here is Bobby Jaspar and Sacha Distel Quintette play “Milestones”.

Bobby Jaspar (ts), René Urteger (p), Sascha Distel (g), Benoit Quersin (b), Jean-Louis Viale (ds)  Paris, December 29, 1955

Here is   Blossom Dearie and  the Blue Stars sing “Lullaby Of Birdland”.

The Blue Stars (1952–1955) included Michel Legrand’s sister, Christiane, and Bob Dorough.

“Lullaby of Birdland” arranged by Michel Legrand.

The Blue Stars would later evolve into The Swingle Singers

Here is Blossom Dearie featuring Bobby Jaspar play “Autumn In New York”.

Blossom Dearie (p), Bobby Jaspar (fl), Benoit Quersin (b), Christian Garros (ds)

Paris, January 16, 1956

Bobby Jaspar(1)

August 8. 2017

Last Saturday I went to ”Jazz Club Overseas”.

Please refer to the website about  “Jazz Club Overseas”. Go here

Koichi Nakai(中井幸一) and Atsuhiko Nakatsukasa(中務敦彦) with Hisayuki Terai(寺井尚之) Trio had performance.

They played “Dial J. J. 5” by J. J. Johnson in that night.

The following songs were played.(Thanks to Terai.)


1.Barbados (Charlie Parker)

2.Paul’s Pal (Sonny Rollins)

3.Coffee Pot (J.J.Johnson)

4.Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis)

5.It’s Only a Paper Moon (Harold Arlen)


1.Almost Like Being in Love (Frederick Loewe)

2.Our Love Is Here To Stay (George Gershwin)

3.Bit Of Heaven (J.J.Johnson)

4.Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael))

5.Dailie Double (J.J.Johnson)


1.Hello, Young Lovers (Harold Arlen)

2.I Should Care (Axel Stordahl)

3.Undecided (Charlie Shavers)

4.Nearness of You (Hoagy Carmichael)

5.Old Devil Moon (Burton Lane)

Encore: Walkin'(Richard Carpenter)

I heard carefully the performance of Nakatsukasa(中務).

Because I think that the existence of Bobby Jaspar is interesting in the recordings of Dial J.J.5.

So I would like to post about Bobby Jaspar this week.

先週の土曜日、先月にも訪問した「Jazz Club Overseas」に行きました。
「Jazz Club Overseas」についてはこちらをクリックして下さい
当日はJ.J.Johnsonの「Dial J. J. 5」に収録されている名曲を中心に演奏されました。
何故なら以前から「Dial J.J.5」の録音においてはテナーのBobby Jasparの存在が異色で面白い組み合わせだと思っていたからです。
そこで今週はBobby Jasparについて調べてみようと思います。

Here is J.J. Johnson Quintet play “Barbados”.

J.J. Johnson (tb),Bobby Jaspar (ts), Tommy Flanagan (p), Wilbur Little (b), Elvin Jones (ds) January 29 & 31 and May 14, 1957

Here is J.J. Johnson Quintet play “Old Devil Moon”.

Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Bobby Jaspar(cl) with Tommy Flanagan play “Clarinescapade”.

Bobby Jaspar(cl),Tommy Flanagan(p),Barry Galbraith(g),Nabil Totah(b), Elvin Jones(ds) New York, 1956