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Boyd Raeburn and Ginnie Powell(1)

December 19. 2017

Photo by Courtesy of Library of Congress
Portrait of Boyd Raeburn, Ginnie Powell, vocalist Johnson, Irv Kluger, Pete Candoli, Wes Hensel, Gordon Boswell, Hy Mandell, Randy Bellerjeau

Photo above of Bruce Raeburn by courtesy of The Hearing Review

Last week I introduced Bruce Raeburn who is the curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive.

This week I would like to post about his father Boyd Raeburn.

Also I will introduce Ginnie powell who was the singer of his band.

Stan Kenton orchestra and June Christy at the Palladium. 1946. Photographer: Gene Lester.

Boyd Raeburn band is not as popular as Stan Kenton and Woody Herman.

Many years ago a wonderful album of Boyd Raeburn was on sale in Japan.

I have owned “The progressive Big Band.”

Please listen to the first tune included in this record first.

Photo above of Igor Stravinsky – Ebony Concerto by courtesy of CLASSICAL20.COM

先週、Hogan Jazz Archiveの学芸員であるBruce Raeburn氏を紹介しました。

今週は彼の父であるBoyd Raeburnについて投稿したいと思います。

又、Boyd Raeburn楽団に所属していた歌手Ginnie Powell(母)の歌唱も紹介します。

日本ではBoyd Raeburn楽団はStan Kenton楽団や Woody Herman楽団ほど人気がありません。

かなり以前になりますがBoyd Raeburn楽団の素晴らしいアルバムが日本で販売されていました。

このレコード「 The progressive Big Band」は未だ処分していませんでした。


Here is Boyd Raeburn and his Orchestra play “Interrude(Night In Tunisia)”.
Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Fishelson, Tommy Allison, Benny Harris (tp) Trummy Young (tb)Walter Robertson (tp,tb) Ollie Wilson, Jack Carman (tb) Johnny Bothwell, Hal McKusick (as) Al Cohn, Joe Megro (ts) Serge Chaloff (bar) Boyd Raeburn (sop,ts,bassax) Ike Carpenter (p) Steve Jordan (g) Oscar Pettiford (b) Shelly Manne (d)Dizzy Gillespie(arr)
AG542-2 New York, January 26, 1945

SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(5)

December 16. 2017

The director Michele Cinque used an interview tapes by Nick Larocca.

In the movie, Bruce Raeburn talks about Nick’s achievement in the office of Hogan Jazz Archive.

Because Nick donated his musical heritage to Tulane University’s William Ranson Hogan Jazz Archive.

Jazz Archives has 2,844 LaRocca collections including photos, letters, scrapbooks, interview materials, advertisements, movies, records, posters, contracts and affidavits.

About Hogan Jazz Archive,Please refer to this website. Go here

Photo above of Jimmy La Rocca by Sicily Jass

In the last scene of the movie,the trumpet player Jimmy La Rocca who is the son of Nick Larocca is playing ODJB’s tune.

[The annotation]
Bruce Boyd Raeburn is a jazz historian and the has been the curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive.

Also he is the son of the big band leader Boyd Albert Raeburn.

Please refer to this website.Go here

Michele Cinque監督はNick Laroccaが生前に語ったインタビューテープを使っています。

映画の中では、Bruce Raeburn(学芸員)がHogan Jazz Archiveの事務所デスクでNickのジャズ史における功績等についてインタビューテープも交え説明しています。

映画上映の後に調べましたが、NickはTulane大学にある「Hogan Jazz Archive」に自分が保有していた音楽遺産を寄贈していました。


「Hogan Jazz Archive」についてはウェブサイトを参照して下さい。こちらを「クリックして下さい。

映画の最後のシーンで、Nick Laroccaの長男でトランペット奏者であるJimmy La RoccaがODJBの曲を演奏しています。

映画上映会後にFrancesco Cafiso(フランチェスコ・カフィーソ)の演奏会が開催されました。ブログの最後に1曲添付します。

Photo above of Bruce Raeburn by courtesy of OffBeat Magazine

Photo above of Boyd Rayburn and His Orchestra  “Man With The Horns”

Bruce Boyd Raeburnはジャズの歴史家でありHogan Jazz Archiveの学芸員でもあります。
又、Boyd Albert Raeburn(ビッグバンドリーダー)の息子です。

Here is a short promo of Jimmy LaRocca.

Here is Jimmy LaRocca’s Original Dixieland Jazz Band play “Tiger Rag’.
Live at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC on August 4, 2002


Here is Francesco Cafiso quartet play “Estate”.
Francesco Cafiso(as),David Hazeltine(p),David Williams(b),Joe Farnsworth(ds)
NYC,June 23,26 ,2005.


Photo by courtesy Istituto Italiano di Cultura Osaka


SICILY JASS “The World’s First Man in Jazz”(1)

December 11. 2017

Photo by courtesy La Voce di New York

The film was held as part of “Sicilian Dream” where the Italian Cultural Center (Osaka) introduces films, music, food culture etc in the Sicily region.

The main character is Nick LaRocc of Sicilian II, and the film has become a jazz movie using the documentary method.

Many people are more familiar with this movie than me.

Photo by Wikioedia

For an overview of the movie, please refer to the comments of other people.

For me,it is interesting that prominent jazz researchers appeared.

Some famous jazz researchers such as Ricky Riccardi,Dan Morgenstern,Bruce Raeburn appeared on this film.

This week I will post about scenes where I was interesting in this movie.

今回の映画上映会はイタリア文化会館(大阪)がシチリア地方の映画・音楽・食文化などを紹介する”Sicilian Dream”の一環として開催されました。

映画の主人公はシチリア系2世のNick LaRocca(ニック・ラロッカ)で、ドキュメンタリー手法を用いたジャズ映画になっています。


Ricky Riccardi、Dan Morgenstern、Bruce Raeburnなど有名なジャズ研究者がこの映画に登場しました。


Photo above of Ricky Riccardi(right) and Dan Morgenstern(left) by Ricky’s Facebook

Photo by courtesy of Library of Congress

Here is Original Dixieland Jazz Band play “Livery Stable Blues” .
Nick LaRocca, c, dir: Eddie Edwards, tb / Larry Shields, cl / Henry Ragas, p / Tony Sbarbaro, d. New York, February 26, 1917.
19331-1 Livery Stable Blues,Vic 18255