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Photo above of Orrin Keepnews by WikiPedia

January 29,2019



Here is Blue Mitchell Quartet play ”I’ll Close My Eyes”.
Blue Mitchell (cnt) Wynton Kelly (p) Sam Jones (b) Roy Brooks (d)
New York, August 25, 1960

Here is Sonny Red Quintet play “The Mode”.
Sonny Red (as) Barry Harris (p) Grant Green (g) George Tucker (b) Jimmy Cobb (ds)
New York, December 14, 1961

Here is Johnny Griffin Quartet play “Hush-A-Bye”.
Johnny Griffin (ts) Barry Harris (p) Ron Carter (b) Ben Riley (d)
New York, December 21, 1961

Here is Chet Baker plays ”You and the Night and the Music”.
Chet Baker(tp),Herbie Mann(fl),Pepper Adams(bs), Bill Evans(p), Kenny Burrell(g), Paul Chambers(b),Philly Joe Jones(ds)
NYC, January 19, 1959

Here is Bill Evans Trio “Nardis”.
Bill Evans,(p),Scott LaFaro(b),Paul Motian,(ds)
NYC, February 2, 1961


Here is Charles A. Matson’s Creole Serenaders plays “Taint Nobody’s business if I Do.”
unknown cnt, tb, cl/as, as, ts, Charles Matson (p,arr) unknown bj, tu and d.
New York, July 30, 1923
Ed 51222, Riverside RLP1005(10インチ)

Here is Scott Joplin plays “The Entertainer”.
Scott Joplin, piano roll.
December 29, 1902
Ragtime piano Rolls Vol.1,RLP1006(10インチ)

Here is Thelonious Monk plays “Blue Monk”.
Thelonious Monk (p)
Concert “Fugazi Hall”, San Francisco, CA, October 21, 1959

Here is Sonny Rollins Trio play “The Last Time I Saw Paris”.
Sonny Rollins (ts) Paul Chambers (b) Roy Haynes (d)
New York, June 19, 1957

Here is George Lewis Ragtime Band play “In the Sweet Bye and Bye”.
Kid Howard(tp), Jim Robinson(tb), George Lewis(cl), Alton Purnell(p),Lawrence Marrero(bj),Alcide “Slow Drag” Pavageau,(b),Joe Watkins(ds)
Trinity Episcopal Church, Oxford, OH, February 21, 1954

Here is Thelonious Monk Septet play ”Well You Needn’t ”.
Ray Copeland (tp) Gigi Gryce (as) Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) Wilbur Ware (b) Art Blakey (d)
New York, June 26, 1957


January 28,2019

1月例会の概要については「映像コーナー」「持ち寄りコーナー 」「その他」からご紹介致します。

『モダンジャズメンの群像』 寺本泰規氏(世話人)解説


Here is Zoot Sims plays at San Remo ’83

Here is Zoot Sims Quartet Live at Donte’s, LA, 1970

Here is Kenny Dorham Live at the Golden Circle

Here is Eric Dolphy in Stockholm, September 5, 1961 (TV Broadcast)

Here is Stan Getz, Lou Levy & Ray Brown Live – Italy

Here is Chet Baker live at Rome 1956

Here is Nice jazz festival 2018 – Randy Weston


進駐軍EP、国連LPを初めて知りました。昭和20(1945)年から7年間、米・英兵を中心として日本を統治した連合国軍のPX(購買部=大阪では心斎橋そごう)だけで売られたコロムビアのEP(全4曲)から3曲。さらに1 970年の千里万博の際に企画された8インチLPの「国連レコード =日本の旅情(全6曲) 」から1曲をお聴きください。
1.「JAPANESE RUMBA」(ノーメン西本&ジョージ島袋の2世コンビ)
2. 「GOMEN NASA」(リチャード・パワーズ)
3.「SOBA SIC」(美空ひばり)
4.「さくら さくら」(イブ・モンタン)



Here isSOBA SIC”.

Here isさくら さくら”.

I氏が例会開催前日に亡くなった Michel Legrandを追悼した曲(Phil Woodsとの共演盤)をご紹介されました。


Here is Michel Legrand & Phil Woods play ”You Must Believe In Spring” at 2001 Montreal.

Photo above of Michel Legrand and Yves Montand by courtesy of Michel Legrand’s official site


大阪ジャズ同好会第34回例会概要(2) 持ち寄り『放送録音の魅力』

December 6,2018


1.ハリウッドの「Streets Of Paris」からのラジオ放送、絶頂期のハワード・マギーです。

Here is Howard Mcghee plays “A Night in Tunisia”.
Howard Mcghee(tp), Teddy Edwards(ts) ,J.D.King(ts), Vernon Biddle(p), Bob Kesterson(b), Roy Porter(ds)  Dec.2,1945

2.「Every Tub」(Jan.14.1953)

Photo by courtesy of Pinterest

ブログではレスターヤングのソロ演奏が聴ける「Jumpin’ at the woodside」を添付しました。
Here is Count Basie And His Orchestra featuaring Lester Young play ”Jumpin’ at the woodside”.
Wendell Culley, Reunald Jones, Joe Newman, Paul Campbell (tp), Henry Coker, Benny Powell, Jimmy Wilkins (tb) Marshal Royal (as,cl) Ernie Wilkins (as,ts) Paul Quinichette (ts,arr) Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis (ts) Charlie Fowlkes (bar) Count Basie (p) Freddie Green (g) Gene Ramey (b) Gus Johnson (d) Lester Young (ts) radio broadcast, “Birdland”, New York City, January 1, 1953

3.Hooray For Stan Getzから「Move」(Aug.12.1952)
Stan Getz(ts) Jimmy Raney (g) Duke Jordan(p) Gene Ramey (b) Phil Brown(ds)

上記録音は提供できませんので、代替として「Polish Radio Jazz Archives」からStan Getz and Andrzej Trzaskowski Trioによる録音を添付しました。

Here is Stan Getz & Andrzej Trzaskowski Trio play “You Go To My Head”.
National Philharmonic Concert Hall, Warsaw, Poland on 27 October 1960

2006年まで50年眠っていた1956年シアトルでの JATP音源から
1.ノーマン・グランツのMCに続きで「GROOVING HIGH」
2.ピーターソン・トリオでをバックにエラの「JUST ONE OF THOSE THI MG」


こちら ➡️

Here is Gene Krupa Quartet play ”Bernie’s Tune” and “My one and only Love” “Drum Boogie”.
Gene Krupa(ds),Eddie Shu(ts,as), Dave McKenna(p), John Drew(b)
Jazz at the Philharmonic, Seattle 1956


Here is Benny Goodman Septet play ”Swedish Pasty”.
Benny Goodman(cl),Stan Hasselgard(cl), Wardell Gray(ts), Teddy Wilson(p),Billy Bauer(g), Arnord Fishkind(b),Mel Zeinik(ds)
(1948年5月27日 CBS Brodcast)

ブログ作成者から30分番組を追加しました。上記録音の3日前(5/24)の放送録音で「Patti Page 」が参加しています。
Here is Benny Goodman Septet play “Limehouse Blues 〜The man I love 〜Back home again in Indiana (Donna Lee)〜Confess”.
Broadcast, “Click Restaurant”, Philadelphia, May 24, 1948


1.Charlie Parker「At The Finale Club」より、
Here is Charlie Parker plays “Ornithology〜Billie’s Bounce〜 Ornithology〜All the Things You Are 〜Blue ‘n’ Boogie 〜Anthropology”.

Charlie Parker(as) Miles Davis(tp) Joe Albany(p) Addison Farmer(b)Chuck Thompson(ds)  Los Angeles Broadcast,1946

2.Chet Baker「Live At The Paris Festival放送」
Here is Chet Baker Quartet play ”For Minors Only”.
Chet Baker(tp) Rene Urtreger(p) Pierre Michelot(b) Aldo Romano(ds)  Radio France,1981

Bunny Berigan「Leader & Sideman」(Through The Years)より
放送録音の魅力は契約の関係上共演することが不可能なメンバーとの共演を聞くこと 出来る事ではないで しょうか。そういった意味で大スターが集まった次のセッションは正 に夢のセッションと言えるでしょう。
Here is Bunny Berigan and others play “Blues”.
Roy Eldrigde, Bunny Berigan, Harry James(tp) Tommy Dorsey, Jack Jenny(tb) Coleman Hawkins(ts) Count Basie(p) John Kirby(b) Gene Krupa(ds)
“Martin Block’s Make Believe Ballroom Jam Session” in Savoy Ballroom,June 14,1940

Bobby Jaspar(2)

August 9. 2017


 Bobby Jaspar and René Thomas by courtesy of Mon Devoghelaere

Tenor saxophonist and flutist Bobby Jaspar was born 20 February 1926 in Liege, Belgium.

He learned the piano and to play the clarinet in his teens.

Then he played tenor saxophone with Toots Thielemans in Belgium.

Mr. Thielemans, right, and Benny Goodman play each other’s instruments around 1948. Mr. Thielemans toured with Goodman’s big band. Credit Metronome, via Getty Images

In 1950, he moved to Paris, and becomes one of the center figures of Modern Jazz in Paris.

In 1951 he recorded with Henri Renaud and then played with touring Americans, including Jimmy Raney, Chet Baker.

In terms of private life he was briefly married to Blossom Dearie before moving to NYC.

Blossom Dearie moved to Paris in 1952.

She formed a vocal group, the Blue Stars and where she met Bobby Jaspar.

I would like to post on Blossom’s activities in Paris on another occasion.

In 1956 he settled in New York.

Blossom Dearie and husband Bobby Jaspar by courtesy of Blossom Dearie HP Photo Gallery

Bobby Jasparは1926年2月20日、ベルギーのリエージュという町で生まれました。



その後、テナーサックスも習得し、同じベルギー出身のToots Thielemansと共演していました。


1951年、Henri Renaud と初レコーデイングを行い、当時パリにツアーに来ていたJimmy Raneyや Chet Bakerとも演奏の機会を持ちました。

私生活においてBlossom Dearieと短期間ですが結婚していました。


1952年、Blossom Deareeはボーカルグループ「The Blue Stars」を結成し、パリで音楽活動を開始しました。その頃Bobby Jasparと出会ったそうです。


1956年、Bobby Jasparはニューヨークに活動の場所を求めました。

Here is Bobby Jaspar with Henri Renaud play “Jeepers Creepers”.

Bobby Jaspar(ts),Jimmy Gourley(g),Henri Renaud(p),Benoît Quersin(b),Jean Louis Vialle(ds)

Paris , May 22, 1953.

Here is Bobby Jaspar and Sacha Distel Quintette play “Milestones”.

Bobby Jaspar (ts), René Urteger (p), Sascha Distel (g), Benoit Quersin (b), Jean-Louis Viale (ds)  Paris, December 29, 1955

Here is   Blossom Dearie and  the Blue Stars sing “Lullaby Of Birdland”.

The Blue Stars (1952–1955) included Michel Legrand’s sister, Christiane, and Bob Dorough.

“Lullaby of Birdland” arranged by Michel Legrand.

The Blue Stars would later evolve into The Swingle Singers

Here is Blossom Dearie featuring Bobby Jaspar play “Autumn In New York”.

Blossom Dearie (p), Bobby Jaspar (fl), Benoit Quersin (b), Christian Garros (ds)

Paris, January 16, 1956

Jimmy Heath(3)

October 26, 2016
Jimmy Heath and friends at a session at New York's WOR Studios in 1953. Left to right: Miles Davis, Kenny Drew, Art Blakey, Jimmy Heath. Temple University Press / Jimmy Heath collection

Jimmy Heath and friends at a session at New York’s WOR Studios in 1953. Left to right: Miles Davis, Kenny Drew, Art Blakey, Jimmy Heath.
Temple University Press 

Jimmy Heath’s reputation as a jazz player has been partly overshadowed by his gifts as a composer and arranger.

In 1953 he began recording with Miles Davis, Clifford Brown and Kenny Dorham.

He made a now-legendary Blue Note Records date with Miles Davis and J.J. Johnson.


As an event worthy of special recording,they recorded Jimmy Heath’s compostition “C.T.A”.

In 1954, he was arrested and convicted for drug possession.

So he spent 4 1/2 years in prison,and he was released in 1959.

Unfortunately he could not play an active part in modern jazz history.

While in prison he composed many famous pieces.


Photo of Tootie Heath from DrummerWorld

He got them out to Chet Baker by passing them to his brother Tootie Heath.

Chet and Art Pepper made an album [Playboys] that included mostly his songs.

Here is Miles Davis sextet play “C.T.A.”.
Miles Davis (tp), J.J. Johnson (tb ) Jimmy Heath (ts) Gil Coggins (p) Percy Heath (b) Art Blakey (ds)

Here is Chet Baker & Art Pepper play “C.T.A”.
Chet Baker (tp),Art Pepper (as),Phil Urso (ts),Carl Perkins (p),Curtis Counce (b),Larance Marable (ds)