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Gordon Jenkins on Decca Records

September 14,2018

Photo of Gordon Jenkins


最近ネットラジオで「Dick Haymes: Sinatra’s Shadow」という放送を聴きました。この番組ではゴードン・ジェンキンス(Gordon Jenkins)についても語られていました。

上記ラジオ放送は  こちら 

Gordon Jenkinsはキャピタル時代のフランク・シナトラとの共演盤が有名ですが、デッカ時代にも有名歌手と多くの名曲を録音しています。

今回、デッカレコード専属時代のGordon Jenkinsが関わった録音からブログを作成しました。

最後に添付したThe Weavers(ピート・シーガーが参加)については門外漢でありますので余計なコメントは記載しておりません。

尚、Gordon Jenkinsについては1年前の拙ブログ(4回連載)も併せてご覧頂ければ嬉しいです。

1. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3DJ

2. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3Ex

3. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3EM

4. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3Fv

Photo above of Woody Herman by Wikipedia

Isham Jonesは歌手としてWoody Hermanを採用しました。
Here is Isham Jones Orchestra and Woody Herman sing “There is no greater love”.
Clarence Willard, Chelsea Qualey (tp) Wendell deLory, Russ Jenner (tb) Joe Bishop (tu,arr) Tommy Macey, Don Watt (cl,as) Woody Herman (cl,as,bar,vcl) Vic Hauprich, Saxie Mansfield (ts) Howard Smith (p,arr) George Wartner (g) Eddie Stone (vln,vcl,arr) Vince Allotta (vln) Nick Hupfer (vln,arr) Walt Yoder (b) Walter Lageson (d), Gordon Jenkins (arr) Isham Jones (dir) New York, February 3, 1936


Here is Dick Haymes (with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra) sings “Little White Lies”.
New York 1948

Peggy Leeのデッカ盤ではなくElla Fitzgerald による“Black coffee”です。
Here is Ella Fitzgerald sings (with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra) “Black coffee”.
Ella Fitzgerald (vcl) with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra, Gordon Jenkins (cond) New York, April 28, 1949


コロンビア盤のRay Ellis(楽団)の編曲と比べて下さい。
Here is Billie Holiday (with Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra) sings “You’re my thrill”.
Bobby Hackett (tp) Milt Yaner (cl,as) John Fulton (fl,cl,ts) Bernie Leighton (p) Tony Mottola (g) Jack Lesberg (b) Bunny Shawker (d) + five strings Billie Holiday (vcl) Gordon Jenkins (cond) New York, October 19, 1949


Here is Hoagy Carmichael (with Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra And Chorus) sings “Sacramento.
Hoagy Carmichael (vcl) acc by orchestra and chorus, Gordon Jenkins (dir)
Los Angeles, March 1, 1951


Here is Louis Armstrong (with with studio orchestra and Gordon Jenkins(cond) )sings “Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time”.
U.S. Royal Showcase: (Tv Show): NBC tv studio, New York City, June 8, 1952


Here is Peggy Lee (with Gordon Jenkins (cond) sings “Sans souci”.
Los Angeles, July 31, 1952


下記文章は「Songwriters Hall of Fame」から引用しました。 HPは こちら

In 1938, he moved to California, where he worked for Paramount Pictures. In 1939 he became music director for NBC’s Hollywood based west coast division. From 1944 to 1948, he worked on Dick Haymes’ radio show. In 1945, he became a staff conductor for Decca Records. Jenkins soon became Decca’s musical director, and was responsible for bringing The Weavers (a group that included Pete Seeger among its members) to Decca.

Here is The Weavers (with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra) sing “Goodnight, Irene”.

Isham Jones’ compositions(1)  

October 03,2017

Photo by courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I am planning to feature Woody Herman’ work on this next Sunday.

Woody Herman took over the band from Isham Jones.

I am not familiar with Isham Jones but I love his songs.

So I would like to post about Isham Jones’ work this week.

先月、例会の準備でWoody Hermanの初期の活動について調べていました。

1936年Woody HermanはIsham Jonesのバンドを引き継ぎ自己のオーケストラとして活動を始めます。

私自身Isham Jonesについて詳しくありませんが彼の曲は大好きです。

今週はIsham Jonesが作曲した名曲にお付き合い下さい。

It Had to Be You(1924年) 作詞 Gus Kahn


Here is Isham Jones & his Orchestra play “It Had to Be You”.(1924)

Here is Django Reinhardt plays “It Had To Be You”.

Here is Ruth Etting sings “It Had To Be You” (1936).

Here is Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest sing “It Had To Be You”.

Here is Harry Carney Octet with Strings play “It Had to Be You”.

Here is Rod Stewart sings “It had to be you”.

Here is Annie Hall Diane Keaton sings  “It Had to Be You”.

Dick Haymes(4)

October 09, 2016


In World War II, Dick Haymes came under heavy criticism when he claimed exemption from the draft as a citizen of Argentina.

Then the U.S. Immigration Service sought to deport him.

Because he had claimed draft exemption and left the United States without permission.

He fought against the deportation for two years and finally won and became a U.S. citizen.


In 1961, he left the United States.

He then performed in England, Australia and South Africa and did not return to this country until the 1970s.

Also he experienced serious financial problems later in life.

Dick Haymes died On March 28, 1980 in Los Angeles.

Please refer to this website about Dick Haymes.Go here

In addition I found a terrffic article about him.Go here

Here is Dick Haymes sings “Isn’t This a Lovely Day?”

Here is Dick Haymes sings “Laura” with Victor Young Orchestra.

Dick Haymes(3)

October 08, 2016


The partnership of Frank Sinatra and Gordon Jenkins was most famous.

Gordon Jenkins won a Grammy Award in 1965 for his arrangement of Sinatra’s “It Was a Very Good Year.” Go here 

But before Jenkins became Sinatra’s arranger, he worked closely with Dick Haymes on Decca Records for much of the 1940s.

Photo of Gordon Jenkins

Photo: Gordon Jenkins

In those days Jenkins was musical director for Decca records.

In the early fifties Jenkins gave an opportunity to perform on many big sellers such as “Little White Lies” by Dick Haymes.

Their work “Little White Lies” was a million seller in 1949.

I had posted about Gordon Jenkins.Go here and here.

Here is Dick Haymes sings “Little White Lies.”

Here is Frank Sinatra sings “It Was A Very Good Year” conducting by Gordon  Jenkins.

Dick Haymes(2)

October 07, 2016


Photo of Forrest and Haymes at the start of Haymes’ radio show in 1944.

Dick Haymes left Harry James orchestra in April 1942 and joined Benny Goodman orchestra.

By the end of 1942, he left Goodman for Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra, again replacing Frank Sinatra.

In 1942 he teamed with singer Helen Forrest for many hit duets during World War II.

They recorded together both in the studio and for radio broadcasts.

The partnership of Hames and Forrest was one of the best in the history of popular music.


In particular ,“Long Ago (and Far Away)” is a popular song from “Cover Girl” starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly.

Cover Girl marked the first film collaboration of Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin.

The film featured his future wife Rita Hayworth.

Here is Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest sing “Long Ago (And Far Away).”

Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest(1978 TV). Here is they sing “It Had To Be You”

Here is “Cover Girl” by Gene Kelly & Rita Hayworth.

Dick Haymes(1)


Photo of Dick Haymes

Oct. 23, I will participate in the meeting of “Osaka jazz club(大阪ジャズ同好会)” at “Jazz coffee Dear Lord(JAZZ喫茶 DEAR LORD)“.

I must introduce my favorite vocalist to members.

Recently I heard an interesting radio broadcast about Dick Haymes.Go here

So I have decided to introduce Dick Haymes.

Dick Haymes was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1918.

At the age of 19, he moved to New York City where he worked as a vocalist in a number of big bands.

Dick Haymes was a star crooner with the big bands during the swing era of the 1940s.


Photo of Harry James and Frank Sinatra

Unfortunately in those days there was Frank Sinatra on this era.

As a matter of course he was Sinatra’s replacement singer in the big bands of both Harry James and Tommy Dorsey.

The story digressed from the main subject.

I had been posted Sinatra’s episode once when he left Harry James Orchestra.Go here

In any case I think Dick Haymes should be evaluated more.

This is he sings “All or nothing at all”.

This is he sings “You’ll Never Know”.

It Might As Well Be Spring

March 02.2016

In 1945,this song was written by composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II.

“It Might As Well Be Spring” sung in the film by Dick Haymes.

The song has been played in bossa nova.

‘Cafe au Go Go’ was located in the basement of 152 Bleecker St. in New York.

About this live recording, it has been detailed post in recent JazzWax.

JazzWax will be very helpful for me.


Miyoshi Umeki was a naturalized American actress and standards singer.

She was best known in the 1957 film Sayonara.
She won an Academy Award for acting.

I’m going to post at a later date for her achievements.