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Bethlehem Recording Session by Duke Ellington

March 1.2018

Photo above of Russell Procope by courtesy of Ellington on the Web

Last Sunday Mr.Nishi introduced “Duke Ellington presents(Bethlehem records)” in the meeting of Kobe Jazz Salon(神戸ジャズサロン).

先日の「神戸ジャズサロン」の番外編でDuke Ellingtonが紹介されました。

ベテラン会員のNさんがRussell Procope(ラッセル・プロコープ)の名演を聞いて下さいと「Indian Summer」を選曲されました。


1956年初頭、契約の関係と推測しますがベツレヘムレコードにLP2枚分(計23曲)の録音を行なっています。(1956年2月7日〜8日 シカゴ)
Bethlehem  BCP-60    12曲
Bethlehem  BCP-6005   11曲



Here is Duke Ellington And His Orchestra play “Indian summer”.
Willie Cook, Cat Anderson(t); Clark Terry(t,fl); Ray Nance(t,vl,v); Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders(tb); Jimmy Hamilton(cl,ts);Russell Procope(cl,ss,as); Johnny Hodges(as); Paul Gonsalves(ts); Harry Carney(cl,as,bar); Duke Ellington(p); Jimmy Woode(sb); Sam Woodyard(d) February 7 & 8, 1956 Chicago   BCP6005

Here is Duke Ellington And His Orchestra play “Upper Manhattan Medical Group”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.


1956年2月7日〜8日 ニューヨーク
vocals dubbed at Radio Recorders, 8 and 11 Feb 1956

Here is Duke Ellington And His Orchestra with  Rosemary Clooney play “Blue Rose”.
Willie Cook, Cat Anderson(t); Clark Terry(t,fl); Ray Nance(t,vl,v); Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, John Sanders(tb); Jimmy Hamilton(cl,ts);Russell Procope(cl,ss,as); Johnny Hodges(as); Paul Gonsalves(ts); Harry Carney(cl,as,bar); Duke Ellington(p); Jimmy Woode(sb); Sam Woodyard(d); Rosemary Clooney(vo)  23 January 1956   Co CL-872

Here is Duke Ellington and his Orchestra with  Rosemary Clooney play “I Got It Bad”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.
27 January 1956   Co CL-872

Here is Duke Ellington and his Orchestra with  Rosemary Clooney play “It Don’t Mean A Thing”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.
27 January 1956   Co CL-872

Teddy Weatherford and Buck Clayton(2)

January 19.2018

今日のブログは「Buck Clayton’s Jazz World」(上記写真)から一部を引用(要約)しました。

After high school, Buck Clayton moved to Los Angeles from Kansas.

When he had begin to play his first band, Teddy Weatherford had arrived from Shanghai.

Because Teddy Weatherford delegated from “Tung Vong Company” of Shanghai for scouting jazz musicians in USA.

Photo above of Teddy Weatherford by courtesy of Swinging’ India

Teddy had visited Los Angeles,Kansas City, Chicago,St.Louis,New York in search of a band to take back to China.

Fortunately, Buck Clayton had an acquaintance of Teddy Weatherford in his band.

Joe McCutchi and Teddy were the member of Erskine Tate band.

So Weatherford managed contracting Buck Clayton and His Harlem Gentlemen.

Photo by Buck Clayton’s Jazz World

In those days Buck Clayton had been the first marriage with Gladys “Derb” Henderson.

Also he met Duke Ellington before voyage to Shanghai.

At that time Duke Ellington was contracted for “Murder at the Vanities”.

When Buck Clayton and Debr made a voyage to Shanghai,Duke and his members saw a newly married couple off at the port.

Gladys “Derb” Henderson and Buck Clayton surrounded by a group of people including Duke Ellington, in front of a ship in California.
Photo by courtesy of University of Missouri Library

Buck Claytonは高校を卒業した後、生まれ故郷のKansas州からLos Angelesに移住しました。

Los Angelesでの音楽活動が軌道に乗った頃、Teddy Weatherfordが上海から一時帰国しました。

1934年、Teddy Weatherfordは「Tung Vong Company」(音楽プロダクション)の代理人として、本場のジャズミュージシャンを上海に招聘する目的で一時帰国したようです。

Teddy WeatherfordはKansas City, Chicago,St.Louis,New Yorkを視察したようです。

最終的にLos AngelesでTeddyはBuck Claytonと出会います。

幸いなことに(偶然)Buck Claytonはその当時のバンドの中にTeddy Weatherfordを知っているメンバーを一人擁していました。

Joe McCutchiとWeatherfordはErskine Tateバンドのメンバーとして旧知の仲でした。

そういった経由があり、Teddy Weatherfordは「Buck Clayton and  His Harlem Gentlemen」というグループと上海行きの契約を交わしたそうです。

Buck Claytonはプライベート面でGladys “Derb” Hendersonという女性と最初の結婚をしていました。

又、上海への航海の前にDuke Ellingtonとも会っています。

その当時、Duke Ellingtonは「Murder at the Vanities」という映画出演のためLos Angelesに来ていました。

Buckの自伝では、新婚の二人を祝福するパーティでのDuke Ellington楽団の様子が詳しく記述されています。(初録音も経験していないトランペッターにとっては忘れられない人生の一幕だったと推測します)

Buck Claytonと妻DebrがShanghai行きの船に乗る時、Dukeと他のメンバーは桟橋まで見送りに来ていました。(写真を添付しました)

Here is “Murder At The Vanities”
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra(1934)


I listened to the mourning radio program of George Avakian(2)

December 06. 2017

Photo above of George Avakian by courtesy of JazzWax

Continuing from yesterday,I will post my favorite songs according to the album introduced in the program.

In 1956 Duke Ellington and his Orchestra appeared at Newport Jazz Festival.

Paul Gonsalves played an astounding 27 choruses of “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue.”

Because Duke told Gonsalves to blow as long as he wanted during the interlude.

Photo by courtesy of paulgonsalves.jazzgiants.net

Today many disney songs became jazz standard.

But back in the ’50s, no one in jazz took Disney movies or their soundtracks seriously.

Why did Dave bother recording an album of Disney songs?

Below I quated JazzWax interivew “Dave Brubeck Digs Disney”. (May 26, 2011)

Dave and his five children excited on the rides in Disneyland in California.

So Dave thought an album of Disney movie songs would be a great idea.

The Disney theme was Dave’s idea, and I was amazed when he called and told me what he wanted to do.

Then Bill Evans and Miles Davis recorded “Disney Songs” .

Also John Coltrane played “My Favorite Things” and ”Chim Chim Cher-ee.””


1956年、Duke Ellington楽団はNewport Jazz Festivalに出演しました。

そして「Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue」でPaul Gonsalvesは27コーラスにも及ぶ長いソロ演奏を行いました。



では何故Dave Brubeckはアルバム制作においてディズニーの曲を選んだのでしょうか?

以下JazzWaxのインタビュー “Dave Brubeck Digs DisneyMay 26、2011″を引用しました。

George Avakianは次のように話しています。

ディズニーの音楽をテーマとしてレコーディングするのはDave の考えでした。彼がそのことを電話した時にはびっくりしました。



その後、Bill Evans や Miles Davisは「ディズニーソング」を録音しています。

又、John Coltraneも「My Favorite Things」「Chim Chim Cher-ee」を演奏しました。

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 「Ellington at Newport」
Here is Duke Ellington & His Orchestra play “ Black and Tan Fantasy ”.
Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope (cl, as), James Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bs), Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Willis Nance, John Cook (tp), Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson (tb), Duke Ellington (p), James Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (ds)
July 7, 1956… live at Newport Jazz Festival, Newport


Here is Duke Ellington & His Orchestra play  “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue.”
Members of the recording are the same as above.


Miles Davis 「Miles Ahead」
Here is Miles Davis and Gil Evans play “Miles Ahead 1959” on YouTube.
Miles Davis, Bernie Glow, Ernie Royal, Luis Mucci, Taft Jordan, John Carisi (tp), Frank Rehak, Jimmy Cleveland, Joe Bennet (tb), Tom Mitchell (btb), Willie Ruff, Tony Miranda, Jimmy Buffington (frh), Bill Barber (tu), Lee Konitz (as), Romeo Penque, Sid Cooper (fl, cl), Danny Bank (bcl), Wynton Kelly (p), Paul Chambers (b), Art Taylor (ds), Gil Evans (arr, cond) November 1957… New York


Photo by courtesy of French Lick, IN Aug 17, 1958

Dave Brubeck Quartet「Dave Digs Disney」
Here is Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Alice in Wonderland”.(Mono Version)
Dave Brubeck (p), Paul Desmond (as), Norman Bates (b), Joe Morello (ds)
August 29, 1957… New York


Here is Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Some Day My Prince Will Come ”.(Mono Version)
Members of the recording are the same as above.

The Single Petal Of A Rose

October 30,2017

Last week I introduced my favorite piece “The Single Petal Of A Rose” by Nik Payton’s performance.

So I will return to origin and introduce some famous performances by piano.

『The Single Petal Of A Rose(ピアノ演奏に限定)』の聴き比べをお楽しみ下さい。

個人的にはAaron Diehlをよく聞いています。(youTube映像も添付しました)


Here is Duke Ellington plays “The Single Petal Of A Rose”.(1959)




Here is Junior Mance plays “The Single Petal of a Rose”.
Tronto september 14,1994




Here is Jeremy Kahn Trio play “The Single Petal Of A Rose”.
Jeremy Kahn(p),Leon “Boots” Maleson(b),Tim Horner(ds)
New York, 1995





Here is Marian McPartland ‎plays “The Single Petal Of A Rose”.
Recorded live at Maybeck Studio  2000




Here is Aaron Diehl plays “The Single Petal Of A Rose”.
New York, 2013

Here’s Aaron Diehl plays “The Single Petal of a Rose” (Live at Dizzy’s)

Bob Wilber(2)

September 14.2017

Photo by Wikipedia

Bob Wilber was born 15 March 1928 in New York.

He was fascinated with Ellington’s recording of “Mood Indigo” when he was at the age of three.

In high school, he formed “The Wildcats” with Dick Wellstood.

In those days he often visited New York City’s 52nd Street and met Sidney Bechet.

He had become fascinated with Bechet’s sound.

Fortunately he was introduced to Bechet through Mezz Mezzrow.

In 1946 he studied with Sidney and living with him for several months.

He began studying both clarinet and soprano saxophone under Bechet.

Also he often sat in with Bechet at Jimmy Ryan’s and they often performed duets.

Photo by courtesy of Jazz Lives(June 24,2014)
The Nice Jazz Festival, 1948.   Henry Goodwin(tp), trumpet; Robert Sage Wilber(Bob Wilber), clarinet / soprano saxophone; Jimmy Archey, trombone; Pops Foster, string bass; Sammy Price, piano; Mezz Mezzrow, clarinet.

In 1948, Bechet sent him as his stead to the first Nice Jazz Festival in France.

After performing at the first-ever jazz festival,  Wilber toured with Mezz Mezzrow.

Bob Wilberは1928年3月15日にニューヨークで生まれました。

3歳の時に父が聞かせたDuke Ellingtonの「Mood Indigo」にすっかり魅了されました。

高校時代にはDick Wellstood (ピアノ)と共に「The Wildcats」を結成しました。

その当時ニューヨークの52番街のジャズスポットを頻繁に訪れ、Sidney Bechetと出会いました。

Bob WilberはSidney Bechetの演奏に夢中になりMezz Mezzrowの紹介でBechetと懇意になりました。

1946年Sidney Bechetに師事することになり、内弟子として数ヶ月間一緒に過ごしました。


又、52番街の「Jimmy Ryan’s」ではBechetと席を共にしデュエット演奏を行なっていました。

1948年に師匠のSidney Bechetの代理として 第1回Nice Jazz Festivalに派遣されました。

彼自身初めてのジャズフェスティバルに参加後はMezz Mezzrowと共にツアーを行いました。

Here is Bob Wilber’s Bechet Legacy play “Dear Old Southland”.

Here is Bob Wilber and Buddy DeFranco at Mat Domber’s private party in California(2003)
Bob Wilber(cl), Buddy DeFranco(cl),Dick Hyman(p),Howard Alden(g),Jay Leonhart(b),Butch Miles(ds)

Here is Bob Wilber plays “SI TU VOIS MA MERE”.
Live at  Smalls  in NYC  (March 15, 2012)

Looking east from 6th Avenue, 52nd Street in at night (May 1948); photo by William P. Gottlieb Collection

The early recordings by Dexter Gordon(1)

September 6.2017

Yesterday I introduced ”Gettin’ Around” by Dexter Gordon.

This week I would like to post about  Dexter’s early recordings.

Dexter Gordon had been fortunate from the beginning.

His father was a well-known doctor who counted Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton among his patients.

His father was also an avid jazz fan, and introduced Dexter to the music at an early age.

He took up the clarinet at age 13, switching to the saxophone shortly thereafter.

Photo above by jazzinphoto-Wordpress.com
Melba Liston and Dexter Gordon joke around during a
Dial Records recording session on June 5th, 1947
in Los Angeles.

Also he became friend with Melba Liston in McKinley Junior High School.

About Melba Liston, please refer to my past articles.Go here

His hometown Los Angeles was a center for jazz and a hotspot for the developing bebop style.

While he was still a teenager, he began to stand out as a saxophonist.

Photo by courtesy of California Perspectives on American History

Then he began his music career in 1940 with Lionel Hampton’s orchestra.

He belonged to Lionel Hampton’s band for three years.

In 1943 he made his first recordings as a band leader at age 20.

今週はDexter Gordonの初期の録音について調べてみたいと思います。

Dexter Gordonは生まれた時から幸運な人生を歩むことになります。

彼の父はDuke EllingtonやLionel Hamptonを診ていた有名な医者でした。


Dexter Gordonは13歳でクラリネットを演奏し始め、その後すぐにサックスに転向しました。

又、McKinley中学校ではMelba Listonと友人となっています。

Melba Listonについてはこちらをクリックして下さい。

戦後の Los Angeles はジャズの中心地であり、ビバップスタイルのジャズが盛んに演奏されていました。

Dexter Gordonはまだ十代の若さにも関わらず、サックス奏者として頭角を現すようになりました。

プロとしての最初の音楽活動は1940年のLionel Hampton’s orchestraとの仕事でした。

その後Lionel Hampton’s orchestraに3年間所属することになります。


Here is Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra play ”Nola”.
Karl George, Joe Newman, Ernie Royal (trumpet) Fred Beckett, Sonny Craven, Harry Sloan (trombone) Marshall Royal (alto sax, clarinet) Ray Perry (alto sax, violin) Dexter Gordon, Illinois Jacquet (tenor sax) Jack McVea (baritone sax) Lionel Hampton (vibes ) Milt Buckner (piano) Irving Ashby (guitar) Vernon Alley (bass) George Jenkins (drums)
NYC, December 24, 1941

Here is Dexter Gordon Quintet play “I’ve found a new baby”.
Harry Edison (trumpet) Dexter Gordon (tenor sax) Nat King Cole (piano) possibly Red Callender or Johnny Miller (bass) Juicy Owens (drums)
Los Angeles, CA, late 1943 or circa July, 1944


August 7. 2017


「主役より脇役がめだつモダンジャズ」担当 竹村氏




Here is Jutta Hipp With Zoot Sims play “Too Close For Comfort”.
Jerry Lloyd (trumpet) Zoot Sims (tenor sax) Jutta Hipp (piano) Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass) Ed Thigpen (drums)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, July 28, 1956
「Zoot Simsが思う存分にブローしています」

Here is Joe Morello with Art Pepper play “Straight Life.
Art Pepper (as), Gerald Wiggins (p) ,Ben Tucker (b) ,Joe Morello (ds)
United Western Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, January 3, 1957
「絶頂期のArt Pepperによる艶やかな音色 」

Here is Sarah Vaughan sings “Misty”.
Sarah Vaughan – vocals,Kirk Stuart – piano, vocals on “Misty”,Charles Williams – double bass,George Hughes – drums,Quincy Jones – producer  July 18,1963
「Piano奏者Kirk Stuartの歌唱力をお聞き下さい」

Here is Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington play “It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing”.July 1966

「Ray Nance(tp)のボーカルが素敵です」

Here is Coleman Hawkins Quartet at the Village Gate play ” Josuha Fit the Battle of Jericho”.
Coleman Hawkins (ts), Tommy Flanagan (p), Major Holley (b), Eddie Locke (ds) August 1962
「Major Holleyがアルコソロで大活躍しています」

Here is Sonny Rollins and Coleman Hawkins Quintet play “All The Things You Are”.
Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins (ts), Paul Bley (p), Bob Cranshaw (b) ,Roy McCurdy (ds) NYC,July 15, 1963

Here is Miles Davis Quintet play “Oleo”.
Miles Davis (tp) ,John Coltrane (ts) ,Wynton Kelly (p) ,Paul Chambers (b), Jimmy Cobb (ds) Paris, France, March 21, 1960