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Teddy Weatherford and Buck Clayton(2)

January 19.2018

今日のブログは「Buck Clayton’s Jazz World」(上記写真)から一部を引用(要約)しました。

After high school, Buck Clayton moved to Los Angeles from Kansas.

When he had begin to play his first band, Teddy Weatherford had arrived from Shanghai.

Because Teddy Weatherford delegated from “Tung Vong Company” of Shanghai for scouting jazz musicians in USA.

Photo above of Teddy Weatherford by courtesy of Swinging’ India

Teddy had visited Los Angeles,Kansas City, Chicago,St.Louis,New York in search of a band to take back to China.

Fortunately, Buck Clayton had an acquaintance of Teddy Weatherford in his band.

Joe McCutchi and Teddy were the member of Erskine Tate band.

So Weatherford managed contracting Buck Clayton and His Harlem Gentlemen.

Photo by Buck Clayton’s Jazz World

In those days Buck Clayton had been the first marriage with Gladys “Derb” Henderson.

Also he met Duke Ellington before voyage to Shanghai.

At that time Duke Ellington was contracted for “Murder at the Vanities”.

When Buck Clayton and Debr made a voyage to Shanghai,Duke and his members saw a newly married couple off at the port.

Gladys “Derb” Henderson and Buck Clayton surrounded by a group of people including Duke Ellington, in front of a ship in California.
Photo by courtesy of University of Missouri Library

Buck Claytonは高校を卒業した後、生まれ故郷のKansas州からLos Angelesに移住しました。

Los Angelesでの音楽活動が軌道に乗った頃、Teddy Weatherfordが上海から一時帰国しました。

1934年、Teddy Weatherfordは「Tung Vong Company」(音楽プロダクション)の代理人として、本場のジャズミュージシャンを上海に招聘する目的で一時帰国したようです。

Teddy WeatherfordはKansas City, Chicago,St.Louis,New Yorkを視察したようです。

最終的にLos AngelesでTeddyはBuck Claytonと出会います。

幸いなことに(偶然)Buck Claytonはその当時のバンドの中にTeddy Weatherfordを知っているメンバーを一人擁していました。

Joe McCutchiとWeatherfordはErskine Tateバンドのメンバーとして旧知の仲でした。

そういった経由があり、Teddy Weatherfordは「Buck Clayton and  His Harlem Gentlemen」というグループと上海行きの契約を交わしたそうです。

Buck Claytonはプライベート面でGladys “Derb” Hendersonという女性と最初の結婚をしていました。

又、上海への航海の前にDuke Ellingtonとも会っています。

その当時、Duke Ellingtonは「Murder at the Vanities」という映画出演のためLos Angelesに来ていました。

Buckの自伝では、新婚の二人を祝福するパーティでのDuke Ellington楽団の様子が詳しく記述されています。(初録音も経験していないトランペッターにとっては忘れられない人生の一幕だったと推測します)

Buck Claytonと妻DebrがShanghai行きの船に乗る時、Dukeと他のメンバーは桟橋まで見送りに来ていました。(写真を添付しました)

Here is “Murder At The Vanities”
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra(1934)


Teddy Weatherford and Buck Clayton(1)

January 17.2018

Photo above of Teddy Weatherford by courtesy of Alibaba

Teddy Weatherford was born Pocahontas,on 11 October, 1903.

From 1915 through 1920 he lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he learned to play jazz piano.

After moving to Chicago, he worked with several top jazz orchestras including those led by Jimmie Wade and Erskine Tate(playing and recording with Louis Armstrong).

In 1926 he toured Shanghai as the pianist in Jack Carter’s Orchestra.

Jack Carter’s Orchestra played in Shanghai between 1926 and 1928, featuring among others Valaida Snow.

Despite Jack Carter and his orchestra left to USA,Teddy Weaterford stayed on Shanghai.

Photo by courtesy of Taj Mahal Foxtrot

Then he was invited to Paris by Hugues Panassie and played in the Paris World Exposition.

He recorded solo piano performance in the Swing label.

After he returned to Shanghai, he made a voyage to Culcutta for World War II.

Unfortunately Teddy Weatherford died of cholera in Calcutta, aged 41.

Please refer to the video about his activity in Calcutta.

Photo by courtesy of Taj Mahal Foxtrot

Teddy Weatherfordは1903年10月11日バージニア州Pocahontasで生まれました。


シカゴに移動しJimmie Wade楽団やErskine Tate楽団というトップクラスの楽団で演奏しています。

Louis Armstrongが在籍していたErskine Tate’s Vendome Orchestraでの録音は有名です。

1926年、Jack Carter’s Orchestraの一員(ピアニスト)として上海に渡ることになります。

上海でのJack Carter楽団の演奏にはValaida Snowが参加しています。(Valaida Snowの演奏を1曲添付しました)

Jack Carter楽団は米国に帰りましたが、Teddy Weatherfordは単独で上海に滞在することになりました。

Photo above of Hugues Panassie by courtesy of jazzpanassie.fr

その後、ジャズ評論家Hugues Panassieの招きでパリに行き、パリ万国博覧会でも演奏しています。





Here is Wade’s Moulin Rouge Orchestra with Teddy Weatherford play “Someday sweetheart”.
Jimmy Wade (cnt,dir) Bill Dover (tb) Arnett Nelson (cl,as) Vernon Roulette (cl,ts) Eddie South (vln) Teddy Weatherford (p) Buddy Gross (tu) Edwin Jackson (d)
Chicago, December, 1923
尚、この演奏はEddie Southの最初の録音だそうです。
Eddie Southについては長谷川光氏のブログをご覧下さい。こちらをクリックして下さい。


Photo by Strictly Oompah This photo is taken sometime between December 1925 and June 1926. Erskine Tate’s own identification (courtesy Bertrand Demeusy/Floyd Campbell) from left (back row): Ed Wyer, violin. Will Armstrong, cello. Clarence Lee, violin. Teddy Weatherford, piano. John Hare, helicon. Alvin Fernandez, clarinet. Frank Ethridge, violin. From left (front row): James Tate, trumpet. Louis Armstrong, trumpet. Eddie Atkins, trombone. Elliot Washington, banjo. Erskine Tate with baton. Jimmy Bertrand, drums. Paul “Stump” Evans, saxes. Charles Harris, saxes, and Norval/Norvelle “Flute” Morton, saxes.

Here is Erskine Tate’s Vendome Orchestra play “Stomp off, let’s go”.
Louis Armstrong, James Tate (tp) Eddie Atkins (tb) Angelo Fernandez (cl-1,as-2) Stump Evans (as,bar) Norval Morton (ts) Teddy Weatherford (p) Johnny St. Cyr (bj) John Hare (tu) Jimmy Bertrand (d-1,wbd-2) Erskine Tate (ldr,shouting)
Chicago, IL, May 28, 1926


Here is Teddy Weatherford play “My blue heaven”.(solo piano)
Paris, France, July 20, 1937

Here is Teddy Weatherford And His Band play “Hoe down”.
George Banks, Bill McDermott (tp) George Leonardi (tb) Reuben Solomon (as,cl) Sonny Saldana (reeds) Cedric West (g,tb) Tony Gonsalves (b) Trevor McCabe (d) Teddy Weatherford (p,vcl) Paquita (vcl)
Calcutta, India, June 1942



Photo above of Valaida Snow by courtesy of Atlanta Black Star

Here is Valaida Snow sings “Minnie the moocher”.(with Lulle Ellboj’s Orchestra)
Valaida Snow (tp,vcl) Bengt Artander, Gunnar Green (tp) Sture Green (tb) Lulle Ellboj (as,ldr) Gunnar Wallberg (as) Rudolf Eriksson (ts) Willard Ringstrand (p) Kalle Lohr (g) Roland Bengtsson (b) Olle Sahlin (d)
Stockholm, Sweden, August 28, 1939

Here is Teddy Weatherford in Calcutta.