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Jazz South Pacific by USO

January 14.2018

Photo above of Howard McGhee and his wife Sandy(1963) by courtesy of Pinterest

In 1951 Oscar Pettiford formed a jazz unit for consolation at the request of USO.

About USO, please refer to wikipedia. Go here

So he had convened J.J.Johnson and Howard Mcghee and others.

Photo above of J.J.Johnson by amazon.com

They went overseas on November 3 after playing of USO task at camps across the United States.

Then they went to Korea, Japan, and Southern Pacific islands.

Unfortunately Pettiford left this group for internal problems.

So “Jazz South Pacific” was recorded in Guam before the recordings of Howard McGhee Korean All Stars.

Photo by Alamy

By the way Oscar Pettiford and Howard Mcghee with Coleman Hawkins appeared in the movie THE CRIMSON CANARY.

Photo by Fresh Sound

1951年、Oscar PettifordはUSOの要請で米軍基地慰問を目的としたジャズユニットを結成しました。

USO(The United Service Organizations )については、こちらを参照してください。

J.J.JohnsonやHoward Mcgheeなどが慰問メンバーとして招集されました。



残念なことですがOscar Pettifordは他のメンバーと「反りが合わず」、楽旅途中でグループを脱退してしまいました。(詳細な理由をご存知の方からの情報提供をお願いします)

それ故「Jazz South Pacific(Regent MG6001)」にはOscar Pettifordが参加し、前回ご紹介した「Howard McGhee Korean All Stars」には現地のベーシストが参加していたのではないかと推測致します。

余談ですがOscar PettifordとHoward McGheeは一緒に映画出演しています。

「THE CRIMSON CANARY」という映画のワンシーンでColeman Hawkinsをリーダーとするバンドメンバーとして登場しています。

Howard McGhee (tp) J.J. Johnson (tb) Rudy Williams (ts) Skeeter Best (g) Oscar Pettiford (b) Charlie Rice (d) Guam, Pacific Islands, late 1951

“Royal garden blues”

“St. Louis blues”

“Mood indigo”

“Lady be good”

“Harvest time”

Here is Coleman Hawkins and Oscar Pettiford and Howard Mcghee on the film “THE CRIMSON CANARY”.


Howard McGhee and his Korean All Stars

January 11.2018

Photo by courtesy of Jazzinphoto(WordPress)

Last week I introduced the photo of “Hi-Lo 1405 on Hi-lo label“ which was published to the net.

Today I would like to post about Howard McGhee and his All Stars which recorded on Hi-Lo label.

These recordings were made in Guam at an Armed Forces Services Concert, when the McGhee’s group  was touring Korean and other U. S. Pacific bases in 1951.


Photo by Discogs

先週、Hi-Loレコードに録音されたMilt Jackson Quartet(Hi-Lo 1405)の写真を紹介しました。(上記)

今日は同じHi-Loレコードで録音された「Howard McGhee and his Korean All Stars」について投稿したいと思います。

1951年から1952年の間、Howard McGheeが率いるグループは極東ツアーを行いました。又、グアムおよび太平洋諸島の米軍基地でも慰問コンサートを行なっていました。


米軍慰問コンサートということで「12th street bop」のような楽しい演奏も収録されています。

余談ですが、Creed Taylorも朝鮮戦争の最前線に派遣されていました。(1953年9月に停戦が発表されるまで従軍したそうです)

Creed Taylorが経験した最前線での行動については、ブログの末尾にJazzWaxさんによるインタービュー記事を引用しました。

Interview: Creed Taylor (Part 1) May 12, 2008 こちらをクリックして下さい。

Howard McGhee and his Korean All Stars
Howard McGhee (tp) J.J. Johnson (tb) Rudy Williams (ts) Skeeter Best (g) Charlie Rice (d) an unknown Philipino bass player named Chris … (b)
Guam, Pacific Islands   January 17, 1952

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “How high the moon” (part 1) HL401   HiLo 1409

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “How high the moon” (part 2)  HL402 HiLo 1409

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “Star dust”. HL403     HiLo 1410

Billboard誌 (1952年6月28)

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “Body and soul”. HL403     HiLo 1410

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “12th Street bop”. HL405  HiLo 1414

Here is Howard McGhee Korean All Stars play “The man with a horn”. HL406    HiLo 1414

Photo above of Creed Taylor and Wes Montgomery by courtesy of pinterst.com

By the way Creed Taylor spent one year at the forefront of the battlefield of the Korean War.

Below I quated JazzWax. Interview: Creed Taylor (Part 1)

May 12, 2008.Go here

JazzWax: Did you see action in Korea?

Creed Taylor:I spent a year in combat. For a time I was a forward observer. I worked with a map that had quadrants of the terrain out front. When I saw lights on a convoy traveling through no-man’s land, my job was to call them back to the 105mm Artillery, which opened up on the lights. We were under the auspices of the UN. I was there until the truce was announced in September 1953, exactly two years after I was drafted.


The early Kai Winding(4)

July 11.2017

Kai Winding participated in some early bebop sessions such as Tadd Dameron’s recordings,and also recorded his leader sessions.

Today I will introduce his leader’s recordings from in 1946 to in 1953.


In January 1946 Kai and Stan Getz had recordings on Savoy label as “Kai’s Krazy Kats”.


Photo by The Guardian

Recently these recordings reissued by Mosaic label as “Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49.”

In April 1949 Kai and Gerry Mulligan with George Wallington recorded  four tunes on Roost label.

They adopted “Wallington’s Godchild” by George Wallington.


Photo above of The Miles Davis nonet as ‘Birth of the Cool,’ from left, Bill Barber, Junior Collins, Kai Winding, Max Roach (obscured behid screen), Al Haig (at piano) by courtesy of All About Jazz

It was first performed by Miles Davis and His Orchestra in 1948 and was recorded “Birth of the Cool” by Miles Davis.

In May 1951 Kai and Brew Moore recorded again at Roost label.


We can hear these four tunes on Youtube,which are added previous Roost recordings(1949).

In March 1952 Kai recorded again four tunes at Savoy label.

Lou Stein(p), and (b), Tiny Kahn(ds), Al Young(bgs,timbales)


As a matter of course these recordings are not included “Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49”.

In June 1953 Kai and Howard McGhee “Kai Winding and his Birdlanders” cut four tunes  at MGM label.


Photo by courtesy of Jazzinphoto(WordPress)

1940年代の後半、Kai Windingは Tadd Dameronによる初期のバップセッションに参加すると共に、自分をリーダーとする録音を行なっていました。


1946年1月Kai WindingとStan Getz はSavoyレコードに「 Kai’s Krazy Kats」の名前でレコーディングを行いました。

最近、これらの録音は別テイクを含め「 Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49」としてMosaicレーベルで発売されています。

1949年4月Kai WindingとGerry MulliganはGeorge Wallington と共にRoostレコードに4曲録音しました。
Gerry Mulliganの提案と推測しますがGeorge Wallingtonが作曲した「Wallington’s Godchild」を取り上げています。

この曲は1948年にMiles Davis and his Orchestraによって初めて演奏され「Birth of the Cool」の中で再演されています。

1951年5月Kai WindingはBrew Mooreと組み再びRoostに録音しました。

1952年3月Kai Windingは再びSavoyレコードに4曲録音しています。
Lou Stein(p), and Eddie Safranski(b), Tiny Kahn(ds), Al Young(bgs,timbales)

当然ですがこれらは「Classic Savoy Be-Bop Sessions 1945-49」に収録されていません。

1953年6月Kai Windingは「Kai Winding and his Birdlanders」という名前で Howard McGheeと共演しています。リズム陣はMJQです。

Here is Kai Winding’s New Jazz Group play “Sweet Miss”.
Shorty Rogers(tp),  Kai Winding(tb), Stan Getz(ts),  Shorty Allen(p), Iggy Shevack(b), Shelly Manne(ds),  December 14, 1945

Here is Kai Winding Sextet plays “Wallington’s Godchild”.
Kai Winding (tb), Brew Moore (ts), Gerry Mulligan (bs), George Wallington (p), Curley Russell (b), Max Roach (d). NYC, April 1949.

Here is Kai Winding plays “Night On Bop Mountain”.
Jerry Lloyd(tp),Kai Winding(tb),Brew Moore(ts),Gerry Mulligan(bs), George Wallington(p), Curley Russell(b) Roy Haynes(ds),  August 23, 1949

Here is Kai Winding’s Band play “I’m Shooting High”.
Kai Winding(tb),Warne Marsh(ts),Billy Taylor(p),Jack Lesberg(b),Charlie Perry(ds),  April 27,1951

Here is Gerry Mulligan & Kai Winding All Stars ‎– Modern Jazz Spectacular
[SIDE ONE]“Wallington’s Godchild”“Bop City”“Sleepy Bop”“Crossing The Channel”.
Kai Winding (tb), Brew Moore (ts), Gerry Mulligan (bs), George Wallington (p), Curley Russell (b), Max Roach (d). NYC, April 1949.

[SIDE TWO]“Honey”“Someone To Watch Over Me”“Harem Buffet”“Cheek To Cheek”.
Kai Winding(tb), Brew Moore(ts),Lou Stein(p), Jack Lesberg(b), Don Lamond(ds) NYC, May 31,1951

Here is Kai Winding’s Birdlanders plays “That a Plenty”.
Kai Winding(tb), Howard McGhee(tp),Eddie Shu(ts),John Lewis (p),Percy Heath(b),Kenny Clarke(ds) NYC,June 1953,

Jimmy Heath(2)

October 25, 2016


He played with virtually every modern jazz trumpeter, including Howard McGhee, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham, Lee Morgan, Art Farmer and Freddie Hubbard.


[Portrait of Thelonious Monk, Howard McGhee, Roy Eldridge, and Teddy Hill, Minton’s Playhouse, New York, N.Y., ca. Sept. 1947] | Library of Congress

 First he got on the road as a professional musician by Howard McGhee.

His earliest recordings were with Howard McGhee in 1948.

Also he and his brother Percy went with McGhee to Paris in May 1948 for the first jazz festival.


Photo by New York Daily News

In 1949, he became a member of Dizzy Gillespie’s sextet and big band.

In those days Heath’s alto saxophone style was so reminiscent of Charlie Parker.

So it earned him the nickname “Little Bird.”

When he left Dizzy’s band, he switched to tenor saxophone.

While he was Dizzy’s bands ,he decided to be a an arranger and composer.

He learned modern voicings on the piano by Dizzy.

Dizzy was showing him something new rhythmically or harmonically on the piano.

Here is Jimmy Heath and Melissa Aldana Performing at the 2014 NEA Jazz Masters Award Ceremony & Concert.