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February 19.2019



Here is Benny Goodman & His Orchestra Featuring Bunny Berigan play ”King Porter Stomp”.
Bunny Berigan, Nate Kazebier, Ralph Muzzillo (tp) Red Ballard, Jack Lacey (tb) Benny Goodman (cl) Toots Mondello, Hymie Schertzer (as) Arthur Rollini, Dick Clark (ts) Frank Froeba (p) George Van Eps (g) Harry Goodman (b) Gene Krupa (d) Fletcher Henderson (arr)
New York, July 1, 1935

Here is Artie Shaw and His Orchestra play “In The Mood.”
Chuck Peterson, Bernie Privin, John Best (tp) George Arus, Harry Rodgers, Les Jenkins (tb) Artie Shaw (cl,arr) Les Robinson, Hank Freeman (as) Tony Pastor (ts,vcl) Georgie Auld (ts) Bob Kitsis (p) Al Avola (g) Sid Weiss (b) George Wettling (d) Jerry Gray (arr)
Broadcast, Blue Room, Hotel Lincoln, New York, December 20, 1938

1941 — 1941- Tommy Dorsey and his band. On the far right in the last row is a very young and yet unknown Frank Sinatra. Movie Still from, “Las Vegas Nights”. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra featuring Bunny Berigan「 East of The Sun」 (1940) (broadcast)


当時ドーシー楽団は「Hotel Astor Roof」からラジオ放送を中南米向けにも中継しておりました。

June 19, 1940 (Wed) 10:15 – 10:45 pm “Carnival de Broadway”
Hotel Astor Roof, New York
(NBC White) (WRCA/WNBI) (International) RCA MT 372 (1), MT 369 (2)
Anuncios en Español Alfredo Barrett, announcer

詳細はこちら ▶️ (54ページ以降)


Here is Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra featuring Bunny Berigan play “Marie”.
Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers (Billy Wilson, Chuck Lowry, Jo Stafford, & John Huddleston),
Bunny Berigan(tp), Buddy Rich(ds)
Broadcast From The Meadowbrook Ballroom, Cedar Grove, New Jersey March 9, 1940.

Hotel Astor Roof from Library of Congress

「映画Las Vegas Nights (1941年制作)」からフランク・シナトラの映像(最も初期)も添付します。

Here is Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra play “I’ll Never Smile Again” from Las Vegas Nights (1941)


Here is Lee Wiley with Leo Reisman and his Orchestra play “Time On My Hands”.
October 26, 1931

Time On My Hands(Lee Wiley)

Leo Reisman楽団については拙ブログをご覧下さい。こちら ▶️

Here is Bea Wain with Larry Clinton and his Orchestra “My Reverie”.
July 16, 1938

Bea Wain,My Reverie

Larry Clinton楽団についても拙ブログもご覧下さい。こちら ▶️

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra “Blue Prelude”.
Isham Jones (ts, dir),Joe Bishop(fh), Gordon Jenkins(arr)
April 6, 1933

Isham Jones,Blue Prelude

Blue Preludeについても拙ブログをご覧下さい。こちら ▶️




The Red Heads(4)

November 16,2018

「THESAURUS OF CLASSIC JAZZ」に収録された曲目をもう一度ご覧下さい。 ▶️こちら

「The Red Heads(Volume IV)」に1曲だけ”Meadow Lark” by Cliff Edwards And His Hot Combinationが収録されています。

Photo above of Cliff Edwards ‘Ukulele Ike’ by courtesy of Pinterst

Cliff Edwards(クリフ・エドワーズ)はウクレレ奏者兼歌手としてデビューし、1929年に”Singin ‘in the Rain”をヒットさせ後年「ピノキオ」の挿入歌『星に願いを』で歴史に残る歌手となっています。

過去に下記のブログを投稿した時にFB友人長谷川光氏からCliff Edwardsの名前を教えて頂きました。

Isham Jones’ compositions(3) “I’ll See You in My Dreams”      ▶️こちら 

今後機会があればPhil Napoleonとの初録音(1922年)以降Cliff Edwards And His Hot CombinationやAdrian Rolliniと共演した録音はぜひ聞いてみたいと思っております。

Cliff Edwardsの録音についてはこちらを参照願います。 ▶️こちら

Here is Cliff Edwards And His Hot Combination play ”Meadow Lark”.
Cliff Edwards (vcl,uke),Red Nichols(cor), Miff Mole(tb),Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as),Arthur Schutt (p),Dick McDonough(bj),Vic Berton or Ray Bauduc(d)
New York, November, 1926


Cliff Edwards And His Hot Combination名義で1曲追加添付しました。

Here is Cliff Edwards And His Hot Combination play “Oh ! lovey, be mine”.
Cliff Edwards (vcl,uke),Red Nichols(cor), Miff Mole(tb), Bobby Davis(as),Arthur Schutt or Irving Brodsky(p), Dick McDonough(bj),Joe Tarto(b・tu),Vic Berton(d)
New York, October, 1925

Oh ! lovey, be mine

最後にRed Nichols And His Five Pennies名義での録音を1曲添付させて頂きました。

Here is Red Nichols And His Five Pennies play ”Washboard blues”.
Red Nichols (cor),Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Arthur Schutt (p), Eddie Lang (g), Vic Berton (d)
New York, December 8, 1926

Washboard Blues

Phot by courtesy of last.fm


Gordon Jenkins on Decca Records

September 14,2018

Photo of Gordon Jenkins


最近ネットラジオで「Dick Haymes: Sinatra’s Shadow」という放送を聴きました。この番組ではゴードン・ジェンキンス(Gordon Jenkins)についても語られていました。

上記ラジオ放送は  こちら 

Gordon Jenkinsはキャピタル時代のフランク・シナトラとの共演盤が有名ですが、デッカ時代にも有名歌手と多くの名曲を録音しています。

今回、デッカレコード専属時代のGordon Jenkinsが関わった録音からブログを作成しました。

最後に添付したThe Weavers(ピート・シーガーが参加)については門外漢でありますので余計なコメントは記載しておりません。

尚、Gordon Jenkinsについては1年前の拙ブログ(4回連載)も併せてご覧頂ければ嬉しいです。

1. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3DJ

2. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3Ex

3. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3EM

4. https://wp.me/p6X2wH-3Fv

Photo above of Woody Herman by Wikipedia

Isham Jonesは歌手としてWoody Hermanを採用しました。
Here is Isham Jones Orchestra and Woody Herman sing “There is no greater love”.
Clarence Willard, Chelsea Qualey (tp) Wendell deLory, Russ Jenner (tb) Joe Bishop (tu,arr) Tommy Macey, Don Watt (cl,as) Woody Herman (cl,as,bar,vcl) Vic Hauprich, Saxie Mansfield (ts) Howard Smith (p,arr) George Wartner (g) Eddie Stone (vln,vcl,arr) Vince Allotta (vln) Nick Hupfer (vln,arr) Walt Yoder (b) Walter Lageson (d), Gordon Jenkins (arr) Isham Jones (dir) New York, February 3, 1936


Here is Dick Haymes (with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra) sings “Little White Lies”.
New York 1948

Peggy Leeのデッカ盤ではなくElla Fitzgerald による“Black coffee”です。
Here is Ella Fitzgerald sings (with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra) “Black coffee”.
Ella Fitzgerald (vcl) with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra, Gordon Jenkins (cond) New York, April 28, 1949


コロンビア盤のRay Ellis(楽団)の編曲と比べて下さい。
Here is Billie Holiday (with Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra) sings “You’re my thrill”.
Bobby Hackett (tp) Milt Yaner (cl,as) John Fulton (fl,cl,ts) Bernie Leighton (p) Tony Mottola (g) Jack Lesberg (b) Bunny Shawker (d) + five strings Billie Holiday (vcl) Gordon Jenkins (cond) New York, October 19, 1949


Here is Hoagy Carmichael (with Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra And Chorus) sings “Sacramento.
Hoagy Carmichael (vcl) acc by orchestra and chorus, Gordon Jenkins (dir)
Los Angeles, March 1, 1951


Here is Louis Armstrong (with with studio orchestra and Gordon Jenkins(cond) )sings “Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time”.
U.S. Royal Showcase: (Tv Show): NBC tv studio, New York City, June 8, 1952


Here is Peggy Lee (with Gordon Jenkins (cond) sings “Sans souci”.
Los Angeles, July 31, 1952


下記文章は「Songwriters Hall of Fame」から引用しました。 HPは こちら

In 1938, he moved to California, where he worked for Paramount Pictures. In 1939 he became music director for NBC’s Hollywood based west coast division. From 1944 to 1948, he worked on Dick Haymes’ radio show. In 1945, he became a staff conductor for Decca Records. Jenkins soon became Decca’s musical director, and was responsible for bringing The Weavers (a group that included Pete Seeger among its members) to Decca.

Here is The Weavers (with Gordon Jenkins Orchestra) sing “Goodnight, Irene”.

Carol Bruce

May 19.2018


Photo by Wikimedia

I have been posting about “Isham Jones’ tune Blue prelude” in my blog.

Please refer to my past blog.Go Here

Recently, I heard the another recording that Carol Bruce was singing.

Today I would like to post about some recordings and clips by Carol Bruce.

Carol Bruce (November 15, 1919 – October 9, 2007) was an American band singer, Broadway star, and film and television actress.

She began her career as a singer in the late 1930s with Larry Clinton and his band.

Then she joined Red Norvo’s V-Disc sessions.

Also Bruce’s daughter, Julie Nathanson(Julie Coryell ) married jazz guitarist Larry Coryell.

過去のブログで Isham Jonesの名曲「Blue prelude」について投稿しています。⇨こちらをクリックして下さい。

最近、Carol Bruce(歌手であり女優)の「Blue prelude」をよく聞いています。

今日はCarol Bruceの録音並びに映像をブログに添付しました。

Carol Bruceは1930年代後半にLarry Clinton(ラリー・クリントン)バンドの歌手としてデビューしました。

その後、Red Norvo(レッド・ノーボ)率いるメンバーと共にVディスクセッションに参加しています。

今回は「Blue prelude」とVディスクセッションから3曲をお楽しみ下さい。

尚、彼女の愛娘Julie Nathanson(ジュリー・ネイサンソン)はLarry Coryell(ラリー・コリエル)と一時結婚していました。


Here is Carol Bruce sings “Blue prelude”. ⇨  Go here
featuring Tony Mottola (g) New York, 1957/1958

Here is Carol Bruce With Red Norvo And His Overseas Spotlight Band play “Embraceable you”.
Dale Pierce (tp) Dick Taylor (tb) Aaron Sachs (as,cl) Flip Phillips (ts) Red Norvo (vib) Ralph Burns (p) Clyde Lombardi (b) Johnny Blowers (d)  V-Disc session, RCA studios, New York City, October 28, 1943

Here is Carol Bruce With Red Norvo And His Overseas Spotlight Band play “Abraham”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Carol Bruce With Red Norvo And His Overseas Spotlight Band play “Something for the boys”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is Carol Bruce with Larry Clinton and His Orchestra “1938 Musical Clip Stop And Reconsider”.

Larry Coryellと結婚したJulie Nathanson(Julie Coryell)については ⇨こちらをクリックして下さい。

Gordon Jenkins’ works (1) Blue Prelude

November 07.2017

Photo above of Gordon Jenkins by courtesy of playisteve.com

Last month I posted that Gordon Jenkins had arranged for the Isham Jones band.

Gordon Jenkins was involved in “Blue Prelude.”

Please listen to the famous song “Blue Prelude”.

Photo from The Big Band by George T.Simon

Gordon Jenkins was hired by the Isham Jones Orchestra in 1932 as staff arranger.

In those days Saxophonist Joe Bishop had written a composition entitled “Blue Prelude”.

Also Joe Bishop and Woody Herman composed “Woodchopper’s Ball” .

The Casa Loma Orchestra first recorded “Blue Prelude” in early 1933.

Isham Jones was not happy that another band had found success with a tune written by one of his sidemen.

So Isham Jones quickly decided to record his own version and instructed Gordon Jenkins to supplement “Blue Prelude”.

Then “Blue Prelude” has become a standard piece of popular music.

先月Gordon Jenkinsが Isham Jones Bandで編曲者としての才能を開花したと投稿しました。

その当時Gordon Jenkinsは「Blue Prelude」という名曲に携わってました。

今日は名曲「Blue Prelude」の聴き比べをお楽しみ下さい。

Gordon Jenkinsが Isham Jones に雇われた1932年頃、バンドメンバーであった Joe Bishopが「Blue Prelude」を作曲しました。

補足ですが Joe BishopはWoody Herman と共に「Woodchopper’s Ball」を作曲しています。

1933年1月The Casa Loma Orchestraが録音した「Blue Prelude」が最初にヒットしました。

当然ながらIsham JonesはライバルであるThe Casa Loma Orchestraが自分のサイドマン(Joe Bishop)によって書かれた曲で成功を収めたことをよく思いませんでした。

それ故、Isham Jonesは競合作を録音するに際し、Gordon Jenkinsに「Blue Prelude」の決定版と言えるような構成(作詞を含め)をするよう指示したそうです。

その後「Blue Prelude」はポピュラー音楽界でもスタンダード曲となっています。

Here is Glen Gray and THE Casa Loma Orchestra play “Blue Prelude”.
Glen Gray(as, dir)Gene Gifford(bj, g, arr) New York, January 31, 1933.
B-13000A Br 6513,

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra play “Blue Prelude”.
Isham Jones (ts, dir),Joe Bishop(fh), Gordon Jenkins(arr)
New York, April 6, 1933. 75736-1 Vic 24298.

Here is Woody Herman play “Blue Prelude”.
Woody Hermancl, as, vo, dir): Steady Nelson,(ts, vo),Bob Price, Clarence Willard(tp), Neal Reid, Toby Tyler(tb),Joe Bishop(fh,arr),Joe Denton, Ray Hopfner(as),Saxie Mansfield, Ronnie Perry(ts), Tommy Linehan(p), Hy White,(g),Walter Yoder(b),Frank Carlson(d),Elsa Harris(vo). New York, February 5, 1940. 67155

Here is Nina Simone sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Helen Humes sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Peggy Lee sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Monica Zetterlund sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Svend Asmussen with quartet play ”Blue Prelude”.
Svend Asmussen (violin) Derek Smith (p)Bucky Pizzarelli (g) Milt Hinton (b)
Oliver Jackson Jr (ds) New York City August 1983

Here is Linda Ronstadt sings “Blue Prelude”.

大阪ジャズ同好会10月例会 (前半特集)『Woody Herman楽団』

October 23,2017

前半は『Woody Herman楽団』でした。


Photo from The Big Band by George T.Simon

1936年にWoody Hermanがボーカルとして参加していたIsham Jones楽団を引き継ぎWoody Herman楽団が創設されました。
1945年に新編成された『ファーストハード』はRalph Burnsの編曲や有能な新人を多数起用することによって超一流のバンドになっていきました。


Photo above of Igor Stravinsky – Ebony Concerto by courtesy of CLASSICAL20.COM

又、近代音楽のストラビンスキーも楽団に『Ebony Concerto』を提供しています。
今回はFirst HerdとSecond Herdの代表的な演奏を選曲致しました。
The First Herd時代
(1)Apple Honey(3:15)

1944年製作「ローラ殺人事件」主題歌(ビルボード誌 第4位)

1945年2月26日録音  上記3曲の編曲 Ralph Burns

(4)Woodchopper’s Ball(3:14)
1946年12月10日録音 編曲 Niel Hefti

The Second Herd時代


(5)Summer Sequence(Part4)(1:00)

(6)Early Autumn(3:09)
上記の StanGetzのソロ演奏部分と聞き比べて下さい。

(7)Lemon Drop(2:55)

(8)Four Brothers(3:15)
1947年12月27日録音 (5)と同じ録音日です。
Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Herbie Steward, Serge Chaloff

Isham Jones’ compositions(5) “You’re Just a Dream Come True”

October 07,2017

Photo from The Big Band by George T.Simon

In 1931 Isham Jones composed “You’re Just a Dream Come True”.

It becoming the band’s lovely theme song.

In those days Gordon Jenkins was hired as arranger.

Photo of Gordon Jenkins

Gordon had arranged for the Jones band for many years.

Jenkins was given the opportunity to develop his skills in melodic scoring.

Finally I will introduce my favorite piece by Isham Jones

In December 1927, Benny Goodman joined Jones’ band for a few months.

In those days Jones had assemble the best musicians in Chicago.

Unfortunately they made no records.

Interestingly Benny Goodman and Isham Jones had recorded the same song,“Georgia Jubilee” .

In February 2,1934 Benny Goodman recorded with Coleman Hawkins, and the producer was Milt Gabler.

In July 16 Isham Jones Orchestra recorded “Georgia Jubilee” .

Please compare two recordings.

1931年Isham Jonesは「You’re Just a Dream Come True」を作曲しました。

この素敵な曲はIsham Jones bandのテーマソングになっています。

その当時Gordon Jenkinsが編曲者として雇われました。

Gordon Jenkinsはその後数年間に亘ってIsham Jones bandの編曲を担当することになりました。

その間Gordon Jenkinsは編曲者としての才能をいかんなく発揮できる機会が与えられたと言えそうです。

Photo by YouTube

Here is Isham Jones Orchestra (with Voc. Frank Silvano) play “You’re Just a Dream Come True”.

Johnny Carlson, Harold “Whitey” Moeller, Billy Scott, Sterling “Red” Ballard (tp) James Basil “Base” Dupre (tu,bassax) Don Cowan, Victor Hauprich (cl,as) Bill Guise (ts) [or Bill Geese (ts) ] Isham Jones (ts,ldr) James “Jiggs” Noble (p,arr) Eddie Stone (vln,vcl) Nick Hupfner (vln) Jack Blanchette (vln,g) Richard Kissinger (b,tu) Wally Lageson (d) Frank Silvano (vcl) Charles “Bud” Dant (arr)
Chicago, December 15, 1930

Here is Isham Jones Orchestra play “Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia”.
Isham Jones(ts,dir),George Thow, Clarence Willard(tp), Sonny Lee, Jack Jenney, Red Ballard, (tb),Milt Yaner, Victor Hauprich(cl, as), Saxie Mansfield(ts) ,Joe Bishop(fh), Eddie Stone(vin), James Noble(p), Jack Blanchette(g), Richard Kissinger(b), Charles French(ds), Gordon Jenkins(arr), Eddie Stone(vo) NJ, August 17, 1932.

「You’re Just a Dream Come True」について、Isham Jones楽団以外は確認出来ませんでした。

それ故最後に私が一番好きなIsham Jonesの演奏を紹介させて頂きます。

「Georgia Jubilee」

1927年12月Benny GoodmanはIsham Jones bandに数ヶ月だけ参加していました。

その当時のシカゴではIsham Jones bandが最高の演奏家を集めていたと伝えられています。

残念ながらBenny Goodmanが在団していた時の録音は残っていません。

Photo from B G On the Record,1934年2月2日録音(プロデューサーはMilt Gabler)

1934年2月2日Benny GoodmanはColeman Hawkinsと共演し「Georgia Jubilee」を録音しています。プロデューサーはMilt Gablerであります。(写真を添付しました)

同年7月16日Isham Jones bandも「Georgia Jubilee」を録音しています。編曲はGordon Jenkins


ちなみにIsham Jones bandによる「Georgia Jubilee」は故油井正一氏の「アスペクトインジャズ」で放送されていました。(History in Jazz 第18回 スイング以前の白人オーケストラ)

Here is Benny Goodman And His Orchestra play “Georgia Jubilee”.
Charlie Margulis , Manny Klein (tp) Sonny Lee (tb) Coleman Hawkins (ts) Benny Goodman (cl,ldr) Arthur Schutt (p,arr) Dick McDonough (g) Artie Bernstein (b) Gene Krupa (d) New York, February 2, 1934 152701-3

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra play “Georgia Jubilee”.
NJ, July 16, 1934. 83180-1 (arr) Gordon Jenkins

(追記)上記の 「Georgia Jubilee,1934年7月16日録音」は小生が所有している「ダンス・バンドの黄金時代(懐しの10大ダンス・バンド)」に収録されています。

Isham Jones’ compositions(4) “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”

October 06,2017

Photo above of Isham Jones by courtesy of Wikipedia

“You’ve Got Me Crying Again”   was written by Isham Jones, with lyrics by Charles Newman, and was published in 1933.

Elsie Carlisle had sang this song from early period.

She was a popular English female singer both before and during the British dance band era of the 1920s and 1930s.

Fortunately I found the video that she sang to “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.

For more information,Go here

「You’ve Got Me Crying Again」は1933年に発表されました。(作詞 Charles Newman)

1920年代から1930年代に英国人気ダンスバンドの女性ボーカルであったElsie Carlisleは早い時期からこの曲を歌っていました。詳細については ➡️   こちらをクリック

彼女が「You’ve Got Me Crying Again」をバンドと歌っている映像を添付しました。

Here is Miss Elsie Carlisle sings “You’ve Got Me Crying Again” (1933).


Here is Isham Jones & His Orchestra play “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.


Here is Bing Crosby sings “You’ve got me crying again”.(1933)


Here is Coleman Hawkins Quatet play “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.
Coleman Hawkins (ts) Billy Taylor (p) John Collins (g) Percy Heath (b) Art Blakey (ds) New York, August 25, 1950


Here is Lee Wiley sings “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.
Bunny Berigan(tp),Tommy Dorsey(tb), Jimmy Dorsey(cl)Joe Venuti(violin),Fulton McGrath(p),Dick McDonough(g),Artie Bernstein(b),Stan King(ds).NewYork, March 7, 1933


Here is Dean Martin sings “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.


Here is Ray Charles sings “You’ve Got Me Crying Again” .


Here is Adrian Rollini And His Orchestra with Vocal Dick Robertson play “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.
Mannie Klein (tp) Tommy Dorsey (tb) Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as) Arthur Rollini (ts) Adrian Rollini (bassax,goofus,vib,xyl) Joe Venuti (vln) Charlie Magnante (accor) Fulton McGrath (p) unknown (g) Art Miller (b) unknown (d) Dick Robertson (vcl)
New York, February 14, 1933


Here is Boyd Raeburn and his Orchestra (Vocal by Margie Wood) play “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.
Arranged by Johnny Mandel
Tommy Allison, Carl Berg, Alan Jeffreys, Dale Pierce(tp) Jack Carmen, Johnny Mandel, Trummy Young(tb) Johnny Bothwell, Leonard Green(as) Stuart Anderson, Frank Socolow(ts) Hy Mandel(bs) Boyd Raeburn(bsx) Ike Carpenter(p) Steve Jordan(g) Joe Berise(b) Irv Kluger(d)
New York, May 13, 1945


Here is Woody Herman and his Orchestra play ”You’ve Got Me Crying Again”.
Sonny Berman, Pete Candoli, Conte Candoli, Irv Lewis, Neal Hefti(tp) Ralph Pfeffner, Bill Harris(tb) Ed Kiefer(tb) Woody Herman(cl,as,vo,ldr) Sam Marowitz, John LaPorta(cl,as) Flip Phillips, Pete Mondello(ts) Skippy DeSair(bs) Tony Aless(p) Billy Bauer(g) Chubby Jackson(b) Dave Tough(d) The Blue Flames(vo) New York, September 8, 1945

Isham Jones’ compositions(3) “I’ll See You in My Dreams”

October 05,2017

Photo above of The Isham Jones Orchestra, early/mid 1920s by courtesy of Iowa Public Radio

“I’ll See You in My Dreams” was written by Isham Jones, with lyrics by Gus Kahn, and was published in 1924.

Then ”I’ll See You in My Dreams” became the title of a movie based on Gus Kahn’s life.

Also Doris Days acted as Kahn’s wife.

I heard this song for the first time in her singing.

Photo above of Gus Kahn by courtesy of IMDb

「I’ll See You in My Dreams」は Isham Jones作曲、Gus Kahn作詞で1924年に発表されました。

その後「I’ll See You in My Dreams」の作詞家Gus Kahnを描いた伝記映画のタイトルになりました。

この映画でDoris DaysはGus Kahnの妻の役を演じています。

私はこの曲をDoris Daysの歌唱で知りました。

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra play “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (1924).

Here is Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra play “I’ll See You In My Dreams” (1925).

Here is Django Reinhardt plays “I’ll See You In My Dreams”

Django Reinhardt (g) solo acc by Pierre “Baro” Ferret (g) Emmanuel Soudieux (b)
Paris, France, June 30, 1939

Here is Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians play “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (1937).

Here is Anita O’Day sings “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

Anita O’Day (vcl) acc by Milt Bernhart, Lloyd Ulyate, Joe Howard, Si Zentner (tb) Paul Smith (p) Barney Kessel (g) Joe Mondragon (b) Alvin Stoller (d) Buddy Bregman (arr,dir) Los Angeles, December 8, 1955

Here is Ella Fitzgerald sings “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

Ella Fitzgerald (vcl) acc by Charlie Shavers (tp) Lou McGarity (tb) Peanuts Hucko (cl) Al Sears (ts) Buddy Weed (p) Remo Palmieri (g) Trigger Alpert (b) Buddy Rich (d) Jack Mathias (arr) New York, October 12, 1945

Here is Bobby Hackett plays “I’ll See You in My Dreams”.

Bobby Hackett (cnt) Pepe Moreale (p) Pepe Moreale (celeste)John Giuffrida (b) [as John Giuff (b) ] Buzzy Drootin (d) New York, May 8, 1958

Here is ザ・ピーナッツ sings “夢で逢いましょう  / I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

(追記)ウクレレ・アイクことCliff Edwards(雨に唄えばを最初にヒットさせました)による録音を追加添付しました。(FB友人長谷川光氏から教えて頂きました)

Here is Cliff Edwards sings “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.
Los Angeles, February 5, 1930.

Isham Jones’ compositions(2) “There Is No Greater Love”

October 04,2017

Isham Jones led one of the finest dance bands of all time for some seventeen years from 1919 to 1936.

“There Is No Greater Love” lyrics by Marty Symes was the last hit before the bandleader turned over to Woody Herman in 1936.

「There Is No Greater Love」(作詞 Marty Symes)は1936年に作曲されました。

この曲はWoody Hermanがバンドリーダーを引継ぐ直前のヒット作品でした。

本日紹介する中でAmy Winehouseは異色の存在だと思います。

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Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra (with Vocal Woody Herman) plays “There Is No Greater Love”.
Clarence Willard, Chelsea Qualey (tp) , Wendell deLory,Russ Jenner (tb) Joe Bishop (tu,arr) Tommy Macey, Don Watt (cl,as) Woody Herman (cl,as,bar,vcl) Vic Hauprich, Saxie Mansfield (ts) Howard Smith (p,arr) George Wartner (g) Eddie Stone (vln,vcl,arr) Vince Allotta (vln) Nick Hupfer (vln,arr) Walt Yoder (b) Walter Lageson (d) Jiggs Noble, Gordon Jenkins (arr) Isham Jones (dir)
New York, February 3, 1936

Here is Dinah Washington & Clifford Brown play “There Is No Greater Love”.
Dinah Washington(vo),Clifford Brown(tp),Harold Land(ts),Richie Powell(p),George Morrow(b)Max Roach(ds)  Rec 1954

Here is Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy.play “There Is No Greater Love”.(with Mary Lou Williams) NYC. June 25, 1940

Here is Etta James sings “There Is No Greater Love”.(2001)

Here is Amy Winehouse sings “There Is No Greater Love”(2003)

Here is Nat King Cole sings “There Is No Greater Love”.

Here is Dizzy Gillespie Quintet play “There Is No Greater Love”.
Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Junior Mance (p), Les Spann (g), Sam Jones (b), Lex Humphries (ds)
Recorded:New York City, February 17, 1959

Here is The four freshmen sing “There Is No Greater Love”.