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The early Kai Winding(5)

July 13.2017

Photo by courtesy of Jazz Profiles “Lament”

Finally, I would like to write about forming a double-headed group with J.J.Johnson.

In early 1946, he began appearing on 52nd Street with the small circle of bebop innovators.

In June ’46, after several years of recording as a big band sideman, he made his first session as a leader.

Unfortunately he lost his cabaret card – the New York musician’s indispensable passport to employment.  The revocation of his card meant the loss of his ability to work in the city’s nightclubs.

Then he was invited by Miles Davis and Gil Evans to participate in the nonet sessions,”Birth of the Cool”.

By this time, Johnson had established his reputation as the preeminent trombonist in modern jazz.

Also Kai Winding was always to an extent overshadowed by J.J. Johnson

In those days the trombone was considered an unusual instrument to lead a combo.

In 1954, producer Ozzie Cadena proposed the marriage of two trombones “ .

Photo above of Ozzie Cadena

The session of Winding and Johnson was Cadena’s first session as a producer for Savoy.

I posted about Ozzie Cadena last year.Go here 

So the two leaders became a hugely popular club attraction and critical favorite.

その後、Miles DavisとGil Evansによる「クールの誕生」の演奏陣として参加しています。
一方Kai Windingは常にJ.J.Johnsonsの後塵を拝すことになりました。
1954年、プロデューサーのOzzie Cadenaは2人のトロンボーンによる合奏を提案しました。
Kai WindingとJ.J.Johnsonによる双頭バンドのレコーディングは、Ozzie CadenaのSavoyでの最初の仕事になりました
昨年、Ozzie Cadenaについて投稿しています。

Here is J J Johnson & Kai Winding Quintet play “Lament”.(1954)
J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding (tb), Billy Bauer (g), Charles Mingus (b), Kenny Clarke (ds)

Here is Chris Connor sings “I Concentrate On You”.
Chris Connor(vo)J.J.Johnson,Kai Winding(tb)Herbie Mann(fl,ts)
Ralph Sharon(p)Joe Puma(g)Milt Hinton(b)Osie Johnson(ds)

The early Kai Winding(3)

July 10.2017

Photo above of Stan Kenton, Kai Winding, Eddie Safranski, Pete Rugolo, and Shelly Manne by Library of Congress

After he worked with Benny Goodman’s band, he joined Stan Kenton’s orchestra.

In those days Stan Kenton was looking for a featured trombonist.

The trombone section didn’t have an identifiable sound until that time.

Kai Winding gave it the unique sound that remained with the orchestra.

Photo by Wikipedia

Pete Rugolo wrote some terrific arrangements for trombone section.

In addition the leader employed excellent talents such as Eddie Safranski and Vido Musso and Shelly Manne  at that time.

Their sound had been leading to a permanent change in the Kenton sound.

When Kenton broke up in 1946, Kai decided to play with Charlie Ventura’s jazz combo.

Again after 18 months he left Charlie Ventura and joined Woody Herman for a short period.

Photo above of Charlie Ventura and Billy Bauer and Chubby Jackson by courtesy of Jazz Guitar’s Hidden Giant

Photo above of Woody Herman, Chubby Jackson, and Abraham Rosen by courtesy of Library of Congress(Gottlieb, William P. collection)

Then he moved to the 52nd Street area.

He formed his own combos which included Brew Moore and George Wallington.

When Chubby Jackson led a studio big band,he had his first sessions with J.J. Johnson.

Photo above of J.J.Johnson by amazon.com

Kai Winding はBenny Goodman’s bandを退団した後、Stan Kenton Orchestraに入団しました。
その当時Stan kentonはトロンボーンセクションのサウンドに満足しておらず、優秀なトロンボーン奏者を探していました。
Kai Winding の加入によって、Stan Kenton Orchestraに新しいサウンドが生まれました。
Kai Winding のソロ演奏を活かすために多くの曲が作曲され演奏されました。
Pete Rugoroはトロンボーンセクションを前面に出した素晴らしい編曲をStan Kenton Orchestraに提供しました。
加えて、同時期にEddie SafranskiやVido Musso、Shelly Manneなどの優秀な演奏家も在籍していました。
彼らはStan Kenton楽団のサウンドを大きく変化させました。
1946年、Stan Kentonが個人的な理由でバンドを解散すると、Kai Winding はCharlie Venturaのグループで演奏するようになりました。
そして1年半経過後、Woody Herman楽団に短期間でしたが加入しています。
初めて彼自身のコンボを Brew MooreやGeorge Wallingtonと共に結成しました。
そしてChubby Jacksonがレコーディンの為に big bandを編成した時に、J.J. Johnsonと初めて共演することになりました。

Here is Stan Kenton orchestra play “Artistry in Percussion”.

Here is Stan Kenton orchestra play “Artistry In Bolero”.

Here is Charlie Ventura with Kai Winding “East Of Suez”.
Charlie Ventura(ts), Kai Winding(tb),Lou Stein(p),Bob Carter(b),Shelly Manne(ds),Buddy Stewart(vo)   September 11,1947

Here is Kai Winding & His Sextet play “Bop City”.
Kai Winding (tb), Brew Moore (ts), Gerry Mulligan (bs), George Wallington (p), Curley Russell (b), Max Roach (d). NYC, April 1949.

The early Kai Winding(1)

July 6.2017

Photo above of Kai Winding

Last Saturday I went to “Jazz Club Overseas”,where I had a reunion with trombone player who know from my school days.

Please refer to the website about  “Jazz Club Overseas”. Go here

Fortunately we discussed about some trombone players during a break.

He said he practiced his skill by watching Urbie Green’s video clip on Youtube many times.

Accidentally I posted about Urban Green on my blog last month. Go here and here, and here and here

Also we began to talk about “J & K(J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding) “.

Unfortunately we could not talk detail about “J & K” ,because we did not have much time that night.

When the next time to meet with him I want to discuss about Kai Winding rather than J. J.Johnson.

I have an interest in Kai Winding since I found a terrific website about him.Go here 

Particularly I am fond of his early recordings.

So I would like to learn by website about his achievements until forming “J & K” two-head band.

先週土曜日、大阪で長く営業されている Jazz Club Overseas に行きました。
「Jazz Club Overseas」についてはお店のHPを参照してください。
彼はUrbie Greenのビデオクリニック(Youtubeで視聴可能)を何度も見てトロンボーンの練習をしたと言いました。
ちなみに先月のブログでUrbie Greenを掲載しました。

J&K(J.J.Johnson and Kai Winding) の演奏についても話しました。
次回、私はJ.J.Johnsonよりも Kai Windingについて彼と話しがしたいです。
実は最近Kai Windingについて素晴らしいHPを見つけたからです。
その日以降Kai Windingにとても興味が湧いてきました。
特に初期のKai Windingの演奏が大好きです。

Here is J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding play “I Concentrate On You”.
J. J. Johnson, Kai Winding(tb),Bill Evans(p),Paul Chambers(b),Roy Haynes(ds)  November, 1960

Here is Urbie Green teaching and playing video

Ozzie Cadena(1)


Photo:Ozzie Cadena

I posted about Teddy Reig last week.

This week I want to post about Ozzie Cadena who was A&R and producer in Savoy Records.

Savoy Records was established by Herman Lubinsky in Newark, New Jersey in 1943.

Photo: Herman Lubinsky

Photo: Herman Lubinsky

Cadena was hired as jazz record producer by Lubinsky when he was working with a jazz radio show in Newark.

He was born in Oklahoma City on September 26, 1924.

He produced Kenny Clarke, Gillespie, Davis, Fats Navarro and Charles Mingus.


His first session as a producer for Savoy was with Kai Winding and J.J.Johnson.

He made a significant contribution to this recording.

Please refer to original 1947 LP liner notes.Go here

Also he recorded vocalists Little Jimmy Scott, Esther Phillips and John Lee Hooker.

Here is J.J.Johnson & Kai Winding Quintet

先週 はTeddy Reigに投稿致しました。
今週はSavoy RecordsのA&RでプロデューサーであったOzzie Cadenaについて投稿したいと思っています。
Savoy Recordsは、1943年ニュージャージー州ニューアークで設立されました。
Ozzie CadenaはNewarkのジャズラジオ番組で仕事をしていた時、創業者Lubinskyにジャズレコードプロデューサーとして雇われました。
Ozzie Cadenaは1924年9月26日にオクラホマシティで生まれました。
Kenny Clarke, Gillespie, Davis, Fats Navarro and Charles Mingusなどの作品を製作しています。
Kenny Clarke, Gillespie, Davis, Fats Navarro and Charles Mingus.
Savoyのプロデューサーとしての彼の最初の仕事はKai WindingとJ.J.Johnsonのレコーディングでした。
又、 Little Jimmy Scott, Esther Phillips and John Lee Hooker.などの作品にも携わっています。