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I listened to the mourning radio program of George Avakian(2)

December 06. 2017

Photo above of George Avakian by courtesy of JazzWax

Continuing from yesterday,I will post my favorite songs according to the album introduced in the program.

In 1956 Duke Ellington and his Orchestra appeared at Newport Jazz Festival.

Paul Gonsalves played an astounding 27 choruses of “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue.”

Because Duke told Gonsalves to blow as long as he wanted during the interlude.

Photo by courtesy of paulgonsalves.jazzgiants.net

Today many disney songs became jazz standard.

But back in the ’50s, no one in jazz took Disney movies or their soundtracks seriously.

Why did Dave bother recording an album of Disney songs?

Below I quated JazzWax interivew “Dave Brubeck Digs Disney”. (May 26, 2011)

Dave and his five children excited on the rides in Disneyland in California.

So Dave thought an album of Disney movie songs would be a great idea.

The Disney theme was Dave’s idea, and I was amazed when he called and told me what he wanted to do.

Then Bill Evans and Miles Davis recorded “Disney Songs” .

Also John Coltrane played “My Favorite Things” and ”Chim Chim Cher-ee.””


1956年、Duke Ellington楽団はNewport Jazz Festivalに出演しました。

そして「Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue」でPaul Gonsalvesは27コーラスにも及ぶ長いソロ演奏を行いました。



では何故Dave Brubeckはアルバム制作においてディズニーの曲を選んだのでしょうか?

以下JazzWaxのインタビュー “Dave Brubeck Digs DisneyMay 26、2011″を引用しました。

George Avakianは次のように話しています。

ディズニーの音楽をテーマとしてレコーディングするのはDave の考えでした。彼がそのことを電話した時にはびっくりしました。



その後、Bill Evans や Miles Davisは「ディズニーソング」を録音しています。

又、John Coltraneも「My Favorite Things」「Chim Chim Cher-ee」を演奏しました。

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 「Ellington at Newport」
Here is Duke Ellington & His Orchestra play “ Black and Tan Fantasy ”.
Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope (cl, as), James Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bs), Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Willis Nance, John Cook (tp), Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson (tb), Duke Ellington (p), James Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (ds)
July 7, 1956… live at Newport Jazz Festival, Newport


Here is Duke Ellington & His Orchestra play  “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue.”
Members of the recording are the same as above.


Miles Davis 「Miles Ahead」
Here is Miles Davis and Gil Evans play “Miles Ahead 1959” on YouTube.
Miles Davis, Bernie Glow, Ernie Royal, Luis Mucci, Taft Jordan, John Carisi (tp), Frank Rehak, Jimmy Cleveland, Joe Bennet (tb), Tom Mitchell (btb), Willie Ruff, Tony Miranda, Jimmy Buffington (frh), Bill Barber (tu), Lee Konitz (as), Romeo Penque, Sid Cooper (fl, cl), Danny Bank (bcl), Wynton Kelly (p), Paul Chambers (b), Art Taylor (ds), Gil Evans (arr, cond) November 1957… New York


Photo by courtesy of French Lick, IN Aug 17, 1958

Dave Brubeck Quartet「Dave Digs Disney」
Here is Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Alice in Wonderland”.(Mono Version)
Dave Brubeck (p), Paul Desmond (as), Norman Bates (b), Joe Morello (ds)
August 29, 1957… New York


Here is Dave Brubeck Quartet play “Some Day My Prince Will Come ”.(Mono Version)
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Bobby Jaspar(4)

August 11. 2017

Bobby Jaspar had belonged to the J. J. Johnson Quintet for 15 months.

Two days after recording the “Dial J.J. 5”, they had the performance at “Cafe Bohemia in NY”.

Their performance was released as “Jay Jay Johnson 5 Live at Cafe Bohemia 1957”.

Also Bobby Jaspar was a very good Jazz composer as well, giving top creations to the musicians of the time.

“In a Little Provincial Town” of his composition was included in this live performance.

Photo above of Claes Dahlgren by courtesy of Averages Radio

When J.J. Johnson lost his cabaret card – the New York musician’s indispensable passport to employment, J.J. Johnson Quintet had the European tour.

The tour was planed by Claes Dahlgren who was the Swedish jazz journalist.

Interestingly Claes Dahlgren was involved in the recording of ”Overseas”.

Because he was deeply connected with the Metronome label in Sweden at that time.

Please refer to here for “the European tour” and “Overseas”. Go here and here.

After 15 months with Johnson, Jaspar has a brief stint with Miles Davis in between Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane.

Also  Bobby Jaspar had recorded on Savoy label and Prestige labe in March 1957.

Bobby JasparはJ. J. Johnsonのグループに15ヶ月間所属していました。
グループは「Dial J.J.5」を録音した2日後にNYのライブハウスCafe Bohemia で演奏していました。この時の演奏は「Jay Jay Johnson 5 Live at Cafe Bohemia 1957」として発売されています。
又、Bobby Jasparは作曲家としても非凡な才能を持っており、その当時のジャズミュージシャンに優れた楽曲を提供していました。
彼が作曲した「In a Little Provincial Town」はライブ盤に収録されています。
その後、J.J. Johnson が「Cabaret card(NYで演奏するために必要な許可証) 」を剥奪された時、J.J. Johnson クインテットはヨーロッパ巡業を行いました。
この巡業はスウェーデンのジャズジャーナリストであったClaes Dahlgrenが企画したものでした。
興味深いことにClaes Dahlgrenが「Overseas(Tommy Flanaganの名盤)」の レコーディングに関わっていたことです。
その理由として、当時Claes DahlgrenがスウェーデンのMetronome社と深く関わっていたからだと言われています。
「ヨーロッパ巡業」と「Overseas(Tommy Flanaganの名盤)」については、今週投稿の契機となったJazz Club Over SeasのBlog(INTERLUDE)をご覧ください。
こちら ここをクリックして下さい。
Miles DavisはJ. J. Johnsonグループを脱退したBobby JasparをSonny RollinsとJohn Coltraneとの間のテナー奏者と参加させました。
1957年3月以降、Bobby JasparはSavoy社並びにPrestige社にレコーデイングしています。

Here is Bobby Jaspar plays “In A Little Provincial Town”.
Bobby Jaspar(fl),Eddie Costa(p), Barry Galbraith(p), Milt Hinton(b),Osie Johnson(ds) New York, 1956

Here is J.J.Johnson Quintet in Sweden play “Thou Swell”.
J.J.Johnson (tb,trombonium),Bobby Jaspar (ts,fl),Tommy Flanagan (p),Wilbur Little (b), Elvin Jones (ds)  Stockholm, June 14,1957

Here is J.J.Johnson Quintet in Sweden play “A Night In Tunisia”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Here is The J.J. Johnson Quintet ‎play Live At Cafe’ Bohemia ( Full Album )

J.J. Johnson(tb) ,Tommy Flanagan(p), Wilbur Little(b),Elvin Jones(ds),Bobby Jaspar(ts,fl)  February 27, 1957 – Café Bohemia, New York
1 Introduction By J.J.Johnson – Bernie’s Tune
2 In A Little Provincial Town
3 I Should Care
4 Angel Eyes
5 Old Devil Moon
6 My Old Flame
7 Dailie Double – Solar



August 7. 2017


「主役より脇役がめだつモダンジャズ」担当 竹村氏




Here is Jutta Hipp With Zoot Sims play “Too Close For Comfort”.
Jerry Lloyd (trumpet) Zoot Sims (tenor sax) Jutta Hipp (piano) Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass) Ed Thigpen (drums)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, July 28, 1956
「Zoot Simsが思う存分にブローしています」

Here is Joe Morello with Art Pepper play “Straight Life.
Art Pepper (as), Gerald Wiggins (p) ,Ben Tucker (b) ,Joe Morello (ds)
United Western Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, January 3, 1957
「絶頂期のArt Pepperによる艶やかな音色 」

Here is Sarah Vaughan sings “Misty”.
Sarah Vaughan – vocals,Kirk Stuart – piano, vocals on “Misty”,Charles Williams – double bass,George Hughes – drums,Quincy Jones – producer  July 18,1963
「Piano奏者Kirk Stuartの歌唱力をお聞き下さい」

Here is Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington play “It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing”.July 1966

「Ray Nance(tp)のボーカルが素敵です」

Here is Coleman Hawkins Quartet at the Village Gate play ” Josuha Fit the Battle of Jericho”.
Coleman Hawkins (ts), Tommy Flanagan (p), Major Holley (b), Eddie Locke (ds) August 1962
「Major Holleyがアルコソロで大活躍しています」

Here is Sonny Rollins and Coleman Hawkins Quintet play “All The Things You Are”.
Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins (ts), Paul Bley (p), Bob Cranshaw (b) ,Roy McCurdy (ds) NYC,July 15, 1963

Here is Miles Davis Quintet play “Oleo”.
Miles Davis (tp) ,John Coltrane (ts) ,Wynton Kelly (p) ,Paul Chambers (b), Jimmy Cobb (ds) Paris, France, March 21, 1960

Cal Tjader(3)

May 08.2017

Photo by Chuck Stewart from WaxPoetics

Cal Tjader re-signed with Fantasy Records in 1970.

Then he made six albums for Concord from 1979  to his death in 1982.

Tjader’s Concord Picante work was largely straight-ahead Latin jazz.

The first Concord album “La Onda Va Bien” received the Grammy Award for the new Latin category.

Unfortunately he struggled with alcohol addiction for most of his adult life.

On May 5, 1982, Cal Tjader suffered a fatal heart attack while on tour in Manila.

I want to write about my favorite song at the end.

”Concert by the Sea” is the definitive early Cal Tjader album and one of the high points of his career.

In 1959 Monterey Festival was an artistic success.

But the financial returns were disappointing.

Jimmy Lyons needed to generate more buzz for the next festival.

So he called Cal Tjader and organized an indoor “Jazz Festival Preview” concert for April 20, 1959, at the Sunset School Auditorium in nearby Carmel.

Photo above of Mongo Santamaria by courtesy of Drumuerworld

This concert was taped by Fantasy and issued as Cal Tjader’s Concert by the Sea.

He played one of the earliest versions of Mongo Santamaria’s “Afro Blue”.

It was predating John Coltrane’s famous rendition by four years.

Then Gary Burton made tribute album for vibraphone legends.

So he recorded Tjader’s “Afro Blue”.

1970年以降、Cal TjaderはFantasy Recordsと再契約しました。
その後、1979年から死亡するまで Concord グループにおいて6枚のアルバムを発表しました。
Concord グループはCal Tjaderをラテンジャズ作品の中心と位置付けました。
最初のConcord レコード制作アルバム「La Onda Va Bien」はグラミー賞を受賞しました。
残念なことにCal Tjaderは音楽活動を通じアルコールに依存していました。
1982年5月5日、Cal Tjaderはコンアートツアー先のマニラで心臓発作を起こし永眠しました。

「Concert by the Sea」は、Cal Tjaderの代表作品です。
1959年Monterey Jazz Festival は音楽的には成功したと報道された。
主催者Jimmy Lyonsは次回開催を行うために、ジャズ関係者に対し多くの話題を提供する必要があると考えました。
主催者のJimmy Lyonsは当時最も人気があったCal Tjaderにジャズコンサート開催を要請しました。
1959年4月20日屋内で「Jazz Festival Preview」が開催された。
このコンサートはFantasyによって録音され「The Concert by the Sea」として発売された。

Cal Tjaderは当時のメンバーであったMongo Santamaria 作 “Afro Blue”を取り上げました
ジャズ史上有名なJohn Coltraneによる録音より4年も先行した録音です。
その後、Gary Burton は4人のvibraphone奏者に捧げた作品を発表した。
Gary Burtonは “Afro Blue”をCal Tjaderに捧げました。

Here is Cal Tjader plays “Speak low”.

Here is Cal Tjader plays “Afro Blue” at Monterey Concerts (1959)
Cal Tjader(vib), was teamed up with flutist and altoist Paul Horn(fl.as), Lonnie Hewitt(p), Al McKibbon(b), Willie Bobo (ds), Mongo Santamaria(perc)

Here is Gary Burton and Makoto Ozone play “Afro Blue”.

The Jazz Workshop(9)

February 16.2017


以下の文章は「World Air Current」から引用抜粋しました。(2007/08/13 J-WAVEから放送)

SJ Jazz Workshopの最終回ではニューポート・ジャズ・フェスティバル「1966年と1970年」が上映されました。このフィルムにはジョン・コルトレーンの演奏が撮影されていました。中平氏は日本で初めての海外ジャズツアーに参加し貴重な演奏を撮影することが出来ました。帰国後、中平氏はジャズ喫茶 “Dig”で貴重な映像をファンに公開しました。

第14回 即興と衝突
1971年7月3日 AM0:00 銀座ヤマハホール
第1部 菊地雅章クインテット
第2部 菊地雅章+山本邦山+村上寛+ゲーリー・ピーコック 「銀界」の再
第3部 中平穂積撮影 66年70年ニューポートジャズフェステイバル実況フイルムの上映

SJ Jazz Workshop ended with the 14th ”Improvisation and Collision”.

It was held July 3,1971.

Kikuchi(菊地雅章) and his members played Part 1 and 2 on the day.

I want post about the third part of last workshop.


The third part had been presented “Newport Film” by Hozumi Nakadaira(中平穂積) .

Mr.Nakadaira had photographed the Newport Jazz Festival”1966 and 1970”.

The 1966 festival was John Coltrane’s last performance.

A travel agency was recruiting a tour of the Newport Jazz Festival in 1966.

He wanted to see John Coltrane by all means.

In those days Japanese could not go abroad.

So he decided to join the tour.

Unfortunately the tour partícipant was only three people including him.

The remaining two people were Osamu Uchida(内田修) and Iori Noguchi(野口伊織).

He photographed John Coltrane’s performance by 8-mm color film.

Also he shot Kenny Burrel and Dexter Gordon and others.

After returning he was frequently showing his invaluable film at Jazz Cafe “Dig”.

Interesting he provided “Live at the Village Vanguard” as background music because it was “unvoiced film”.


Then owners of jazz cafes all over the country wanted to see his valuable films.

They said they wanted him to lend the film.

However there was no reproduction of film at that time.

So he carried his machine and was showing his film from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Here is John Coltrane footage at Newport 1966.

The Great Compositions by Tadd Dameron(6)

January 21.2017

Photo by William Gottlieb/Library of Congress via Flickr

Photo by William Gottlieb/Library of Congress via Flickr

“Fontainebleau” was ambitious album and his culmination.

It was played by Dorham’s trumpeting, by Sahib Shihab’s alto and Cecil Payne’s baritone saxophone and Shadow Wilson’s drumming, in March 9, 1956.

This piece was relatively formal without improvising.

Then this tune was again recorded by a larger group in 1962 (American Riverside RLP419)

Someone called him the greatest romantic of jazz composition.


Photo above of Kenny Durham

Since 1953, he developed an addiction to narcotics toward the end of his career.

When Tadd Dameron recorded with Coltrane, he was apparently heavy user of cocaine

After this recordings,he served time (1959–61) in federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky.

Here is Tadd Dameron Octet play “Fontainebleau”.

Here is Tadd Dameron and His Orchestra play “Fontainebleau”

Here is Tadd Dameron Octet play “Delirium”.

Here is Tadd Dameron Octet play “The Scene Is Clean”.

Here is Tadd Dameron Octet play “Flossie Lou”.

Here is Tadd Dameron Octet play “Bula-Beige”.

The Great Compositions by Tadd Dameron(5)

January 20.2017


Nat Hentoff died on on Jan. 7 at his home in Manhattan. He was 91.Go here

I will post about “Mating Call” from the consideration of Nat Hentoff.

I referred to JazzWax[August 21, 2007].


Photo above of Nat Hentoff

He wrote a review about “Mating Call” in 1957.

“Why a trumpet wasn’t added remains a mystery”.

Hentoff wished there had been an extra horn on the date, and he mused “a gentler trumpet”.

This recording had been subject to discussion among critics as Ira Gitler points out in the liner notes.


After the death of Clifford Brown in June 1956, Blue Note label was recording more aggressive sound with joining young superior trumpeters such as Lee Morgan and Donald Byrd.

Also Bob Weinstock produced Miles Davis for a marathon recording session at the end of November 1956.


Photo of Miles Davis by Esmond Edwards/CTSImages.com

Producer Bob Weinstock had envisioned the date as a quintet session including trumpeter.

However Tadd Dameron had rejected Weinstock’s plan.

I guess Tadd wanted to record without trumpeter.

After all this session was recorded without a trumpet player.

Arranging with one horn alone was marvelous.

Here is Tadd Dameron With John Coltrane play “Mating Call”.

Here is Tadd Dameron With John Coltrane play “Soultrane”.

Here is Tadd Dameron With John Coltrane play “On A Misty Night”.

Here is Tadd Dameron and John Coltrane play “Gnid”.

Here is Tadd Dameron & John Coltrane play ”Super jet”.

Here is Tadd Dameron & John Coltrane play “Romas”.