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J.C. Higginbotham(4)

April 13.2017

I took this picture from my own “Hendersonia”.

In 1931, J.C. Higginbotham left Luis Russell’s band and briefly joined Chick Webb’s band.

Then he joined Fletcher Henderson’s orchestra.

I will quote a description that accurately expresses his change in this era.

“When JCH joined Fletcher Henderson he began a transistion where the roar from the wilderness and the brassy shakes went out to make room for a more relaxed solo voice.” by Tom Buhmann .

To my delight they had recorded my favorite song “Sugar Foot Stomp”.

Hammond at a recording session with Buck Clayton, Lester Young, Charlie Christian, Benny Goodman and Count Basie. Photo courtesy Frank Driggs Collection.(by Riverwalk Jazz)

Also John Hammond had produced two songs a long solo performance of J.C.,”Honeysuckle Rose” and ”New King Porter Stomp”.

J.C. Higginbotham showed a terrific performance as belonging the eternal Hall of Fame for jazz recordings.

In Addition I will quote “Hendersonia” by Walter C. Allen.

By the way, the great Higginbotham, no slouch himself for gutsy playing, expressed his unbounded admiration for Coleman Hawkins :
“Nobody can outplay him. He’s my man. One time on the Fletcher Henderson band, he took on everybody. Five brass and three rhythm couldn’t drown him out. He stood up, turned around and faced us, and nobody could outplay him. ”
( DOWN BEAT, January 8, 1959, p. 13)

Today I choose three songs that he played long solo performance (over 32 bars) .

I referred to Tom Buhmann’s Solographer. Go here

1931年、Fletcher Henderson’s orchestraに加入しました。私のお気にりの曲「Sugar Foot Stomp」も再度録音しました。又、John HammondもJCを高く評価し、珍しく32小節のソロを演奏した2曲を製作しました。J.C. Higginbotham 研究家のTom Buhmann ”Solographer”を参考にしました。


Here is Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra play “Sugar Foot Stomp (Solo 36 bars)”.

Rex Stewart (cnt, vo), Russell Smith, Bobby Stark (tp), Claude Jones (tb, vo), J. C. Higginbotham (tb), Russell Procope, Edgar Sampson (cl, as), Coleman Hawkins (cl, ts), Fletcher Henderson (p, arr), Clarence Holiday (g), John Kirby (tu), Walter Johnson (dm), Nat Leslie (arr). Aug. 1931

Here is Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra play “Honeysuckle Rose(Solo 32 bars)”

Rex Stewart (cnt) Russell Smith Bobby Stark (tp)
Sandy Williams J.C. Higginbotham (tb) Hilton Jefferson (as)
Russell Procope (as cl) Coleman Hawkins (ts cl) Fletcher Henderson (p)
Freddy White (g) John Kirby (tu b) Walter Johnson (d) Dec. 9, 1932

Here is Fletcher Henderson Orchestra play ”New King Porter Stomp” (Solo 32 bars)”. Dec. 9, 1932


J.C. Higginbotham(3)

April 12.2017

J.C. Higginbotham had first recording with King Oliver & HIS DIXIE SYNCOPATORS Sept. 10, 1928.

Luis Russell was a major member of DIXIE SYNCOPATORS.

In those days King Oliver was suffering from dental problems that impaired his trumpet playing.

Photo above of King Oliver

So The Dixie Syncopators disbanded.

Soon Luis Russell picked up the pieces of the band and formed the Luis Russell Orchestra.

JC joined Luis Russell’s band and they appeared at the Club Harlem on Lenox Ave.

Luis Russell band played regularly at the Savoy Ballroom, the Roseland Ballroom on Broadway, the Sunday night sessions at the Next Club uptown.

From L to R: William Moore-tuba, Luis Metcalf-tumpet, JC Higginbotham-trombone, Luis Russell-piano/arranger, Paul Barbarin-drums, Bill Johnson-banjo, Teddy Hill-tenor sax, Ven/Len Fields-alto sax. Photo courtesy of the Frank Driggs Collection.

Also they toured the circuit from New York to Washington, D.C., to Baltimore,to Philadelphia.

Finally, they settled down at the Saratoga Club.

When he was a leading soloist with the late Luis Russell’s Saratoga Club Orchestra,his performance was most exciting and productive.

J.C. Higginbotham recorded some classic recordings including a few sessions backing Louis Armstrong.

In addition there is a historical record to prove his ability at that time.

He joined “The Little Chocolate Dandies” with Jazz Legends.

Unfortunately his performance on recording was too short.

J.C. HigginbothamはKing Oliver楽団で録音デビューしました。(1928年9月10日)
Luis RussellはDIXIE SYNCOPATORSの主要メンバーでした。
King Oliverは歯の問題でトランペットが吹けなくなり楽団は解散した。
その結果Luis Russellが解散した楽団のメンバーを呼び、自己のバンドを結成しました。JCはLuis Russellのバンドに加わりLenox AveのClub Harlemに出演しました。Luis Russellバンドの主な出演先はthe Savoy Ballroom, the Roseland Ballroom on Broadwayでした。
又、New YorkからWashington, Baltimore,Philadelphiaへも巡業しました。
当時のJ.C. Higginbothamの実力を証明する歴史的録音があります。
彼はJazz Legendsと共に「Little Chocolate Dandies」に参加しました。

Here is King Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators play “Speakeasy Blues”.

Here is Luis Russell And His Orchestra play “Doctor Blues “.
Luis Russell(p), Henry Allen(tp) J. C. Higginbotham(tb) Albert Nicholas( cl, as)
New York, December 17, 1929

Here is The Little Chocolate Dandies play “That’s How I Feel Today”.
Rex Stewart (cnt), Leonard Davis (tp), J. C. Higginbotham (tb), Don Redman (cl, as, vo), Benny Carter (as, vo), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Fats Waller (p, cel), Bobby Johnson (bjo), Cyrus St. Clair (tu), George Stafford (dm).
Rec. Sept. 18, 1929

J. C. Higginbotham(1)

April 10.2017

Photo above of J.C. Higginbotham by courtesy of Jazzinphoto-Wordpress.com(Photo William P.Gottlieb)

Last week I posted about Luis Russell’s contribution.

Luis Russell relocated to New York with King Oliver in May 1927.

Photo above of KING OLIVER´S DIXIE SYNCOPATORS(1927)Kid Ory tb, King Oliver co, Paul Barbarin dm, Tick Gray tp, Junie Cobb bj, Luis Russell p, Darnell Howard cl, Rudy Jackson ts, Bert Cobb tu, Barney Bigard ts.

Then they had a game with Chick Webb as “BATTLE OF JAZZ” at the Savoy Ballroom.

Next year(1928) ,one jazz trombonist came to New York from Buffalo.

Chick Webb allowed young trombonist to play at the Savoy Ballroom.

Photo above of Chick Webb by courtesy of Drummerworld

He was subsequently signed by Luis Russell as trombonist Harry White’s replacement and remained with Russell until 1931.

The young jazz trombonist was J. C. Higginbotham.

J. C. Higginbotham was the first of the great black swing trombonists, and he participated in several immortal sessions particularly in the period 1929-36.

Unfortunately J. C. Higginbotham also has became a forgotten existence in Japan.

This week I would like to post about his acheivement.

先週、私はLuis Russellの貢献について投稿しましたが、Russell楽団でJ. C. Higginbothamの名前が気になりました。
1927年、Luis Russellと King OliverはSavoy BallroomでChick Webbらと “BATTLE OF JAZZ”を行いました。
翌年、一人のトロンボーン奏者がNew Yorkに来ました。Chick webbは若いトロンボーン奏者にSavoy Ballroomでの演奏を許しました。その後、彼はLuis Russell楽団に入団し、1931年まで在籍しました。
J. C. Higginbothamは、偉大な黒人スイングトロンボーン奏者の一人であり、特に1929から36年にレコーディングされた演奏は歴史に残りました。今週はJ. C. Higginbothamについて投稿します。

Here is J.C. Higginbotham plays “Give me your telephone number”.

Here is Henry Red Allen with J.C.Higginbotham play “Higginbotham Blues”.

Luis Russell(6)

April 08.2017

Photo above of Luis Russell Orch, 1934 by courtesy of the Frank Driggs Collection.

Unfortunately Luis Russell has became a forgotten existence in Japan.

I hope her father’s achievement will be reassessed by Catherine Russell’s success.

Luis Russell made a few recordings from 1943-1948.

The most notable of those recordings was his 1946 version of the pop standard “The Very Thought of You”.


Catherine Russell also recorded “The Very Thought of You”.

I found Catherine Russel’s concert by chance.

Today April 8,Catherine Russell will appear on Jazz at Lincoln in NY.GO here

残念ながら、日本ではLuis Russell は忘れられた存在になったように思えます。
私はCatherine Russellの音楽活動よって亡父Luis Russell が再評価されることを願っています。Luis Russell は1943年から1948年までの引退前に新編成のバンドでレコーディングしています。これらの録音で最も注目されたのは、”The Very Thought of You”でした。
彼の愛娘Catherine Russellも”The Very Thought of You”をレコーディングしています。
偶然ですが、本日(4月8日)、Catherine Russellのコンサートが予定されています。

Here is Catherine Russell sings “The Very Thought of You”.

Luis Russell(5)

April 07.2017

Photo of courtesy the Frank Driggs Collection.

From 1935 to ’43, the Luis Russell Orchestra worked with Armstrong full-time and eventually morphed into the Louis Armstrong Orchestra.

Louis Armstrong was a rising star, and this ensemble backed him on radio dates, on the road and for recording dates.

Louis Armstrong with The Luis Russell Orchestra. Photo courtesy Louis: The Louis Armstrong Story by Max Jones and John Chilton.


Savoy Ballroom Marquee 1944. Photo courtesy of the Frank Driggs Collection.

From 1943 to ’48,Luis Russell led a new band that played at the Savoy and Apollo and made a few recordings.

In 1948 Russell retired from full-time music.

Then Luis Russell died in New York City, aged 61.

Photo above of Luis Russell and Catherine Russell

His daughter, Catherine Russell, is a jazz singer.

Recently she uploaded a rare clip about her father and Louis Armstrong on YouTube.

Luis Russell はLouis Armstrong楽団の音楽監督を辞し、1943年から彼自身の新しいバンドを編成しました。
最近、彼の娘であるCatherine RussellがLouis Armstrongを撮影した珍しいビデオを公開しました。

Here is Russell’s Hot Six play “29th And Dearborn”.George Mitchell(cor), Kid Ory(tb), Albert Nicholas(reed),Barney Bigard(ts), Luis Russell(p), Johnny St. Cyr(bj)(Chicago,March 10,1926)

Here is Luis Russell, Carline Ray, Louis Armstrong,Catherine Russell from Home Movies

Luis Russell(4)

April 06.2017

1929 was a big year for the Luis Russell Orchestra.

By 1929 Russell’s band had some musician such strong soloists as trombone J.C. Higginbotham and trumpeter Henry ‘Red’ Allen.

Photo above of J.C. Higginbotham

They recorded a dozen records that are considered some of the first and best examples of Swing music.

The band had a distinctive that combined the solos and drive of New Orleans jazz with the riffs and ensembles of swing.

Henry ‘Red’ Allen fronting Luis Russell’s Orchestra. L-R Jimmy Archey, Bill Coleman, Luis Russell, Bill Dillard, Will Johnson, Henry ‘Red’ Allen, Paul Barbarin, Albert Nicholas, ‘Pops’ Foster, Henry ‘Moon’ Jones and Greely. Photo from Ride, Red, Ride: The Life of Henry ‘Red’ Allen by John Chilton.

Some of these performances are now considered jazz classics.

Also the band started backing up Louis Armstrong on a few of his early orchestra recordings.

Luis Russell, piano, Paul Barbarin, drums, Pops Foster, bass, Lee Blair, guitar.
by courtesy of http://www.jazzhound.net © Mark Berresford

Then Louis Armstrong with the Luis Russell Orchestra had a long tour through the South.

That tour was the beginning of a lifelong friendship between Russell and Armstrong that never wavered.

Louis Armstrong took over the Luis Russell Orchestra for his rise to stardom.

So Luis Russell accomplished as the musical director for the next eight years.

1929年頃のバンドにはJ.C. Higginbotham やHenry ‘Red’ Allenといった強力なメンバーが在籍していました。バンドはニューオーリンズジャズのソロとドライブを基本にリフとアンサンブルを組み合わせた独特の特徴を持っていました。その後、Louis Armstrongのバックバンドとして活動していました。1935年、サッチモはLuis Russell Orchestraを傘下に収めました。
Luis Russellはサッチモを補佐し、その後8年間音楽監督を務めました。

Here is Luis Russell and His Orchestra play “Saratoga Shout”.

Here is Luis Russell Orchestra with Chris Bullock(vocal) play “Goin’ To Town” (1931).

Here is Luis Russell’s Orchestra with Henry Allen(vocal) play “You Rascal, You”. (1931)

Here is Luis Russell’s Orchestra with Chick Bullock(vocal) play “Say The Word” (1931).

Luis Russell(3)

April 05.2017

After Luis Russell left Doc Cook’s Orchestra, he became the pianist in King Oliver’s band.

By the mid-20s the jazz scene shifted to New York.

He relocated to New York with King Oliver in May 1927.

Photo above of KING OLIVER´S DIXIE SYNCOPATORS(1927)Kid Ory tb, King Oliver co, Paul Barbarin dm, Tick Gray tp, Junie Cobb bj, Luis Russell p, Darnell Howard cl, Rudy Jackson ts, Bert Cobb tu, Barney Bigard ts.

At that time Luis Russell appears in my favorite biography “Hendsersonia”.

I quoted from “Hendsersonia”, page180 and page181.

On Sunday,May 15, there was a memorable “BATTLE OF JAZZ” at the Savoy Ballroom which wa widely advertised.

King Oliver had brought his band from Chicago to New York.

Joe Oliver(tp),[…]Luis Russsel(p)




For all the cheers, however, this was Oliver’s first and last decent engagement in New York; from here on, the road was all downhill for the proud King.


In October of that year he left Oliver to start his own band.

He was a perpetually good-natured man and a snappy dresser who stood just a little over five feet tall.

So Luis Russell went on to become one of the most popular bandleaders in late 1920s’ New York.

Luis Russell はKing Oliverと共にニューヨークに移動しました。
1927年5月、彼らはSavoy Ballroom でのジャズ合戦に参加しました。
この時期以降、King Oliverの活動は衰退し、哀れな末路を招く事になりました。
10月、Luis RussellはKing Oliverから別れ、自己のバンドを結成しました。

Here is King Oliver’s Dixie Syncopators play “Deep Henderson”(1926).
King Oliver(crt), Kid Ory(tb), Barney Bigard(reed), Luis Russell(p); 4/21/1926

Here is Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra play “Stockholm Stomp” (1927).

Here is Fess Williams’ Royal Flush Orchestra play “OZARK BLUES” (1927).

Here is CHICK WEBB ORCHESTRA play “Go Harlem”.