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Bobby Jaspar(2)

August 9. 2017


 Bobby Jaspar and René Thomas by courtesy of Mon Devoghelaere

Tenor saxophonist and flutist Bobby Jaspar was born 20 February 1926 in Liege, Belgium.

He learned the piano and to play the clarinet in his teens.

Then he played tenor saxophone with Toots Thielemans in Belgium.

Mr. Thielemans, right, and Benny Goodman play each other’s instruments around 1948. Mr. Thielemans toured with Goodman’s big band. Credit Metronome, via Getty Images

In 1950, he moved to Paris, and becomes one of the center figures of Modern Jazz in Paris.

In 1951 he recorded with Henri Renaud and then played with touring Americans, including Jimmy Raney, Chet Baker.

In terms of private life he was briefly married to Blossom Dearie before moving to NYC.

Blossom Dearie moved to Paris in 1952.

She formed a vocal group, the Blue Stars and where she met Bobby Jaspar.

I would like to post on Blossom’s activities in Paris on another occasion.

In 1956 he settled in New York.

Blossom Dearie and husband Bobby Jaspar by courtesy of Blossom Dearie HP Photo Gallery

Bobby Jasparは1926年2月20日、ベルギーのリエージュという町で生まれました。



その後、テナーサックスも習得し、同じベルギー出身のToots Thielemansと共演していました。


1951年、Henri Renaud と初レコーデイングを行い、当時パリにツアーに来ていたJimmy Raneyや Chet Bakerとも演奏の機会を持ちました。

私生活においてBlossom Dearieと短期間ですが結婚していました。


1952年、Blossom Deareeはボーカルグループ「The Blue Stars」を結成し、パリで音楽活動を開始しました。その頃Bobby Jasparと出会ったそうです。


1956年、Bobby Jasparはニューヨークに活動の場所を求めました。

Here is Bobby Jaspar with Henri Renaud play “Jeepers Creepers”.

Bobby Jaspar(ts),Jimmy Gourley(g),Henri Renaud(p),Benoît Quersin(b),Jean Louis Vialle(ds)

Paris , May 22, 1953.

Here is Bobby Jaspar and Sacha Distel Quintette play “Milestones”.

Bobby Jaspar (ts), René Urteger (p), Sascha Distel (g), Benoit Quersin (b), Jean-Louis Viale (ds)  Paris, December 29, 1955

Here is   Blossom Dearie and  the Blue Stars sing “Lullaby Of Birdland”.

The Blue Stars (1952–1955) included Michel Legrand’s sister, Christiane, and Bob Dorough.

“Lullaby of Birdland” arranged by Michel Legrand.

The Blue Stars would later evolve into The Swingle Singers

Here is Blossom Dearie featuring Bobby Jaspar play “Autumn In New York”.

Blossom Dearie (p), Bobby Jaspar (fl), Benoit Quersin (b), Christian Garros (ds)

Paris, January 16, 1956

Phil Woods plays “You Must Believe in Spring”

March 18.2017


Michel Legrandによるこの作品はPhil Woodsにとって忘れられない曲となりました。Michel はこの作品をライブ演奏のハイライトとしてPhil Woodsを起用しました。当時、Phil WoodsはCharlie Chanとの離婚と再婚した妻の病気により経済的危機に直面していました。彼は「乾坤一擲」の気持で演奏しました。その結果、RCAと契約し妻の医療費を支払うことが出来たそうです。

Legendary producer Tommy LiPuma died on March 13.

JazzWax Marc Myers’ tribute is here.


Tommy LiPuma with Barbra Streisand and Geroge Benson at the 1977 Grammy Awards ceremony by courtesy of Cleveland .com

In 1977 he produced Bill Evans’ album “You must Believe in Spring.”

I guess Tommy was fond of the piece, “You must Believe in Spring.”

Also this piece had became the significant work for Phil Woods.

I referred to JazzWax interview with Phil Woods(2009/2).

When Phil Woods divorced Charlie Chan Parker, he was a crisis in the financially.

In those days he had fallen in love with Jill, his current wife.

Unfortunately she was ill at the time.

So he had to earn good money for her medical expence.

Photo above of Michel Legrand

Phil was heading back into the New York club to record with Michel Legrand.

Michel Legrand featured this piece as a highlight of a live performance.

Phil played this piece with all his strength.

Consequently he contracted with RCA label and could pay a fee for medical treatment.

Here is Bill Evans plays “You Must Believe In Spring”.

Here is Michel Legrand and Phil Woods play “You Must Believe In Spring”.

You Must Believe in Spring

March 05.2016

The song was created as “CHANSON DE MAXENCE” in the “The Young Girls of Rochefort”.

When Michel Legrand played this piece as a jazz, he named this song “You Must Believe in Spring.”

In addition, this work has become an significant piece for Phil Woods.

The following talking quoted from JazzWax.


At the time, he was a crisis in the financially.

Because he had just split up with Chan who was Charlie Parker’s ex-wife.

He had fallen in love with Jill, his current wife.

But She was ill at the time.

He had to earn good money by recording.

He was heading back into the New York club to record with Michel.

Live recording with Michel Legrand, this song was the most important.

He played this piece with all his strength.

Consequently he contracted with RCA.