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Isham Jones’ compositions(5) “You’re Just a Dream Come True”

October 07,2017

Photo from The Big Band by George T.Simon

In 1931 Isham Jones composed “You’re Just a Dream Come True”.

It becoming the band’s lovely theme song.

In those days Gordon Jenkins was hired as arranger.

Photo of Gordon Jenkins

Gordon had arranged for the Jones band for many years.

Jenkins was given the opportunity to develop his skills in melodic scoring.

Finally I will introduce my favorite piece by Isham Jones

In December 1927, Benny Goodman joined Jones’ band for a few months.

In those days Jones had assemble the best musicians in Chicago.

Unfortunately they made no records.

Interestingly Benny Goodman and Isham Jones had recorded the same song,“Georgia Jubilee” .

In February 2,1934 Benny Goodman recorded with Coleman Hawkins, and the producer was Milt Gabler.

In July 16 Isham Jones Orchestra recorded “Georgia Jubilee” .

Please compare two recordings.

1931年Isham Jonesは「You’re Just a Dream Come True」を作曲しました。

この素敵な曲はIsham Jones bandのテーマソングになっています。

その当時Gordon Jenkinsが編曲者として雇われました。

Gordon Jenkinsはその後数年間に亘ってIsham Jones bandの編曲を担当することになりました。

その間Gordon Jenkinsは編曲者としての才能をいかんなく発揮できる機会が与えられたと言えそうです。

Photo by YouTube

Here is Isham Jones Orchestra (with Voc. Frank Silvano) play “You’re Just a Dream Come True”.

Johnny Carlson, Harold “Whitey” Moeller, Billy Scott, Sterling “Red” Ballard (tp) James Basil “Base” Dupre (tu,bassax) Don Cowan, Victor Hauprich (cl,as) Bill Guise (ts) [or Bill Geese (ts) ] Isham Jones (ts,ldr) James “Jiggs” Noble (p,arr) Eddie Stone (vln,vcl) Nick Hupfner (vln) Jack Blanchette (vln,g) Richard Kissinger (b,tu) Wally Lageson (d) Frank Silvano (vcl) Charles “Bud” Dant (arr)
Chicago, December 15, 1930

Here is Isham Jones Orchestra play “Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia”.
Isham Jones(ts,dir),George Thow, Clarence Willard(tp), Sonny Lee, Jack Jenney, Red Ballard, (tb),Milt Yaner, Victor Hauprich(cl, as), Saxie Mansfield(ts) ,Joe Bishop(fh), Eddie Stone(vin), James Noble(p), Jack Blanchette(g), Richard Kissinger(b), Charles French(ds), Gordon Jenkins(arr), Eddie Stone(vo) NJ, August 17, 1932.

「You’re Just a Dream Come True」について、Isham Jones楽団以外は確認出来ませんでした。

それ故最後に私が一番好きなIsham Jonesの演奏を紹介させて頂きます。

「Georgia Jubilee」

1927年12月Benny GoodmanはIsham Jones bandに数ヶ月だけ参加していました。

その当時のシカゴではIsham Jones bandが最高の演奏家を集めていたと伝えられています。

残念ながらBenny Goodmanが在団していた時の録音は残っていません。

Photo from B G On the Record,1934年2月2日録音(プロデューサーはMilt Gabler)

1934年2月2日Benny GoodmanはColeman Hawkinsと共演し「Georgia Jubilee」を録音しています。プロデューサーはMilt Gablerであります。(写真を添付しました)

同年7月16日Isham Jones bandも「Georgia Jubilee」を録音しています。編曲はGordon Jenkins


ちなみにIsham Jones bandによる「Georgia Jubilee」は故油井正一氏の「アスペクトインジャズ」で放送されていました。(History in Jazz 第18回 スイング以前の白人オーケストラ)

Here is Benny Goodman And His Orchestra play “Georgia Jubilee”.
Charlie Margulis , Manny Klein (tp) Sonny Lee (tb) Coleman Hawkins (ts) Benny Goodman (cl,ldr) Arthur Schutt (p,arr) Dick McDonough (g) Artie Bernstein (b) Gene Krupa (d) New York, February 2, 1934 152701-3

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra play “Georgia Jubilee”.
NJ, July 16, 1934. 83180-1 (arr) Gordon Jenkins

(追記)上記の 「Georgia Jubilee,1934年7月16日録音」は小生が所有している「ダンス・バンドの黄金時代(懐しの10大ダンス・バンド)」に収録されています。

Bob Wilber(3)

September 15.2017

Photo above of Bob Wilber, Johnny Glazel, Dick Wellstood, Charlie Traeger, and Ed Physe, Jimmy Ryan’s by courtesy of Library of Congress

Today I will post about the Wildcats.

In 1946 Bob Wilber formed The Wildcats.

The Wildcats included Dick Wellstood(p),Johnny Glasel(cornet),Charlie Traeger(b), Danny Strong(ds).

Photo above of Yerba Buena Jazz Band in the 1940s. L-R: Turk Murphy, Lu Watters, Bill Dart, Bob Scobey, Bob Helm, Wally Rose and Dick Lammi. Photo courtesy of the SF Trad Jazz Foundation.

In those days Lu Watters and Turk Murphy had been playing the music of the Hot Five and the Red Hot Peppers and the Creole Jazz Band.

It was the so-called New Orleans Revival.

Photo above of Muggsy Spanier,Nick’s(Tavern),New York by courtesy of Library of Congress

In New York Eddie condon had promoted Town Hall Jazz Concerts and Nick’s Tavern and Jimmy Ryan’s were flourising.

Also Milt Gabler held Sunday jam sessions at Jimmy Ryan’s.

The Wildcats participated in the Sunday jam sessions.

Also the Wildcats joined a “battle of jazz” sponsored by the Jazz Festival Society of Philadelphia, and appeared at Columbia University.

The group performed regularly at Jimmy Ryan’s club over the next two years.

On February 22,1947,The Wildcats recorded four tunes at Commodore Records.

Then Sidney Bechet invited The Wildcats to join him on his first recording date for Columbia.

On December 31,1947,Jerry Blumberg(cornet) and Bob Mielke(tb) joined The Wildcats for Rampart Records.

The two trumpet front line imaged the c- Louis  Armstrong duets.

Rampart Records was founded by Harry Crawford who was an employee of Commodore record Shop.

今日は1946年にBob Wilberが結成したThe Wildcatsについて投稿致します。

The WildcatsのメンバーはDick Wellstood(p),Johnny Glasel(cornet),Charlie Traeger(b), Danny Strong(ds)で構成されました。

当時はニューオーリンズリバイバルとしてLu WattersとTurk Murphy達がHot FiveやRed Hot Peppersが演奏していたCreole Jazz Bandの伝統を継承した音楽を再演していました。

一方ニューヨークではEddie condonが Town Hall Jazz Concerts シリーズを定期開催しNick’s Tavernや Jimmy Ryan’s といったジャズクラブが活況を呈していました。
又、Milt GablerはJimmy Ryan’s で日曜日に限って jam sessionsを開催していました。

The Wildcatsも日曜日の jam sessionsに積極的に参加したり PhiladelphiaのJazz Festival Societyが後援した「ジャズ合戦」や Columbia University大学のステージに出演していました。

The WildcatsはJimmy Ryan’sに約2年間定期的に出演していました。

1947年2月22日、Milt Gablerに認められたThe WildcatsはCommodore Recordsでデビューし4曲を録音しました。

その後Sidney BechetはColumbia社との最初の録音日にThe Wildcatsを招待しました。

1947年12月31日、The WildcatsはJerry BlumbergとBob Mielkeを追加しRampart Recordsへの録音に臨みました。

2本のラッパ編成は往年のKing OliverとLouis Armstrongによる名演を彷彿させます。

尚、Rampart RecordsはCommodoreレコードショップの従業員であったHarry Crawfordによって設立されました。

Photo above of Commodore record Shop by Wikipedia

Here is Sidney Bichet and The Wildcats play “Kansas City Man Blues”.
Sidney Bichet(ss),Johnny Glasel(cornet),Bob Mielke(tb),Bob Wilber(cl), Dick Wellstood(p), Charlie Traeger(b),Danny Strong(ds), July 14, 1947, NYC

Bobby Hackett(3)

January 25.2017

Embed from Getty Images

Photo above of Bobby Hackett and Eddie Condon

Fortunately he met  Eddie Condon in New York.

Hackett soon became a crucial member in Condon’s band and made numerous recordings in his studio bands.

In late 1942, Bobby took a studio job with NBC and became active in organizing the Condon Town Hall Concerts.


Their performance was broadcasted and recorded by Milt Gabler (Commodore Records).

He also continued to play at Condon’s and other clubs in the New York area.

After a year at NBC, he joined Glen Gray’s Casa Loma Orchestra where he remained until 1946.


Then he participated in numerous recording sessions with such as Jack Teagarden, Teddy Wilson, Eddie Condon, Vic Dickenson, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie.

As a remarkable achievement of this period,he played and directed for Louis Armstrong’s Town Hall Concert in May 1947.


During 1949-51 he played with Red Allen and Lee Wiley in New Jersey.

Bobby Hackett and Joe Bushkin joined Lee Wiley’s famous recording “Night in Manhattan” in Columbia label.

Here is Bobby Hackett and his Boys play “At The Jazz and Ball”(1938).

Here is Eddie Condon and his All Stars play “The Lady/China Boy” at the Town Hall(1944).
Eddie Condon(g), Bobby Hackett(cor), Pee Wee Russell(cl)Ernie Caceres(bs), Bennie Morton(tb), Gene Schroeder (p), Sid Weiss(b),Gene Krupa(ds)

Here is Bobby Hackett plays his theme song “Embraceable You”. (1938)
Bobby Hackett (cor), Pee Wee Russell (cl), Bud Freeman (ts), Jack Teagarden (tb), Eddie Condon (g), Jess Stacy (p), Artie Shapiro (b), George Wettling (d)

Here is Lee Wiley sings “Street Of Dreams”.