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Benny Goodman in Moscow

July 17.2017

Last week I went to a Jazz bar in Umeda in Osaka city.

The master likes Russia and I heard an interesting story about Moscow from him.

Recently I saw the documentary film when Benny Goodman visited to Moscow.

So l would like to post about Benny Goodman’s tours in Moscow.

In 1956, the US State Department created the Jazz Ambassadors program, hiring

leading American Jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie,

Benny Goodman, and Duke Ellington to be “ambassadors” for the United States overseas.

Benny Goodman was probably the world’s best-known jazz musician.

So he traveled the world as Musical Ambassador of Good Will for the United States.

In those days The Times said that some people felt Duke Ellington should have been the first American jazz band to make an official tour of Russia.

In 1962, Benny Goodman embarked on a tour of the USSR with a top-notch big band.

He assembled many superior musicians as sideman.

Photo above of Sightseeing in the Soviet Union by courtesy of Bill Crow
Mel Lewis, Joe Newman, Jimmy Knepper,Willie Dennis, Bill Crow, Victor Feldman

Photo  by courtesy of Bill Crow
Jimmy Knepper,  Phil Woods ,  Turk Van Lake , Teddy Wilson

Joe Newman and Jimmy Maxwell on trumpets, Willie Dennis on trombone, Phil Woods, Jerry Dodgion, and Zoot Sims in the reed section, and a rhythm department comprising by John Bunch, Teddy Wilson, Victor Feldman, Bill Crow and Mel Lewis.

About Benny Goodman’s tour, please refer to this website. Go here

Tomorrow I would like to post about “Jazz mission to Moscow”.

先週の金曜日、大阪梅田にある有名なJazz Barに行きました。(ライブ演奏は一切ありません)

最近、YoutubeでBenny Goodmanが1962年にモスクワを訪問した時に撮影されたドキュメンタリーフィルム(旧ソ連製作)を観て面白いなと思いました。
そんな訳で1962年にBenny Goodmanがモスクワを訪問したことにつ
1956年、米国国務省は有名ジャズ音楽家のよる外交推進を目的として 「The Jazz Ambassadors program」を創設しました。
Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington が「音楽親善大使」として選ばれました。
第二次世界大戦後でもBenny Goodmanは世界で最も有名なジャズミュージシャンでした。それ故、Benny Goodmanは音楽の親善大使として世界中を旅していました。
一方、政府によるソビエトへの公式ツアーがBenny Goodman楽団と決定された時、ニュース雑誌のTimesは最初に訪問すべき音楽家としてはDuke Ellingtonの方がふさわしいとの見解も示していました。
1962年に、Benny Goodmanはモスクワへのツアー準備を開始しました。

Joe Newman and Jimmy Maxwell(tp)Willie Dennis (tb), , Phil Woods, Jerry Dodgion, and Zoot Sims(reed section), John Bunch, Teddy Wilson,Victor Feldman(p), Bill Crow (b) Mel Lewis.(ds)

Benny Goodmanツアーの詳細についてはこのウェブサイトを参照してください。こちらをこクリックして下さい。

明日は名盤「Jazz mission to Moscow」について投稿する予定です。

Here is Benny Goodman in USSR by documentary film.(演奏場面は少ないです。)

Here is Benny Goodman and His Orchestra 1962 “Benny introduced his members”.Moscow, May 1962

Here is Benny Goodman and His Orchestra play “Bugle Call Rag”.

Johnny Pate(4)

June 09.2017

Johnny Pate had recorded as a bassist with his own trio on the Federal, King, Gig, Salem, and MGM labels.

There is a wonderful HP that introduced about the early recordings of Johnny Pate.Go here

In 1958 he played bass was James Moody’s album “Last Train from Overbrook.” at Argo Records.

This album was one of his last works as a bassist.

His music career had gradually changed as a producer and an arranger from playing a musical instrument.

In the 1960s he produced or arranged some famous albums.

He produced “B.B. King Live at the Regal” in 1964.

This recording is considered by many to be one of the definitive blues albums.

Photo above courtesy of OKMusic

In 1964 he received a significant work from Creed Taylor.

Creed Taylor selected him as the arranger and conductor for Wes Montgomery’s album “Movin’ Wes”.

This album was Montgomery’s debut album on the Verve label and sold more than 100,000 copies initially.

Photo above of Creed Taylor and Wes Montgomery by courtesy of Pinterest

Same year he produced and arranged Shirley Horn’s album at ABC-Paramount Records ,”Travlin’ Light” .

In 1969 he produced a large jazz orchestra’s recordings in Verve.

The album was “Round Trip “by Phil Woods.

Johnny Pateは『 Federal, King, Gig, Salem, MGM』といったレコード会社に自己の名義で録音しています。Johnny Pateの初期の録音について紹介した素晴らしいHPがあります。こちらをクリックして下さい。
1958年、Argo社の James Moody「 Last Train from Overbrook」でベースを弾いています。
1964年「 B.B. King Live at the Regal」を制作しました。
1965年に Creed Taylorから重要な仕事を引受ました。
Creed Taylor(私は名伯楽であると思います)はWes Montgomery「Movin ‘Wes」の編曲者と指揮者として彼を抜擢しました。
このアルバムはVerveにおけるWes Montgomeryのデビューアルバムで、当初10万枚以上売れたそうです。
同年、ABC Records社でShirley Horn「Travlin ‘Light」を製作しました。
1969年、Verveで大編成によるPhil Woods “Round Trip”を制作しました。

Here is James Moody Plays “Last Train From Overbrook”.
James Moody(ts.as.fl),Flip Ricard, Earl Turner, Sonny Cohn(tp),John Avant(tb),Bill Atkins, Lenny Druss(as),Vito Price, Sandy Mosse, Eddie Johnson(ts),Pat Patrick(bs),Junior Mance(p),Johnny Pate(b),John Gray(g),Red Holt(ds) September , 1958 Chicago

Here is B.B. King sings “Every Day I Have The Blues”.
November 21, 1964(Live At The Regal)

Here is Wes Montgomery plays “Movin Wes”.

Here is Shirley Horn play “I Could Have Told You”.

Here is Phil Woods plays “Love Song For A Dead Che”.

Phil Woods plays “You Must Believe in Spring”

March 18.2017


Michel Legrandによるこの作品はPhil Woodsにとって忘れられない曲となりました。Michel はこの作品をライブ演奏のハイライトとしてPhil Woodsを起用しました。当時、Phil WoodsはCharlie Chanとの離婚と再婚した妻の病気により経済的危機に直面していました。彼は「乾坤一擲」の気持で演奏しました。その結果、RCAと契約し妻の医療費を支払うことが出来たそうです。

Legendary producer Tommy LiPuma died on March 13.

JazzWax Marc Myers’ tribute is here.


Tommy LiPuma with Barbra Streisand and Geroge Benson at the 1977 Grammy Awards ceremony by courtesy of Cleveland .com

In 1977 he produced Bill Evans’ album “You must Believe in Spring.”

I guess Tommy was fond of the piece, “You must Believe in Spring.”

Also this piece had became the significant work for Phil Woods.

I referred to JazzWax interview with Phil Woods(2009/2).

When Phil Woods divorced Charlie Chan Parker, he was a crisis in the financially.

In those days he had fallen in love with Jill, his current wife.

Unfortunately she was ill at the time.

So he had to earn good money for her medical expence.

Photo above of Michel Legrand

Phil was heading back into the New York club to record with Michel Legrand.

Michel Legrand featured this piece as a highlight of a live performance.

Phil played this piece with all his strength.

Consequently he contracted with RCA label and could pay a fee for medical treatment.

Here is Bill Evans plays “You Must Believe In Spring”.

Here is Michel Legrand and Phil Woods play “You Must Believe In Spring”.

Dave Bass(3)

March 16.2017

When he was at the party there was a break between the bands.

One of the musicians invited him to a jam session.

Once he started playing again he couldn’t stop with some local musicians.

Then he started playing again with jazz friends around Sacramento.

At that time he discovered how much he missed music.

And so, Bass resurrected his career as a jazz pianist.

In June 2010, Bass made first CD ” Gone”.

In February 2015, he released second album “NYC Sessions”.

NYC Sessions featured jazz legend Phil Woods, Karrin Allyson, Harvie, Ignacio Berroa, Conrad Herwig, and others.

Photo above, by courtesy of mixedmediapromo.com

DownBeat magazine subsequently selected NYC Sessions as one of the Best Albums of 2015.

In January 2015, Dave retired from the Office of the Attorney General to devote himself to music 24/7, and continues to compose and perform.

Here is Dave Bass Quartet play “Mi Guajira”.

Here is Dave Bass with Phil Woods & Conrad Herwig play “THE SIXTIES”.

Here is Dave Bass with Karrin Allyson play “LOST VALENTINE”.

Here is Dave Bass with Paulette McWilliams & Phil Woods play “JUST A FOOL”.

The RCA Victor Jazz Workshop(4)

December 08. 2016


In the early 1950s, Hal Schaefer was working at the 20th Century Fox studio in Hollywood as a musician, musical arranger and vocal coach.

He served as a vocal coach for such stars as Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe.Jane Russell, Mitzi Gaynor and Susan Hayward,

He was romantically linked to Marilyn Monroe.


Hal Schaefer and Marilyn Monroe(Photo by The New York Times)

Unfortunately he became embroiled in a Hollywood scandal involving three of the biggest celebrities of the time: Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra.

Three months before the Monroe-DiMaggio divorce, in July 1954, Schaefer tried to kill himself.

In 1955, he moved to New York, where he recorded “The RCA Victor Jazz Workshop”.

Hal Schaeferは1950年代初め、ハリウッドの20世紀フォックススタジオでミュージシャン、音楽アレンジャー、ボーカルコーチをしていました。ジュディ・ガーランド、マリリン・モンロー、ジェーン・ラッセル、ミッチ・ゲイナー、スーザン・ヘイワードのボーカルコーチを務めていました。彼はマリリン・モンローの恋人になりました。この結果、モンロー、ジョー・ディマッジョ、フランク・シナトラを含むハリウッドのスキャンダルに巻き込まれました。


Here is Hal Schaefer band play “Dancing In The Dark”.

Hal McKusick, Sam Marowitz, Phil Woods (as) Hal Schaefer (p) Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dm)

New York City, November 28, 1955

Here is Hal Schaefer band play “Imagination”.

Here is HAL SCHAEFER OCTET play “A Song for You”.

Billy Byers, Urbie Green, Fred Ohms, Chauncey Welsh (tb) Tom Mitchell (b-tb) Hal Schaefer(p)

Milt Hinton (b) Osie Johnson (dm)      New York City, November 9, 1955

Here is Hal Schaefer band play “This One’s For Jack”.

Here is “The Wrong Door Raid 1954” – Marilyn Monroe,Hal Schaefer,Joe Dimaggio,Frank Sinatra

You Must Believe in Spring

March 05.2016

The song was created as “CHANSON DE MAXENCE” in the “The Young Girls of Rochefort”.

When Michel Legrand played this piece as a jazz, he named this song “You Must Believe in Spring.”

In addition, this work has become an significant piece for Phil Woods.

The following talking quoted from JazzWax.


At the time, he was a crisis in the financially.

Because he had just split up with Chan who was Charlie Parker’s ex-wife.

He had fallen in love with Jill, his current wife.

But She was ill at the time.

He had to earn good money by recording.

He was heading back into the New York club to record with Michel.

Live recording with Michel Legrand, this song was the most important.

He played this piece with all his strength.

Consequently he contracted with RCA.

I first heard real jazz in SAB Hall

December 19. 2015


[Licence by GFDL+creative commons2.5]

About 40 years ago I heard  Phil Woods in this hall.This hall was in Festival hall underground.[See yesterday’s blog]  In this hall MBS of television “Young Oh Oh” had been recorded a TV program every week.It was this TV show was a regular band of “Takashi Furuya and Four Freshmen,”

Furuya was a concert held invited Phil Woods as a guest.At first he was playing with Furuya.However,when he started to play the solo, the audience of the atmosphere had changed.Alto sounds like we’ve never heard until now had lasted longer.Furuya did not play a solo.I first heard  real jazz that night.

Phil Woods died in September.