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Ralph Burns Among the JATP’s

August 04,2018

Photo above of Norman Granz by courtesy of Penn State News

In those days Norman Granz had appreciated the talent as Ralph Barn’s arranger.

So he produced ”Ralph Burns Among the JATP’s” .

The soloists include Jazz at the Philharmonic regulars Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Roy Eldridge Flip Phillips and Bill Harris and others.

According to Norman Granz “Ralph tried to capture the personality of the JATPs with his pen and baton.





”Ralph Burns Among the JATP’s” .
Roy Eldridge (tp-1) Al DeRisi, Bernie Glow, Lou Oles, Al Porcino (tp) Bill Harris (tb) Jimmy Hamilton (cl) Hal McKusick, Sam Marowitz (as) Al Cohn, Flip Phillips (ts) Danny Bank (bar) Oscar Peterson (p) Ray Brown (b) Louie Bellson (d) Ralph Burns (arr,cond)
New York, February 4, 1955

Ella Fitzgerald,Oscar Peterson,Roy Eldridge and Max Roach(1952)
Photoby courtesy of Pinterest

Perpetual Motion

Photo above of Jimmy Hamilton by Google Site


Photo above of Louis Bellson by courtesy of DRUMMERWORLD



本ブログ作成中に 「けったいな(大阪弁でご勘弁を)」企画を発見しました。

伝説のジャズ・イベント『ジャズ・アット・ザ・フィルハーモニック 2018』

主催はユニバーサル ミュージック合同会社 (UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC)


詳細は同社のHPをご覧下さい。 こちら▶️ をクリックして下さい。


大阪ジャズ同好会(2018年6月例会) 新譜紹介・参加者持ち寄り

June 19.2018




Here is JUJU sings “It Don’t Mean A Thing” from 「JUJU BIG BAND JAZZ LIVE “So Delicious, So Good”」

Here is The Shoeshiners Band -play “Shoot the Sherbert to me Herbert”.




Here is Percy Heath plays “A Love Song” [ Solo ].

Here is Gary Mazzaroppi with Les Paul play ”How High the Moon”.



Here is 稲葉 國光and 中牟礼 貞則(Duo) play “Conversation #1,2”


Alfortville27/01/2016 Le contrebassiste de jazz Henri Texier

Photo above of Henri Texierby courtesy of Mediapart

Here is Henri Texier Trio play “Stolen Moments”.




Here is Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton play “PIitter Panther Patter”.
PIitter Panther Patter(1940)


Here is Duke Ellington and Ray Brown play “PIitter Panther Patter”.
Dec. 5,1972.
PIitter Panther Patter(1972)

Here is Red Mitchell, Isao Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto play “Perdido” (1979).




Here is Luis Russell and His Orchestra play “Jersey Lightning.
Luis Russell(p.dir) Henry Allen, Bill Coleman(tp) J.C. Higginbotham(tb) Albert Nicholas(cl, as) Charlie Holmes(as) Teddy Hill(ts) Will Johnsong bi) Pops Foster(b) Paul Barbarin(d, vib) New York, September 6, 1929
Jersey Lightning


Here is John Kirby Sextet play “Charlie’s prelude”.
Charlie Shavers (tp) Buster Bailey (cl) Russell Procope (as) Billy Kyle (p, arr) John Kirby (b) O’Neil Spencer (d) World transcriptions, New York, 1940
Charlie’s Prelude

Chubby Jackson Little Rascals promo w Casey


Here is Chubby Jackson and His Orchestra play “Northwest passage”.
Howard McGhee (tp) Bill Harris (tb) Flip Phillips (ts) Ralph Burns (p) Bil Ty Bauer (g) Chubby Jackson (b) Dave Tough (d) New York, January 10, 1945
Northwest passage

Chubby Jacksonについて拙ブログ(5回)もお時間あればご覧下さい。

⇨こちら (1)https://wp.me/p6X2wH-34x








Lord Nelson and His Boppers

June 5.2018

Fantasy Recordsの傘下であるGalaxy Recordsで気になるアルバムが一枚あります。

Milt JacksonとSonny Stittが共演した「In The Beginning 」

同社は創業時にはJohn Lee Hooker(G-201),B.B. King(G-202),Little Johnny Taylor(G-203)などR&Bの作品を発売していました。

そして4枚目にSonny Stitt and Milt Jackson(G-204)が発売されています。

詳細については  ⇨  こちらをクリック

今回は二人が共演した「 In The Beginning」について調べました。

Galaxy Recordsに録音したデータを記載します。(Jazz Discography Projectを引用)
Milt Jackson, Sonny Stitt – In The Beginning  (Galaxy LP 204)

Milt Jackson(vib), John Lewis(p), Alvin Jackson(b), Kenny Clarke(d), Chano Pozo(congas)
Detroit, MI, April, 1948

K5518 | 4001 Bobbin’ With Robin (as Baggy’s Blues)
K5519 | 4004 Baggy Eyes
K5520 | 4003 Slits
K5521 | 4002 Autumn Breeze (as In A Beautiful Mood)

下記は2ヶ月後の録音です。Sonny Stitt が偽名「 Lord Nelson」で記載されています。
個人的にはRussell Jacquetと共演した下記4曲に興味を持っています。

Willie Wells(tp), Sonny Stitt as Lord Nelson(as), Milt Jackson(via), Will Davis(p), Jimmy Glover(b), Dave Heard(d) Detroit, June, 1948

K5461 | 4017 Stardust
K5462 | 4020 Ratio And Proportion
K5508 | 4018 Red Shoes
K5512 | 4019 Time To Dream (as Body And Soul)

Russell Jacquet (tp), Sonny Stitt as Lord Nelson(as), Milt Jackson(via), Sir Charles Thompson(p), Ray Brown(b),Max Roach(d)  Detroit, June, 1948
K5507 | 4022 Be Bop Blues
K5509 | 4021 Royal Wedding
K5510 | 4023 Fine And Dandy
K5511 | 4024 Silver Slipper (as 3rd Song (Silver Slipper))

** also issued on Galaxy LP 8204; Original Jazz Classics OJC-1771, OJCCD-1771-2; America (F) 30 AM 6072.

TOM LORD Discographyによると上記8曲(1948年6月録音)は「 Lord Nelson and His Boppers」となっています。

Lord Nelsonという偽名は麻薬が関係していると推察されます。(1948年から1949年まで一定期間レキシントン監獄に収容されていました)

それ故、Sonny Stittは翌年10月まで録音現場に現れていません(ディスコグラフィーが正確であると仮定してですが)

復帰後の録音は「Jay Johnson ‘s Boppers New York」


Here is Lord Nerson and His Boppers play “Be Bop Blues”.
Be Bop Blues

Here is Lord Nerson and His Boppers play “Royal Wedding”.
Royal Wedding

Here is Lord Nerson and His Boppers “Silver Slipper (as 3rd Song (Silver Slipper)”.
3rd Song (Silver Slipper)

Here is J.J. Johnson’s Boppers play “Afternoon in Paris”.
J.J. Johnson (tb) Sonny Stitt (ts) John Lewis (p) Nelson Boyd (b) Max Roach (d)
New York, October 17, 1949



Photo above of Johnny Dodds by NOLA Jazz Museum

特集は「私が好きなジャズのヒーロー」でした。最初にトラッド愛好家のT川さんがJohnny Doddsをご紹介されました。ご紹介された内容は配付されたレジュメに詳しく記載されています。

Here is New Orleans Wanderers play “Perdido Street blues”.
George Mitchell (cnt) Kid Ory (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Joe Clark (as) Lil Armstrong (p) Johnny St. Cyr (bj)  Chicago, July 13, 1926
_Perdido Street blues

Here is Johnny Dodds’ Washboard Band play “Bull fiddle blues”.
Natty Dominique (cnt) Honore Dutrey (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Charlie Alexander (p) Bill Johnson (b) Baby Dodds (wbd)  Chicago, July 6, 1928
Bull fiddle blues

Here is Johnny Dodds Trio play  “Clarinet wobble”.
Johnny Dodds (cl) Lil Armstrong (p) Bud Scott (g)  Chicago, April 21, 1927
Clarinet wobble

Here is New Orleans Bootblacks play “I can’t say”.
George Mitchell (cnt) Kid Ory (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Joe Clark (as) Lil Armstrong (p) Johnny St. Cyr (bj)  Chicago, July 14, 1926
I can’t say

Here is Johnny Dodds And His Orchestra play “Red onion blues”.
Natty Dominique (cnt) Preston Jackson (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Richard M. Jones (p) Lonnie Johnson (g) John Lindsay (b) Baby Dodds (d)  Chicago, June 5, 1940
Red onion blues


Here is Dave Brubeck (solo) plays Lili Marleen.

ウォルター・クロンカイト(Walter Cronkite)が進行役を務めた「The Jazz of Dave Brubeck」(テレビ番組)をご覧下さい。1961年12月31日放送

Here is The Jazz of Dave Brubeck by Walter Cronkite.




Here is Ray Brown Trio play “If I Loved You.

Ray Brown(b), Gene Harris(p), Jeff Hamilton(ds)

富士通コンコードジャズ・フェスティバル 1988.12.11



Here is Jazz At The Philharmonic play “Oh,Lady Be Good”.(1946)

Al Killan, Howard McGhee (tp) Charlie Parker, Willie Smith (as) Lester Young (ts) Arnold Ross (p) Billy Hadnott (b) Lee Young (d) “Philharmonic Auditorium”, Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 1946





Slim Gaillard and His Baker’s Dozen(1952)

May 6.2018

本日はBen Webster and Ralph Burns Orchestraを聴きながらベン・ウェブスター(Ben Webster)のディスコグラフィー(The Ben Webster solography by Jan Evensmo)を読んでいました。


Ben Websterは上記録音の2年前に面白いセッションに参加しています。

Photo by Youtube

1952年12月にジャイヴ界の大物であるスリム・ゲイラード(Slim Gaillard)と2曲録音しています。

以下「The Ben Webster solography by Jan Evensmo 」から該当部分を転記します。


Ben Webster (ts), Slim Gaillard (g, vo), possibly Cyril Haynes (p), Ray Brown (b), possibly Milt Jackson (dm).
Two titles were recorded for Mercury:
1126  Gomen Nashai Solo 16 bars. (M)
1127  Potatoe Chips Brief intro. Faint obbligato. Solo 32 bars. Coda 8 bars. (M)

Under such bizarre circumstances, one wonders how it is possible to play at all without bursting into laughter! But BW makes some interesting contributions, not as memorable as ten years before if you remember that incredible Gaillard session, but particularly “… Chips” has some good tenorsax playing.

Tom Lord”The JAZZ Discographyによると「ひょっとしたら」が消えています。

Slim Gaillard
Ben Webster (ts) Cyril Haynes (p) Slim Gaillard (g,vcl) Ray Brown (b) Milt Jackson (d)
New York, December, 1952
1126-13 Gomen nasai [Forgive me] Clef 89031, MGC138, Verve (F)2304554
1127-3 Potato chips – – – , MGV2013,
Norgran EPN56

Photo by Wikipedia

『Milt Jacksonがドラム ほんまかいな?』



こちらをクリックして下さい。⇨ 「ひとりDiscogs」(4/30)




(中略) 廃盤にならぬうちに買っておいて下さい」




Here is Slim Gaillard and His Shintoists play “Gomen Nasai”
Ben Webster (ts) Cyril Haynes (p) Slim Gaillard (g,vcl) Ray Brown (b) Milt Jackson (d)

1126-13 New York, December, 1952

Here is Slim Gaillard and His Baker’s Dozen play “Potato Chips ”.
Members of the recording are the same as above.

Bobby Jaspar(5)

August 13. 2017

Blossom Dearie and husband Bobby Jaspar by courtesy of Blossom Dearie HP Photo Gallery

Bobby Jaspar had many recordings in US and Eurrope.

From 1961 to 1962 he came back for one year to Europe giving many concerts in several countries, and making some of his last recordings.

Unfortunately he passed away by complications following an open-heart surgery operation.

He died in New York on Feb. 28, 1963, he was 37 years old.

Finally, I will  briefly introduce a few representative recordings of Bobby Jaspar.

Bobby Jasparはアメリカだけでなくヨーロッパでも多くのレコーディングを行なっています。



最後に、簡単にBobby Jasparの代表的なアルバムを紹介して今回の投稿を終わりたいと思います。

Here is Bobby Jaspar plays “There will never be another you”.
Martial Solal(p), Pierre Michelot(b),Kenny Clarke(ds),Sacha Distel(g), Bobby Jaspar(fl) (1957)

Here is Donald BYRD with Bobby Jaspar play ”Dear old Stockholm”.
Donald Byrd (tp),Bobby Jaspar (fl),Walter Davis Jr(p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor (dr) October 22, 1958,

Here is Donald Byrd quintet Cannes 1958
Donald Byrd (tp),Bobby Jaspar (fl),Walter Davis Jr(p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor(dr) Live in Cannes in 1958

Here is Blossom Dearie with Bobby Jaspar play “L’étang”.
Blossom Dearie(Vo, P),Kenny Burrell(g), Ray Brown(b), Ed Thigpen(ds) ,Bobby Jaspar(fl)   May 21-22, 1959

The legendary bassist Jimmy Blanton(5)

December 17. 2016


While on tour with the Duke Ellington Orchestra in late 1941, Blanton became seriously ill.

Unfortunately he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

In 1943 he moved to receive medical treatment Duarte Sanitarium, near Los Angeles.

He had no family there.

Jimmy Blanton passed away in Monrovia, California on July 30, 1942.

If he had not passed away in 1942, most musicians suppose that Blanton would have been at the forefront of the bebop movement.

I found an  invaluable photograph from a collected papers of Journal of Jazz Studies.


Journal of Jazz Studies (Winter 2014-2015) Of Icons and Iconography: Seeing Jimmie Blanton Matthias Heyman Blanton and Johnny Hodges, (photograph by Otto Hess, original appeared in Metronome, January 1941.Every effort has been made to identify and acknowledge the rightful owner of this photograph).

Here is Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra play “Jack The Bear”.

Ray Brown played the duo recordings such as reminiscent of Duke’s work with Jimmy Blanton three decades before.

Here is Duke Ellington and Ray Brown play “TRIBUTE TO JIMMY BLANTON ´72”.