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Jazz and Hiroshima(4)

November 05.2016


Today I will post about my junior who lives in Hiroshima.

His name is Masaki Hayakawa(早川公規),so-called “VENTO AZUL RECORDS”.

His enthusiasm for jazz is terrific.

Also he has an extraordinarily ability for “the Blindfold test” at Jazz records.

I have always defeated to him in this test.


After he graduated from university,he became a salaried employee

A few years later he had been restructuring his company.

Fortunately he had been continued with jazz blog while working for a company.

So he decided to business and launched an internet company at his home in Hiroshima.



You can read all articles from July 2004 on his website.

However his article is written by the Japanese language.

Number of access to his website in total is approaching 2 million.Go here

The legend manager,Martha Glaser and Helen Keane(3)


Photo by Erroll Garner Exhibit @ Pitt

Errol Garner left behind many hours of unreleased recordings when he died on Jan. 2, 1977.

Today I post about a new three-CD”The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

There was no plan to record the concert officially.

He was playing at the Sunset School in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif,in 1955.

When the concert began, Will Thornbury began to start on his mono reel-to-reel tape recorder.

In fact, he was a recording engineer for the Armed Forces Radio Network at that time.

Martha Glaser spotted the recorder’s reels turning backstage.

She grabbed the reels and insisted on taking possession of the recording tape.

Then the concert performance was released on 12-inch LP at Columbia Records in 1956.

However 11 songs in convenience of 12-inch LP was not released.

Martha Glaser was executor of the pianist’s estate.

When Glaser died two years ago, her niece, Susan Rosenberg, inherited the archive.

Susan Rosenberg donated the archive to University of Pittsburg.Go here

Photo by www.news.pitt.edu

Photo by Pitt.edu

Pitt Jazz Studies Director at University of Pittsburgh is Geri Allen.

By Geri Allen’s efforts, “The Complete Concert by the Sea” was released including 11 previously unissued.

Geri Allen talks about the production of “The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

Go here(Please click on the album)



Kyosen Ohashi (大橋巨泉)

September 6,2016

Kyosen Ohashi (大橋巨泉) has died. He was 82.

He was one of Japan’s most popular TV personalities from mid-1960s to 1990s.

Also he was famous as a jazz critic.

He entered Waseda University in 1952 to study journalism but quit the university and became a jazz critic.

He had two children, born to his former wife, both of whom are jazz singers.

There remains a translation of “Strange Fruit” as his achievements.

His fondness for Billie Holiday was exceptional.

I quote his comment from Swing Journal(1960) for her last recordings.



”I don’t want to grade her sad posthumous work.

I once loved her.

In those days she was incomparable singer.

So I want to dedicate white gardenia flowers in silence.”



出典 スイングジャーナル 1960年

Here is Billie Holiday sings  “Strange Fruit” Live 1959.


Ozzie Cadena(4)


Legendary recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder died at 91.

He began recording in a room in parents’ house in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Recently I read an interest interview.

Thanks Steven Cerra.

Kenny Clarke and Rudy Van Gelder were a good friend at that time.

I will quote a portion of  terrific blog.

Rudy: It was. That’s right. Of course, the house was built, they built that, It was my father and mother, my parents, built that at the time, as their home. But, they were aware of my interest in the sound, and we had a little control room built right off the living room. This little glass window, overlooking the living room, with a small control room. And it’s nice…

Ben: And there was a place in the living room where you’d always put the drum kit, and …

Rudy: Most of it. Yeah. There was nothing rigid about it. But I remember this one place where I sent Kenny Clarke. Kenny Clarke would always go in that corner. We used to call it “Klook’s Corner.” That’s where he would always set up the drums.

Ben: There’s a song called “Klook’s Corner.”

Rudy: That’s right. That’s how it came about. Right.

Ben: Because he liked it there.

Rudy: That’s right. We got a good sound. It was a good size room, actually. Not huge, but acoustically it sounded nice. Had a nice-sounding room.

Rudy was also responsible for recording of Savoy Records.

Ozzie Cadena talks Rudy Van Gelder on May 26, 2001.


I found a good news about Savoy records. Go here


Ozzie Cadena(3)

After leaving Savoy, Cadena worked for other labels, including Prestige, Blue Note, and Fantasy Records.

At Prestige he produced soul jazz and other records by artists including Red Holloway, Jack McDuff and Shirley Scott.

In 1974 he moved to Hermosa Beach in Southern California.

In 2000 he began organizing free concerts on the plaza in Hermosa Beach every Wednesday.

He died April 9, 2008.

Jazz writer Don Heckman said : “He obviously had an impact via his production work for Savoy. . . . But his biggest contribution was the love and support of jazz that impacted everyone who knew or had any contact with him.”

I found the lovely article of Gloria Cadena who was Mr.Ozzie’s widow.Go here

From 1991 the Savoy library is primarily controlled by Nippon Columbia.

However his achievements have not been evaluated in Japan.

Here is Red Holloway – Moonlight in Vermont : The Burner (1963)

Here is Shirley Scott with Stanley Turrentine – Secret Love (1963)

Ozzie Cadena(1)


Photo:Ozzie Cadena

I posted about Teddy Reig last week.

This week I want to post about Ozzie Cadena who was A&R and producer in Savoy Records.

Savoy Records was established by Herman Lubinsky in Newark, New Jersey in 1943.

Photo: Herman Lubinsky

Photo: Herman Lubinsky

Cadena was hired as jazz record producer by Lubinsky when he was working with a jazz radio show in Newark.

He was born in Oklahoma City on September 26, 1924.

He produced Kenny Clarke, Gillespie, Davis, Fats Navarro and Charles Mingus.


His first session as a producer for Savoy was with Kai Winding and J.J.Johnson.

He made a significant contribution to this recording.

Please refer to original 1947 LP liner notes.Go here

Also he recorded vocalists Little Jimmy Scott, Esther Phillips and John Lee Hooker.

Here is J.J.Johnson & Kai Winding Quintet

先週 はTeddy Reigに投稿致しました。
今週はSavoy RecordsのA&RでプロデューサーであったOzzie Cadenaについて投稿したいと思っています。
Savoy Recordsは、1943年ニュージャージー州ニューアークで設立されました。
Ozzie CadenaはNewarkのジャズラジオ番組で仕事をしていた時、創業者Lubinskyにジャズレコードプロデューサーとして雇われました。
Ozzie Cadenaは1924年9月26日にオクラホマシティで生まれました。
Kenny Clarke, Gillespie, Davis, Fats Navarro and Charles Mingusなどの作品を製作しています。
Kenny Clarke, Gillespie, Davis, Fats Navarro and Charles Mingus.
Savoyのプロデューサーとしての彼の最初の仕事はKai WindingとJ.J.Johnsonのレコーディングでした。
又、 Little Jimmy Scott, Esther Phillips and John Lee Hooker.などの作品にも携わっています。

Teddy Reig(4)


Today I want to post about Paul Williams.

Paul Williams had been marketed by Teddy Reig.

Teddy Reig produced  Paul’s “The Hucklebuck”.

Soon after it entered Billboard’s R&B chart in February 1949, the strutting honky-tonk blues reached No. 1, and it remained on the charts for 32 weeks.


The Hucklebuck” was influenced by Charlie Parker’s “Now’s the Time”.

Teddy Reig said:

“The Hucklebuck” was influenced by Charlie Parker’s “Now’s the Time”.

“Hucklebuck” wasn’t just a rip-off of “Now’s the Time.”

“The one was jazz, the other was rock and roll, and we were hungry.”

About Paul Williams,please refer to his website. Go here and Here

Here‘s Paul Williams “The Hucklebuck”

Teddy Reig(2)


The Roost label was founded in 1949.

From 1950 until 1958 Roost label was run by Jack Hooke and Teddy Reig.

Teddy Reig produced jazz legend’s records such as Bud Powell, Johnny Smith and Stan Getz.


This record was first released on Teddy Reig’s Royal Roost label as two LPs


Photo above Haruki Murakami

Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami is a huge Stan Getz fan.

Haruki Murakami said:”The [Jazz] for me, it was Stan Getz.”

Hear is Johnny Smith Quintet – Moonlight in Vermont (1952)

Stan Getz (ts), Johnny Smith (g), Sanford Gold (p), Eddie Safranski (b), Don Lamond (ds)

Here is Bud Powell Trio – I Should Care (1947)

Bud Powell (piano), Curly Russell (bass), Max Roach (drums)

Teddy Reig(1)


Recently I found an interesting book,which was written about Teddy Reig.

“Reminiscing in Tempo [The Life and Times of a Jazz Hustler]” by Teddy Reig and Edward Berger

This week I want to post about Teddy Reig who was a legend producer and A&R man.

He was born November 23, 1918 〜 died September 29, 1984.

He produced remarkable achievements from the 1940s through the 1970s.

He produced for Savoy, Roost (which he co-founded in 1950), Roulette, and Verve.

Also he had associated many jazz legends.

Today I post about the historical recording in Savoy Records.


In November 1945, he produced Charlie Parker’s legendary first recording as a leader.

There have been a famous mystery in this historical recording.

Who was playing trumpet on ‘Ko-ko’ ?

I quoted “Documents from the Savoy files and the recollections of Teddy Rig”

This session was recorded November 26, 1945, at the WOR studios in New York.
Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Curly Russell, Max Roach were booked for the date.
 Bud Powell had gone to Philadelphia, so Dizzy proposed himself to Reig as the piano player.
 Parker also contacted pianist Argonne Thornton (Sadik Hakim).
 Teddy Reig said: “Dizzy plays trumpet on the opening and then goes to the piano and
we put in the drum solo so Dizzy would have a chance to get back for the ending”.

What do you think about his speaking?

About this recording,please refer to JazzWax article.Go here

Here is Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie – KoKo

Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil(3)


Lisa Ono was Born was born July 29, 1962 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She spent her childhood in Brazil until she became 10 years old.

She began singing and playing the guitar at age 15, and made her debut as a professional

Bossa Nova singer in 1989.

She has performed with many top musicians such as the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim.

In 2013 she was awarded to “RIO BRANCO”, which is one of the highest Medals presented

by the Brazilian Government.


I want to introduce her favorite album.

In 2007, she chose jazz standards.”Look To The Rainbow -Jazz Standards from L.A.”

This album was made in America, and contains classic American songs and film music

from the 1940s–50s done with bossa nova arrangements.

I like her challenging spirit behind the good old and lovely melodies.

Here is Sadao Watanabe and Lisa Ono.