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The Jazz Workshop(8)

February 15.2017


Photo above of Masabumi Kikuchi from JazzTokyo

Photo above of the Flyer(SJ Jazz Workshop-3) courtesy of 十和堂(towa33.com)

Photo above of the Flyer(SJ Jazz Workshop-3) courtesy of 十和堂(towa33.com)

Sadao Watanabe talked about Masabumi Kikuchi(菊地雅章) in last week’s radio broadcast.

“When I returned to Japan from Berklee College of Music,Kikuchi was the earliest appeared in front of me.
He begged for me to teach about Berklee’s theory.
He was quick to understand and no musician with an excellent sense of harmony than Kikuchi.”

Sadly, two year ago Masabumi Kikuchi passed away in New York, aged 75.

Please refer to Masabumi Kikuchi(菊地雅章). Go here

Photo above of Gary Peacock by news.allaboutjazz.com

Photo above of Gary Peacock by news.allaboutjazz.com

I quoted R.I.P.: Masabumi “Poo” Kikuchi (1939-2015) from JazzTokyo.

Gary Peacock ● A constant source of inspiration for me

I too was saddened to hear of Poo’s demise…a fate we all must ultimately encounter.As you know, it was through Poo that I was able to record two albums for Sony records while living in Japan.Poo’s spirit of musical adventure and strong commitment to discovering his ‘sound’ remains a constant source of inspiration for me. His last recordings with guitar and bass are true evidence that he DID discover his ‘voice’.I will miss him but I will not miss his spirit which is with me 24/7.


Here is the montage of Masabumi Kikuchi(菊地雅章)”Out of Bounds”.

Here is Masabumi Kikuchi plays “Freedom Jazz Dance”.

Here is Gary Peacock plays “梵鐘 Bonsho”.

The Jazz Workshop(7)

February 14.2016


In those days Swing Journal was reputed to have the largest circulation of any jazz magazine in the world.

Also the cover always included a headshot of one or another straight-ahead player.

I recently found an interesting cover of Swing Journal at JazzWax.Go here

At second time Sadao Watanabe(渡辺貞夫) held concert on March 15, 1969.

Sadao performed to tribute the 13th anniversary of Charlie Parker.


Here is Sadao Watanabe Plays “If I Should Lose You”.

Here is Sadao Watanabe with Modern Jazz All Stars plays “Confirmation”.

Jazz Club in Boston(4)

February 02.2017

Photo above of "Paul's Mall" byThe Music Museum of New England

Photo above of “Paul’s Mall” byThe Music Museum of New England

Stable owner Harold Buchalter found a new spot for his club, downstairs at 733 Boylston Street.

The new club was names “the Jazz Workshop”,where was a few blocks east of the Berklee school.

Jazz Workshop was the name of one of the most important ensembles at Berklee.

Berklee students were encouraged to know about scales and learn to follow chord changes and others.


Photo above of Serge Chaloff by JazzWax

The Jazz Workshop attracted students. Others on the staff included Jaki Byard, Serge Chaloff, Jimmy Woode, and Jake Hanna.

Lessons cost the student a dollar, half going to the instructor and half to the school.

The sister club next to the Jazz Workshop was “Paul’s Mall”.



From The Music Museum of New England

Sadao(渡辺貞夫) frequented in “Paul’s Mall”.

There was a connection between the club and the school.

In addition Berklee students with school ID were allowed to attend performances.

Even though the drinking age in Massachusetts was 21 at the time,the club allowed underaged Berklee students to sit along the north wall of the room and order soft drinks.

Here is Milt Jackson and Ray Santisi Trio at The Jazz Workshop(1975)
Milt Jackson(vib),Ray Santisi(p),Mike Richmond(b),Randy Jones(ds)
It was recorded “Ryles Jazz Club”

Here is Brecker Brothers Band at Paul’s Mall.(1977)

Jazz Club in Boston(3)

February 01.2017


Sadao(渡辺貞夫) lived near the Stable, where Charlie Mariano and Herb Pomeroy started a music school and played jam sessions.

I want to write below about “the Stable”.

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

In the early 1950s Charlie Mariano suggested to Varty Haroutunian, Herb Pomeroy, and Ray Santisi that they start a school, a workshop, to offer classes and private lessons, and host jam sessions.

They gradually were teaching activity at the Stable, and the musicians kept “Jazz Workshop” as the unofficial club name.

Then the small group grew to a sextet and eventually was playing four nights a week.


Also Pomeroy’s big band started working one night a week in late 1955.

The Stable was an exciting place with enthusiastic listeners.

Everynight Sadao Watanabe went to the Stable ,because his teacher Herb Pomeroy played at the Stable.

On a broadcasting he said Herb’s memory:”When Herb played with Charlie Parker, that night Herb could not sleep with excitement ”.

Here is Jazz Workshop Quintet with Herb Pomeroy play “Moten Swing”.(1955)
Herb Pomeroy(tp),Varty Haroutunian(ts), Ray Santisi(p),John Neves(b),Jimmy Zitano(ds)

Here is Charlie Mariano Boston All Stars play “I’m Old Fashioned”(1953).
Charlie Mariano(as), Herb Pomeroy(tp), Dick Twardzik(p), Bernie Griggs(b),Jimmy Weiner(ds)

Here is Herb Pomeroy and his Orchestra play “Lush Life”(1958)

Jazz Club in Boston(2)

January 31.2017

Photo above of the Hi-Hat Club by BostonDrinks.com

Photo above of the Hi-Hat Club by BostonDrinks.com

On broadcast Sadao Watanabe(渡辺貞夫)  choised two tunes,“Cool Blues and Laura” from “Bird in Boston by Charlie Parker.”

The performances were recorded at the Hi-Hat Club in Boston.

Sadao said that he didn’t know the Hi-Hat Club.

Because it closed in March of 1959 after a fire destroyed the building.


The Hi-Hat Club had been opened among the jazz clubs of Boston s South End district, at the corner of Columbus and Massachusetts Avenue.

Performers included Sammy Davis Jr, Duke Ellington, BB King, Sonny Stitt, Miles Davis, Billie Holliday, and many others.

It prospered from the mid 1940s until 1959.


In those days it was the only club featuring a consistent policy of presenting modern jazz.

Between 1953 and 1954 Charlie Parker made several visits to Boston.

He had played often with local musicians at the Hi-Hat.


Also the Savoy Club located at 410 Massachusetts Avenue.

When Roy Haynes was 15 years old, he started to play at the Savoy.

Because he was born in the Roxbury section of Boston, Massachusetts(March 13, 1925).

I refer to Richard Vacca’s “Troy Street”. Go Here

Here is Charlie Parker’s Radio broadcasts from the Hi Hat Club(1953)
Charlie Parker(as),Herbie Williams(tp),Rollins Griffith(p),Jimmy Woode(b),Marquis Foster(ds)

Here is Sonny Stitt plays “Tri-Horn Blooz” At The Hi-Hat In Boston“(1954)
Sonny Stitt (baritone,tenor,alto saxophones) Dean Earle (p) Bernie Griggs (b) Marquis Foster (ds)

Here is Miles Davis with The Hi-Hat All-Stars play “Hi-Hat Club”(February 1955).
Miles Davis (tp),Jay Migliori (ts),Al Walcott (p [out on -1]),Bob Freeman (p [on -1 only]),Jimmy Woode (b), Jimmy Zitano (ds)

Jazz Club in Boston(1)

January 30.2017



Last week I was listening to a radio program hosted by Sadao Watanabe(渡辺貞夫).

He was talking about some memories of Boston.

I heard an interesting story by his broadcast.

This week I want to post about “Sadao’s memories” and “Jazz Club” in Boston.


Photo above of Berklee College of Music

In 1962 he left Japan to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

He had been in Boston for about four years.

So he said “Boston became my second hometown”.

In those days he lived 905 Boylston St, Boston.

Fortunately Jazz club “Stable” was near his apartment.

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

Here is Sadao Watanabe and Modern Jazz All Stars play “Confirmation”.(1957)
渡辺貞夫 Sadao Watanabe (as), 宮沢昭 Akira Miyazawa (ts), 八木正生 Masao Yagi (p), 滝本達郎 Tatsuroh Takimoto (b), 原田寛治 Kanji Harada (ds)

Here is Sadao Watanabe with The Great Jazz Trio play “Confirmation”.(1976)
渡辺貞夫 (as) Hank Jones (p) Ron Carter (b) Tony Williams (ds).

Yosuke Yamashita interview on radio in Osaka(3)

When Yosuke Yamashita was high school,he decided to become a musician.

He hoped to enroll at Kunitachi College of Music.

Please refer to Kunitachi College of Music.Go here

However he could not read the musical at that time.

Unfortunately he failed his college entrance exams for the second time.

In other words he was working as a professional jazz pianist without reading music score.

He was enrolled at the department of composer at the time of the 20-year-old.

In 1965, Jazz Live house was born in Tokyo.

Ginza “Jazz Gallery 8”  and Shinjuku “Pit-inn”.

“Pit-inn” has been held a live performance every day even now.Go here

Fortunately Yosuke Yamashita joined Sadao’s session in Pit-inn.


Sadao and Pit-inn’s owner Yoshitake Sato(佐藤良武)

Below, I supplement with my research.

In 1965 on November 15, Sadao Watanabe was returning from the United States.

Next day , Masahiko Sato trio was playing in Ginza “Jazz Gallery 8”.

Sadao Watanabe took part in Sato’s trio without submitting his entry beforehand.

Sadao gave a shock to all the audience in “Jazz Gallery 8”.


Yosuke Yamashita also was in Ginza “Jazz Gallery 8”.

Sadao watanabe wanted to instruct New Jazz theory to many Japanese musicians.

So he had called out to young musicians with his session in Tokyo.

This is Yosuke Yamashita(山下洋輔) plays Bud Powell

Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil(3)


Lisa Ono was Born was born July 29, 1962 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She spent her childhood in Brazil until she became 10 years old.

She began singing and playing the guitar at age 15, and made her debut as a professional

Bossa Nova singer in 1989.

She has performed with many top musicians such as the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim.

In 2013 she was awarded to “RIO BRANCO”, which is one of the highest Medals presented

by the Brazilian Government.


I want to introduce her favorite album.

In 2007, she chose jazz standards.”Look To The Rainbow -Jazz Standards from L.A.”

This album was made in America, and contains classic American songs and film music

from the 1940s–50s done with bossa nova arrangements.

I like her challenging spirit behind the good old and lovely melodies.

Here is Sadao Watanabe and Lisa Ono.

Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil(2)


In 1962, Sadao Watanabe was studying in the Boston City of Berklee College of Music.

While in school, he played with Chico Hamilton, Gary McFarland, Gabor Szabo and others.

He learned of the charm of the bossa nova through Gary McFarland.


Photo above of Gary McFarland

I found an interesting article about Gary McFarland.Go here

In 1965 he returned to Japan.

Then he played with many domestic and foreign musicians.

While working as a leader of the Japanese jazz world, he contributed much to the diffusion of bossa nova.

IN those days Toshiro Ono had been running restaurant in Sao Paulo.

Mr.Ono was Lisa’s father, and she was still four years old.

When Sadao Watanabe participated in the Newport Jazz Festival in 1968,he visited first in Brasil.

At that time Mr. Ono proposed to return home via the Sao Paulo.

During his stay, he had session with many local musicians as every night in Ono’s restaurant.

He was completely hooked on Brazilian music.

Here is Sadao Watanabe  “SAMBA DE ORFEU”

Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil(1)


This week I want to post about Japanese Jazzmusician and Brazil.

In 2015 19 November, Sadao Watanabe was awarded the Order of Rio Branco, the knighthood.

The Order of Rio Branco is created in 1963 to formally recognize Brazilian and foreign

individuals who have significantly contributed to the promotion of Brazil’s international relations.

The Embassy suggested to Sadao Watanabe as the most important commendation.

Sadao Watanabe have contributed to the dissemination of music and Brazilian culture in Japan.



He released his album with interpretations of Bossa Nova in 1967.

Then he had done collaborations with big names in Brazilian music, such as Elis Regina, Caetano Veloso, Toquinho and Olodum.

Also the singer Lisa Ono was honored with the same award in 2013.

About Lisa Ono,I will post at a later date.

Here is Sadao Watanabe and Lisa Ono.