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Joe Temperley(2)

May 11.2017

Photo by courtesy of Heraldscotland.com

Joe Temperley completely enthused by New York.

So he resolved to try his luck in the city, arriving in Manhattan with his wife in December 1965.

However, right after arriving in NY, there was no work of jazz for him.

He was working in a department store unwillingly.

Fortunately he was given the chance to joined the Woody Herman orchestra.

After two years he had a regular gig with the Thad Jones and Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra every Monday at the famous Village Vanguard club.

When Harry Carney passed away  in October 1974,Joe Temperley played “Sophisticated Lady” at Harry’s funeral.

Two weeks later he was working with Mercer Ellington Bandas as Harry Carney’s replacement.

Photo above of Duke Ellington and Harry Carney by courtesy of
The Jan Persson Jazz Collection

Then Joe Temperley spent ten years in the Ellington band.

In those days Wynton Marsalis took notice his performance.

Joe Temperley はニューヨークという街に完全に魅了されました。
幸運にもWoody Hermanオーケストラに参加し、2年間在籍しました。
又、毎週月曜日のVillage Vanguard で行われていたThad JonesとMel Lewis Jazz Orchestraとも交流していました。
1974年10月尊敬するHarry Carneyの葬儀で「Sophisticated Lady」を演奏した。
この演奏によりHarry Carneyの後任としてMercer Ellington Bandに加入した。
その後Joe Temperleyは10年間サックス部門の中心として活躍していました。
その当時、ある若手トランペッターが彼の演奏に注目していました。(Wynton Marsalis)

Here is Woody Herman band including Joe Temperley play “Make Someone Happy”.

Here is Joe Temperley with Buck Clayton’s band play “Angel In Blue” (1988)

Here is Joe Temperley with Junior Mance Trio play “In a Sentimental Mood.”(1966)
Junior Mance (p), Keter Betts (b), Jackie Williams (ds), Joe Temperley (bs)


Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (4)

February 14.2016


They were the professional group that all members are respected.

However, they were saddled with a huge deficit.

Members of except two leaders returned to their country on July 22.

The wife of Sadao Watanabe saw off them in Haneda airport.

She said:Thad and Mel were crying in front of all members at airport.

Who will bear the deficit of the Japan tour?

Who would payed their traveling expenses?

There was a rumor for a few months ago that Mel Lewis was collateralized by his house for the card settlement.

July 24, Thad and Mel were sued Keiko Jones in the presence of Mr. Sakai.

Then, it was not known about the result of the complaint.

My entries(1~4) were posted the following article reference “Jazz Critic No. 9, 1971”.

I posted that their precious recording was released opportunity.


Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (3)

February 13.2016


Above photo ‘Pit inn’「新宿ピットイン」晶文社

Because of sudden visiting to Japan, their concert had not been determined at all

There was the person who helped Thad and their members.
Mr.Sakai was manager of ‘Pit inn’ in Shinjyuku.

He had no acquaintance with Thad Jones.

When Elvin Jones was arrested, he took care of Elvin.

Elvin was grateful to Sakai.

There was via the above-mentioned, he decided to help them and offered to pit as a concert hall.

He provided a venue free of charge,and gave all sales to them.

Concert schedule July 12 ,13 ,16 at ‘Pit inn’
Mr.Sakai and Jazz cafe owners were cooperated for concert in all-night.

Additional performance has been decided by their efforts.

Concert schedule July 14 ,21 at  ‘Kinokuniya Hall’ in Tokyo

Because Richard Davis returned to UA,Yoshimitu Inaba had been in charge of the bassist.

Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (2)

February 12.2016


Photo above Elvin Jones and Keiko Jones  [Photo by blogs.yahoo.co.jp]

 They were scheduled to be played in Tokyo,Osaka,Kyoto,and in other town.

Manager “Keiko Jones’ said: ‘Our contract had been determined 99%.

Concert location also had been decided 100%.

But Japanese promoter had canceled the contract, May 28.”



“I [sugarfootstomp] can not write about details of the discard contract.

Probably, it seems to be due to the arrest of her husband Elvin Jones.”


This visit to Japan had been financially bankrupt.

She had understood that their concert in Japan will generate big loss.

However, she wanted their concert held in Japan.

Thad Jones and all members cooperated to her reckless plan.

They could comprehend dedication to her husband.

Their concert tour in Japan was disastrous (1)

February 11.2016


This record was recorded in 1974.

The band name was ‘The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra.’
July 12, 1968, they arrived at the Haneda Airport.
But their performance schedule in Japan had not been determined at all.
Tour manager was ‘Keiko Jones’ who was wife of Elvin Jones.
Thad Jones and all the members had trusted her.
Luxurious members came to Japan.

Thad Jones, Jimmy Nottingham, Snooky Young, Richard Williams,Danny Moor


Bob Brookmeyer, Garnett Brown, Jimmy Knepper, Cliff Heather


Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion, Eddie Daniels,Pepper Adams,Seldon Powell

[Rhythm section]
Roland Hanna(piano), Richard Davis(bass), Mel Lewis(drum