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Urbie Green(1)

June 21.2017

Photo above of Urbie Green by Wikipedia

Photo above of Melba Liston

Last week I posted about female trombone player Melba Liston.

I will introduce about the same instrument player who was born in the same year as Melba.

Urbie Green was born August 8, 1926 in Mobile, Alabama and has been known as the “trombonist’s trombonist.”

He has approximately 30 albums under his own name.

Recently I purchased a few albums at second hand record shop in Osaka.

Please see a poor photo I took.

So I would like to write about his achievements.

In childfood he was lessoned the piano by his mother.

When he was about 12, he picked up a trombone.

Photo above of Jack Jenney by Wikipedia

In those days he listened to such trombone greats as Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young.

When he was sixteen,he was working professionally with Tommy Reynolds’ band in California.

Then he played  with Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupa.

Photo above of Gene Krupa by Drummerszone.com

先週、女性トロンボーン奏者Melba Listonについて投稿しました。
Urbie Greenは1926年8月8日、アラバマ州に生まれました。
今週はUrbie Greenの業績について投稿します。
「Tommy Dorsey, J. C. Higginbotham, Jack Jenney, Jack Teagarden and Trummy Young」
16歳の時、Tommy Reynolds bandの一員としてプロの仕事を開始しました。
その後、Jan Savitt, Frankie Carle, Gene Krupaら著名なバンドで活躍しました。

Here is Urbie Green plays “Round Midnight”.

Bud Freeman(4)

March 30.2017

Photo by Wikipedia

The tenor saxophone was an important part of the big band era, and in the early years its use was popularized by Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young.

But we must not forget the presence of Bud Freeman.


In those days he was sometimes known as ‘The Eel’.

In 1927, he moved to New York, where he worked as a session musician and band member with Red Nichols, Ben Pollack, Joe Venuti, among others.

Bud Freeman soon developed an original sound on the tenor sax, with less vibrato and filigree and more rhythmic drive.

“The Eel” was admired as his most notable solo performances on Eddie Condon’s 1933 recording.

Then ”The Eel” became Freeman’s nickname (for his long snake-like improvisations).

From 1936 to 1938 Freeman played with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

Also he joined a short time Benny Goodman’s band in 1938 before forming his own band.

He formed Summa Cum Laude Orchestra from 1939 to 1940 and joined the US Army during World War II.

Photo above of Eddie Condon and Bud Freeman of courtesy by Wall Street Journal

After the war, Freeman joined the Eddie Condon’s bands in New York .

Since the 1950s,he had leading his own jazz groups or working with other respected pros such as Buck Clayton, Ruby Braff, Vic Dickenson and Jo Jones.

Then he was a member of the World’s Greatest Jazz Band between 1969 and 1970.

In 1974, he would move to England where he made numerous recordings and performances there and in Europe.

He even lived in London for a while, but eventually moved back to his native Chicago.

Bud Freeman died in March 15 1991 in Chicago at age eighty-four.

The Greatest Jazz Band 1974 by Rainer Jazz
(L to R: D.Wellstood, B.Wilber, B.Freeman, Y.Lawson, B.Butterfield, S. Russo, B.Morton)

Coleman HawkinsとLester Youngの功績は不滅です。しかし、Bud Freemanの存在を忘れてはならない。
1927年、Bud Freemanはニューヨークに移り、Red Nichols, Ben Pollack, Joe Venutiと共演した。
1933年、Eddie Condonと録音した「The Eel」の演奏は賞賛され、「The Eel」は彼のニックネームになりました。
1936年から1938年までTommy Dorsey Orchestraに加入、その後Benny Goodman Orchestraにも短期間であったが参加した。
1939年から1940年まで自己のOrchestraを結成しました。戦後、Eddie Condonとの共演を中心に活動し、Buck Clayton、Ruby Braff、Vic Dickenson、Jo Jonesとも共演していました。
1969年からThe World’s Greatest Jazz Bandのメンバーとして訪欧し、1974年にイギリスに移住しました。1991年故郷のシカゴで永眠しました。

Here is Bud Freeman plays “The Eel”.

Here is Bud Freeman and his Orchestra play “Inside On The Southside”(1945).

Here is Bud Freeman plays “Sweet Georgia Brown” (1984).

Adrian Rollini(2)

December 21. 2016


Photo above of Adrian Rollini

Today I will post about his early activity.

Adrian Rollini was born June 28, 1903 in New York.

He was a child prodigy on piano, genius of bass sax, equally genius on vibes.


Photo above of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel

When he was at four, he gave a Chopin recital at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York.

Also at 14 he led own band in New York, and he doubled on piano and xylophone.

He began to pioneer the bass saxophone and introduced to the California Ramblers in 1922.


About the California Ramblers, please refer to this website. Go here

The California Ramblers were one of the most recorded bands of the 1920s.

The band also featured Red Nichols, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey.


Photo above of Bix Beiderbecke

He also worked with  Bix Beiderbecke and Frankie Trumbauer.

In 1934 he put together some recording sessions that featured Jack Teagarden, Bunny Berigan and Benny Goodman.

Here is Adria Rollini trio play “Chopin Waltz Op.64 No.1 “Minute Waltz”.

Here is California Ramblers play “Crazy Words, Crazy Tune” (1927).

名門バンドCalifornia Ramblersではベース・サクソフォンのパイオニアとしてジャズ史に名前を残すことになりました。Bix Beiderbeckeともレコーディングを行なっています。

Dick Haymes(2)

October 07, 2016


Photo of Forrest and Haymes at the start of Haymes’ radio show in 1944.

Dick Haymes left Harry James orchestra in April 1942 and joined Benny Goodman orchestra.

By the end of 1942, he left Goodman for Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra, again replacing Frank Sinatra.

In 1942 he teamed with singer Helen Forrest for many hit duets during World War II.

They recorded together both in the studio and for radio broadcasts.

The partnership of Hames and Forrest was one of the best in the history of popular music.


In particular ,“Long Ago (and Far Away)” is a popular song from “Cover Girl” starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly.

Cover Girl marked the first film collaboration of Jerome Kern and Ira Gershwin.

The film featured his future wife Rita Hayworth.

Here is Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest sing “Long Ago (And Far Away).”

Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest(1978 TV). Here is they sing “It Had To Be You”

Here is “Cover Girl” by Gene Kelly & Rita Hayworth.

Dick Haymes(1)


Photo of Dick Haymes

Oct. 23, I will participate in the meeting of “Osaka jazz club(大阪ジャズ同好会)” at “Jazz coffee Dear Lord(JAZZ喫茶 DEAR LORD)“.

I must introduce my favorite vocalist to members.

Recently I heard an interesting radio broadcast about Dick Haymes.Go here

So I have decided to introduce Dick Haymes.

Dick Haymes was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1918.

At the age of 19, he moved to New York City where he worked as a vocalist in a number of big bands.

Dick Haymes was a star crooner with the big bands during the swing era of the 1940s.


Photo of Harry James and Frank Sinatra

Unfortunately in those days there was Frank Sinatra on this era.

As a matter of course he was Sinatra’s replacement singer in the big bands of both Harry James and Tommy Dorsey.

The story digressed from the main subject.

I had been posted Sinatra’s episode once when he left Harry James Orchestra.Go here

In any case I think Dick Haymes should be evaluated more.

This is he sings “All or nothing at all”.

This is he sings “You’ll Never Know”.

I Can Dream, Can’t I?

February 10.2016

Yesterday’s post, Carpenters song was good for me.

I tried to look for other musicians about this tune.

I Can Dream, Can’t I?‘ was published in 1937 and Tommy Dorsey released a hit recording of it the same year.

The best-known version was recorded by ‘The Andrews Sister’ on July 15, 1949.

‘Joni James’ recorded a version for her 1959 album 100 Strings and Joni.


‘Clifford Brown’ Quartet in Paris on Oct.15,1953


Clifford Brown (tp)
Henri Renaud (p)
Pierre Michelot (b)
Benny Bennett (ds)

‘Ann Burton’ was my favorite singer.


Originally recorded in New York in 1979 with
Mike Renzi(p),Williams (b),Grady Tate(ds)

The Fabulous Dorseys

January 15.2016


[Photo from Wikipedia]

There was a movie that can be recommended for people who interested in ‘The Dorsey Brothers’. I’ve excerpted the main performer.

Tommy Dorsey as Himself (Jimmy’s Brother)
Jimmy Dorsey as Himself (Tommy’s Brother)
Janet Blair as Jane Howard
Paul Whiteman as Bandleader
William Lundigan as Bob Burton
Sara Allgood as Mrs. Dorsey
Arthur Shields as Mr. Dorsey
Dave Willock as Foggy
William Bakewell as Eddie
James Flavin as Gorman
Charlie Barnet as Bandleader
Bob Eberly as Band Vocalist
Henry Busse as Bandleader
Helen O’Connell as Band Vocalist
Mike Pingatore as Musician
Art Tatum as Himself

It was noteworthy that the piano player had appeared Art Tatum.

For a long ago ,I received this DVD from Mr.Nakamura who is a senior of my university club.

Now we can see on youtube easily.

If you have enough time,please watch this movie.



Bob Eberly

January 12.2016

[Photo from Wikipedia]
Bob Eberly got his start in 1934, at the age of 18.
Then Bob Crosby was vocalist for the Dorsey Brothers Band.
But  Bob Crosby wanted to leave to form his own orchestra.
Therefore, the Dorsey Brothers appointed ‘Bob Eberly’ as a substitute vocalist.
After that, the Dorsey brother’s band was split.
Eberly was acive in the Jimmy Dorsey orchestra.
On the other hand, Tommy Dorsey hired Frank Sinatra.
Eberly and Jimmy had become very close friends.
They lived together,and Bob attended all rehearsals and broadcasts.
His distinction was deep voice and very straight delivery.
Starting in December 1940, Eberly and Helen O’Connell (who had joined the band nearly two years earlier) teamed up regularly on records.
Eberly would have a ballad chorus and then, after an instrumental interlude, O’Connell would take a hotter chorus.
I will introduce my favorite two songs.
It will attach the obituary.

Kitty Kallen, Big Band Singer of ‘Bésame Mucho,’ Dies at 94

January 11.2016

[From Wikimedia Commons]
’Bésame Mucho’ is famous in Japanese jazz fan.
Art pepper and Jimmy Dorsey orchestra had been playing this song.

If anything, I am fond of Jimmy orchestra.

Tommy Dorsey who was younger brother had been successful to the swing era with Frank Sinatra.

Jimmy Dorsey orchestra had a duet chorus.

Bob Eberly and Kitty Kallen were fascinating.

I’d want to listen Kitty’s Vocal with Jimmy Orchestra .
Her life was written in detail in the newspaper.

Ol’ Blue Eyes & Lady Day

December 12. 2015


Today, A Sinatra and Holiday Party will be held.

I can not participate because I am living in Japan.

Instead, I would want to write about Harry James and  Frank Sinatra.

It is the remaining part to the impression in my favorite book.

I will quote from this book.


In 1939 Harry James orchestra failed a tour of LA.

The band went into the Sherman Hotel in Chicago.

The future wasn’t looking so bright anymore.

Also Sinatra and his wife Nancy were expecting their first baby.

At that time Tommy Dorsey appeared nearby the Palmer House.

Tommy was looking for a male singer.Tommy said “the skinny kid with James”

Sinatra thought the current situation and a more secure future .

He talked it over Harry.

Harry merely Said,”Go ahead”.And Sinatra did.