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Boyd Raeburn and Ginnie Powell(1)

December 19. 2017

Photo by Courtesy of Library of Congress
Portrait of Boyd Raeburn, Ginnie Powell, vocalist Johnson, Irv Kluger, Pete Candoli, Wes Hensel, Gordon Boswell, Hy Mandell, Randy Bellerjeau

Photo above of Bruce Raeburn by courtesy of The Hearing Review

Last week I introduced Bruce Raeburn who is the curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive.

This week I would like to post about his father Boyd Raeburn.

Also I will introduce Ginnie powell who was the singer of his band.

Stan Kenton orchestra and June Christy at the Palladium. 1946. Photographer: Gene Lester.

Boyd Raeburn band is not as popular as Stan Kenton and Woody Herman.

Many years ago a wonderful album of Boyd Raeburn was on sale in Japan.

I have owned “The progressive Big Band.”

Please listen to the first tune included in this record first.

Photo above of Igor Stravinsky – Ebony Concerto by courtesy of CLASSICAL20.COM

先週、Hogan Jazz Archiveの学芸員であるBruce Raeburn氏を紹介しました。

今週は彼の父であるBoyd Raeburnについて投稿したいと思います。

又、Boyd Raeburn楽団に所属していた歌手Ginnie Powell(母)の歌唱も紹介します。

日本ではBoyd Raeburn楽団はStan Kenton楽団や Woody Herman楽団ほど人気がありません。

かなり以前になりますがBoyd Raeburn楽団の素晴らしいアルバムが日本で販売されていました。

このレコード「 The progressive Big Band」は未だ処分していませんでした。


Here is Boyd Raeburn and his Orchestra play “Interrude(Night In Tunisia)”.
Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Fishelson, Tommy Allison, Benny Harris (tp) Trummy Young (tb)Walter Robertson (tp,tb) Ollie Wilson, Jack Carman (tb) Johnny Bothwell, Hal McKusick (as) Al Cohn, Joe Megro (ts) Serge Chaloff (bar) Boyd Raeburn (sop,ts,bassax) Ike Carpenter (p) Steve Jordan (g) Oscar Pettiford (b) Shelly Manne (d)Dizzy Gillespie(arr)
AG542-2 New York, January 26, 1945

Gordon Jenkins’ works(3) “P.S. I Love You”

November 09.2017

“P.S. I Love You” was written by Gordon Jenkins, the lyrics by Johnny Mercer in 1934.

The original hit version in the 1930s was recorded by Rudy Vallée and was revived in the 1950s by The Hilltoppers

Some famous recordings include Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby,Bette Midler.

Today I will not introduce these famous singing.

「P.S. I Love You」は作詞Johnny Mercer、作曲Gordon Jenkinsにより1934年に出版されました。

発売当初はRudyValléeのレコードが好評を博し、1950年代にThe Hilltoppersによってリバイバルヒットしました。

この曲においてはBillie Holiday、Frank Sinatra、MelTormé、Rosemary Clooney、Bing Crosby、Bette Midler等有名な録音が多くあります。


Here is Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra play “P.S. I Love You”.


Photo above of Ruddy Vallee by Wikimedia

Here is Rudy Vallée and his Connecticut Yankees, with vocal by Rudy Vallée on 9 September 1934


Here is Woody Herman & his Orchestra play “P.S. I Love You”.
vo:Mary Ann McCall 1948.


Here is The Hilltoppers sings “P.S. I Love You”.



Here is Arnett Cobb with Red Garland Trio play “P.S. I Love You”.
Arnett Cobb(ts), Red Garland(p) George Duvivier(b) J.C.Herad(ds) Red Garland(p)
November 13.1960. N.J.



Here is Andre Previn plays “P.S. I Love You”.



Here is Joe Temperley play “P.S. I Love You”.
Joe Temperley (soprano & baritone sax), Andy Farber(as,ts), Ryan Kisor(tp), John Allred (tb), James Chirillo (g), Dan Nimmer (p), John Webber (b), Leroy Williams (ds) NY,2008.

Here is Lee Morgan and Hank Mobley Quintet “P.S. I Love You”.
Lee Morgan (tp),Hank Mobley (ts),Hank Jones (p),Doug Watkins (b),Art Taylor (ds)
5 November 1956.N.J.

Gordon Jenkins’ works (1) Blue Prelude

November 07.2017

Photo above of Gordon Jenkins by courtesy of playisteve.com

Last month I posted that Gordon Jenkins had arranged for the Isham Jones band.

Gordon Jenkins was involved in “Blue Prelude.”

Please listen to the famous song “Blue Prelude”.

Photo from The Big Band by George T.Simon

Gordon Jenkins was hired by the Isham Jones Orchestra in 1932 as staff arranger.

In those days Saxophonist Joe Bishop had written a composition entitled “Blue Prelude”.

Also Joe Bishop and Woody Herman composed “Woodchopper’s Ball” .

The Casa Loma Orchestra first recorded “Blue Prelude” in early 1933.

Isham Jones was not happy that another band had found success with a tune written by one of his sidemen.

So Isham Jones quickly decided to record his own version and instructed Gordon Jenkins to supplement “Blue Prelude”.

Then “Blue Prelude” has become a standard piece of popular music.

先月Gordon Jenkinsが Isham Jones Bandで編曲者としての才能を開花したと投稿しました。

その当時Gordon Jenkinsは「Blue Prelude」という名曲に携わってました。

今日は名曲「Blue Prelude」の聴き比べをお楽しみ下さい。

Gordon Jenkinsが Isham Jones に雇われた1932年頃、バンドメンバーであった Joe Bishopが「Blue Prelude」を作曲しました。

補足ですが Joe BishopはWoody Herman と共に「Woodchopper’s Ball」を作曲しています。

1933年1月The Casa Loma Orchestraが録音した「Blue Prelude」が最初にヒットしました。

当然ながらIsham JonesはライバルであるThe Casa Loma Orchestraが自分のサイドマン(Joe Bishop)によって書かれた曲で成功を収めたことをよく思いませんでした。

それ故、Isham Jonesは競合作を録音するに際し、Gordon Jenkinsに「Blue Prelude」の決定版と言えるような構成(作詞を含め)をするよう指示したそうです。

その後「Blue Prelude」はポピュラー音楽界でもスタンダード曲となっています。

Here is Glen Gray and THE Casa Loma Orchestra play “Blue Prelude”.
Glen Gray(as, dir)Gene Gifford(bj, g, arr) New York, January 31, 1933.
B-13000A Br 6513,

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra play “Blue Prelude”.
Isham Jones (ts, dir),Joe Bishop(fh), Gordon Jenkins(arr)
New York, April 6, 1933. 75736-1 Vic 24298.

Here is Woody Herman play “Blue Prelude”.
Woody Hermancl, as, vo, dir): Steady Nelson,(ts, vo),Bob Price, Clarence Willard(tp), Neal Reid, Toby Tyler(tb),Joe Bishop(fh,arr),Joe Denton, Ray Hopfner(as),Saxie Mansfield, Ronnie Perry(ts), Tommy Linehan(p), Hy White,(g),Walter Yoder(b),Frank Carlson(d),Elsa Harris(vo). New York, February 5, 1940. 67155

Here is Nina Simone sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Helen Humes sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Peggy Lee sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Monica Zetterlund sings “Blue Prelude”.

Here is Svend Asmussen with quartet play ”Blue Prelude”.
Svend Asmussen (violin) Derek Smith (p)Bucky Pizzarelli (g) Milt Hinton (b)
Oliver Jackson Jr (ds) New York City August 1983

Here is Linda Ronstadt sings “Blue Prelude”.

大阪ジャズ同好会10月例会 (前半特集)『Woody Herman楽団』

October 23,2017

前半は『Woody Herman楽団』でした。


Photo from The Big Band by George T.Simon

1936年にWoody Hermanがボーカルとして参加していたIsham Jones楽団を引き継ぎWoody Herman楽団が創設されました。
1945年に新編成された『ファーストハード』はRalph Burnsの編曲や有能な新人を多数起用することによって超一流のバンドになっていきました。


Photo above of Igor Stravinsky – Ebony Concerto by courtesy of CLASSICAL20.COM

又、近代音楽のストラビンスキーも楽団に『Ebony Concerto』を提供しています。
今回はFirst HerdとSecond Herdの代表的な演奏を選曲致しました。
The First Herd時代
(1)Apple Honey(3:15)

1944年製作「ローラ殺人事件」主題歌(ビルボード誌 第4位)

1945年2月26日録音  上記3曲の編曲 Ralph Burns

(4)Woodchopper’s Ball(3:14)
1946年12月10日録音 編曲 Niel Hefti

The Second Herd時代


(5)Summer Sequence(Part4)(1:00)

(6)Early Autumn(3:09)
上記の StanGetzのソロ演奏部分と聞き比べて下さい。

(7)Lemon Drop(2:55)

(8)Four Brothers(3:15)
1947年12月27日録音 (5)と同じ録音日です。
Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Herbie Steward, Serge Chaloff

Isham Jones’ compositions(2) “There Is No Greater Love”

October 04,2017

Isham Jones led one of the finest dance bands of all time for some seventeen years from 1919 to 1936.

“There Is No Greater Love” lyrics by Marty Symes was the last hit before the bandleader turned over to Woody Herman in 1936.

「There Is No Greater Love」(作詞 Marty Symes)は1936年に作曲されました。

この曲はWoody Hermanがバンドリーダーを引継ぐ直前のヒット作品でした。

本日紹介する中でAmy Winehouseは異色の存在だと思います。

(追記)ブログ作成時(2017/10/4)では冒頭の曲「Isham Jones and his Orchestra (with Vocal Woody Herman) 」は添付しておりませんでした。2018/10/4に追加添付致しました。

Here is Isham Jones and his Orchestra (with Vocal Woody Herman) plays “There Is No Greater Love”.
Clarence Willard, Chelsea Qualey (tp) , Wendell deLory,Russ Jenner (tb) Joe Bishop (tu,arr) Tommy Macey, Don Watt (cl,as) Woody Herman (cl,as,bar,vcl) Vic Hauprich, Saxie Mansfield (ts) Howard Smith (p,arr) George Wartner (g) Eddie Stone (vln,vcl,arr) Vince Allotta (vln) Nick Hupfer (vln,arr) Walt Yoder (b) Walter Lageson (d) Jiggs Noble, Gordon Jenkins (arr) Isham Jones (dir)
New York, February 3, 1936

Here is Dinah Washington & Clifford Brown play “There Is No Greater Love”.
Dinah Washington(vo),Clifford Brown(tp),Harold Land(ts),Richie Powell(p),George Morrow(b)Max Roach(ds)  Rec 1954

Here is Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy.play “There Is No Greater Love”.(with Mary Lou Williams) NYC. June 25, 1940

Here is Etta James sings “There Is No Greater Love”.(2001)

Here is Amy Winehouse sings “There Is No Greater Love”(2003)

Here is Nat King Cole sings “There Is No Greater Love”.

Here is Dizzy Gillespie Quintet play “There Is No Greater Love”.
Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Junior Mance (p), Les Spann (g), Sam Jones (b), Lex Humphries (ds)
Recorded:New York City, February 17, 1959

Here is The four freshmen sing “There Is No Greater Love”.

Isham Jones’ compositions(1)  

October 03,2017

Photo by courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I am planning to feature Woody Herman’ work on this next Sunday.

Woody Herman took over the band from Isham Jones.

I am not familiar with Isham Jones but I love his songs.

So I would like to post about Isham Jones’ work this week.

先月、例会の準備でWoody Hermanの初期の活動について調べていました。

1936年Woody HermanはIsham Jonesのバンドを引き継ぎ自己のオーケストラとして活動を始めます。

私自身Isham Jonesについて詳しくありませんが彼の曲は大好きです。

今週はIsham Jonesが作曲した名曲にお付き合い下さい。

It Had to Be You(1924年) 作詞 Gus Kahn


Here is Isham Jones & his Orchestra play “It Had to Be You”.(1924)

Here is Django Reinhardt plays “It Had To Be You”.

Here is Ruth Etting sings “It Had To Be You” (1936).

Here is Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest sing “It Had To Be You”.

Here is Harry Carney Octet with Strings play “It Had to Be You”.

Here is Rod Stewart sings “It had to be you”.

Here is Annie Hall Diane Keaton sings  “It Had to Be You”.

The early Kai Winding(3)

July 10.2017

Photo above of Stan Kenton, Kai Winding, Eddie Safranski, Pete Rugolo, and Shelly Manne by Library of Congress

After he worked with Benny Goodman’s band, he joined Stan Kenton’s orchestra.

In those days Stan Kenton was looking for a featured trombonist.

The trombone section didn’t have an identifiable sound until that time.

Kai Winding gave it the unique sound that remained with the orchestra.

Photo by Wikipedia

Pete Rugolo wrote some terrific arrangements for trombone section.

In addition the leader employed excellent talents such as Eddie Safranski and Vido Musso and Shelly Manne  at that time.

Their sound had been leading to a permanent change in the Kenton sound.

When Kenton broke up in 1946, Kai decided to play with Charlie Ventura’s jazz combo.

Again after 18 months he left Charlie Ventura and joined Woody Herman for a short period.

Photo above of Charlie Ventura and Billy Bauer and Chubby Jackson by courtesy of Jazz Guitar’s Hidden Giant

Photo above of Woody Herman, Chubby Jackson, and Abraham Rosen by courtesy of Library of Congress(Gottlieb, William P. collection)

Then he moved to the 52nd Street area.

He formed his own combos which included Brew Moore and George Wallington.

When Chubby Jackson led a studio big band,he had his first sessions with J.J. Johnson.

Photo above of J.J.Johnson by amazon.com

Kai Winding はBenny Goodman’s bandを退団した後、Stan Kenton Orchestraに入団しました。
その当時Stan kentonはトロンボーンセクションのサウンドに満足しておらず、優秀なトロンボーン奏者を探していました。
Kai Winding の加入によって、Stan Kenton Orchestraに新しいサウンドが生まれました。
Kai Winding のソロ演奏を活かすために多くの曲が作曲され演奏されました。
Pete Rugoroはトロンボーンセクションを前面に出した素晴らしい編曲をStan Kenton Orchestraに提供しました。
加えて、同時期にEddie SafranskiやVido Musso、Shelly Manneなどの優秀な演奏家も在籍していました。
彼らはStan Kenton楽団のサウンドを大きく変化させました。
1946年、Stan Kentonが個人的な理由でバンドを解散すると、Kai Winding はCharlie Venturaのグループで演奏するようになりました。
そして1年半経過後、Woody Herman楽団に短期間でしたが加入しています。
初めて彼自身のコンボを Brew MooreやGeorge Wallingtonと共に結成しました。
そしてChubby Jacksonがレコーディンの為に big bandを編成した時に、J.J. Johnsonと初めて共演することになりました。

Here is Stan Kenton orchestra play “Artistry in Percussion”.

Here is Stan Kenton orchestra play “Artistry In Bolero”.

Here is Charlie Ventura with Kai Winding “East Of Suez”.
Charlie Ventura(ts), Kai Winding(tb),Lou Stein(p),Bob Carter(b),Shelly Manne(ds),Buddy Stewart(vo)   September 11,1947

Here is Kai Winding & His Sextet play “Bop City”.
Kai Winding (tb), Brew Moore (ts), Gerry Mulligan (bs), George Wallington (p), Curley Russell (b), Max Roach (d). NYC, April 1949.

The “trombonist’s trombonist” Urbie Green(2)

June 22.2017



Photo above of Woody Herman by Wikipedia

When Urbie Green was 24 years old,he joined Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd.

In those days Woody Herman was contracted with MGM label.

In 1951 Herman’s band recorded four pop tunes for MGM, “Lonesome Gal.” “Searching,” “Jet” and “Ninety-Nine Guys.”


Photo by Discogs

So he earned wide acclaim because his ballad style provided a contrast to Herman’s previous First Herd trombone star, Bill Harris.

During this period Carl Fontana was also joined in trombone section.

The leader Woody appointed either of them as a solo performer according to the atmosphere of the song.

Naturally Urbie Green had a good performance at ballad tunes.

After leaving Woody’s band he was voted the “New Star” trombonist in the International Critics Poll from Down Beat magazine in 1954.


Photo above of Carl Fontana by courtesy of Carlfontana.com


Photo by Discogs

Urbie Greenは24歳の時Woody Herman’s Thundering Herdに加入しました。
その当時Woody HermanはMGMレコードと録音契約を締結していました。
「Lonesome Gal」「 Searching」「Jet」「Ninety-Nine Guys」
Woody Herman First Herdに在籍していたトロンボーン奏者Bill Harrisとは全く正反対のバラード演奏が好評を博し、Urbie Greenの人気は高まりました。
尚、トロンボーン部門には名手Carl Fontanaも彼の隣に座っていました。
リーダーのWoody Hermanは演奏する曲の雰囲気に合わせ、二人のどちらかにソロ演奏の指示をしました。
当然Urbie Greenはバラード曲を得意とし、Carl Fontanaは前任のBill Harrisに負けない攻撃的な演奏をしました。
Hermanバンドを脱退した後、1954年にはDown Beat誌の国際批評家による投票で新人賞に選ばれました。

Here is Urbie Green plays “Autumn Leaves”.
Urbie Green(tb),Zoot Sims(ts), Russ Tompkins(p),
Ray Brown(b), Jake Hanna(ds) (1982)

Here is Urbie Green plays “Dream”.

Chubby Jackson(5)

May 26.2017

Photo above of Woody Herman, Chubby Jackson, and Abraham Rosen by courtesy of Library of Congress(Gottlieb, William P. collection)

Chubby Jackson had continued the New York version of The Little Rascals for 13 years.

In 1978 and 1979, he and Woody Herman toured with Lionel Hampton’s band.

So he visited to Japan at the Aurex Jazz Festival in 1981.

He joined as the special guest with Lionel Hampton and Woody Herman.

He passed away October 1, 2003 in Bernardo, California at the age of 84.

Fortunately his children have been active in the music world.

His son Duffy Jackson became a jazz drummer, and toured with the Count Basie Orchestra.Go here

His daughter Jaijai Jackson created the entertainment world entitled The Jazz Network Worldwide. Go here

Photo above of Chubby and Duffy Jackson by courtesy of the Only Father-and-Son Bass and Drum Team in Jazz

Chubby Jackson はThe Little Rascals(ニューヨーク編)を13年間続けました。
1978年と1979年、Woody Hermanと共にLionel Hampton楽団に加わりツアーを行いました。
1981年にはAurex Jazz Festivalの特別ゲストとしてLionel HamptonとWoody Hermanらと日本に来日しました。
息子のDuffy Jacksonはジャズドラマーになり、Count Basie楽団に入団しました。
彼の娘Jaijai Jacksonは、『The Jazz Network Worldwide』というwebsiteを運営しています。

Here is Coleman Hawkins with  Chubby Jackson play “Summertime”.
Henry “Red” Allen (tp), Earl Warren (cl), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Marty Napoleon(p),Chubby Jackson (b), George Wettling (ds)   New York, August 7, 1958

Here is Red Rodney’s Be-Boppers play “Elevation”.
Red Rodney(tp), Allen Eager(ts), Serge Chaloff(bs) –
Al Haig (p), Chubby Jackson(b), Tiny Kahn(ds)
NY January 29, 1947

Here is Chubby Jackson All Star Band with Gerry Mulligan play “Sax Appeal”.
Howard McGhee, Al Porcino, Don Ferrara (tp), J.J.Johnson, Kai Winding (tb), Charlie Kennedy (as), Georgie Auld, Zoot Sims (ts), Gerry Mulligan (bars, arr*), Tony Aless (p), Chubby Jackson (b), Don Lamond (dm)
N.Y., March 15, 1950

Here is Lionel Hampton and Duffy Jackson play “DRUM BATTLE”.

Chubby Jackson(2)

May 23,2017

(From left:) Dave Lambert, John Simmons, Chubby Jackson, George Handy, and Dizzy Gillespie, in William P. Gottlieb’s office, New York, c. July 1947

Chubby Jackson is remembered by many as Woody Herman’s bassist in the mid-1940s.

I will introduce his career until joining Woody Herman band.

From 1937 to 1941, he worked with many dance bands.




He joined with bands of Mike Riley, Johnny Messner, Raymond Scott,Jan Savitt, Terry Shand, and Henry Busse.

In those days his performance style was named “Shuffle Rhythm”.

In 1941 he joined the Charlie Barnet Band.

Charlie Barnet began featuring Jackson’s rhythmic bass.

Chubby Jackson added fifth string made him sound sped-up.


Chubby Jackson said;
“The fifth string bass became quite popular.
So it put out by the Kay Bass Company in Chicago.”

Please refer to this website about the fifth string bass. Go here

In 1943 he joined Woody Herman.

Today I will not post his performance in detail.

Also he turned talent scout for innovative new players.

He brought a number of forward-thinking musicians into the band — including Ralph Burns and Neal Hefti, who became its main arrangers.



Woody Herman once said;’What an immense influence he had on us! And what enthusiasm! He used to get around to hear everything. He was always screaming about this musician and that musician.”

Chubby Jacksonは1940年代Woody Herman Bandのベーシストとして有名です。
簡単にWoody Herman Bandに入団するまでの楽歴を振り返ってみます。
『Mike Riley, Johnny Messner, Raymond Scott,Jan Savitt, Terry Shand, and Nenry Busse』
1941年、彼はCharlie Barnet Bandに加入しました。
Charlie Barnetはベースソロを大きくフューチャーした演奏を始めました。
Chubby Jacksonはベースソロが目立つようにベースに5番目の弦を付けた。

シカゴのthe Kay Bass Companyは販売していたよ。」

1943年、Woody Herman bandに加入しました。
今日はWoody Herman楽団での演奏については省略させて頂きます。
演奏家以外の重要な働きとして、Ralph BurnsやNeal Hefti等の

Woody Herman は次のように語りました。

Here is Woody Herman and the First Herd play “Apple Honey”.
Woody Herman (cl, as, dir): Sonny Berman, Charles Frankhauser, Ray Wetzel, Pete Candoli, Carl Warwick (tp), Ralph Pfeffner, Bill Harris, Ed Kiefer (tb) / Sam Marowitz, John LaPorta (as, cl),Flip Phillips, Pete Mondello (ts), Skippy DeSair (bar) / Marjorie Hyams (vib),Ralph Burns (p), Billy Bauer(g),Chubby Jackson (sb), Dave Tough (ds).New York, September 10, 1944

Here is V-Disc 648 Esquire All-American Jazz Concert
Side A: Woody Herman and his Orchestra.
Side B: “Chubby” Jackson, Ralph Burns, Woody Herman and Duke Ellington.