Aurex Jazz Festival in Japan(5) Jaco Pastorius threw his bass into moat of Hiroshima Castle

August 20.2016


I quoted this article.Go here

In Hiroshima incident took place.

When Jaco Pastorius went to Hiroshima he threw his bass into moat of Hiroshima Castle.

Before the start of stage he said ” I have left my instrument in the pond,

I must look for my instrument”.

The search party was formed by about ten person.

They looked for the pond and fountain of Hiroshima Peace Park.

But they did not find the instrument.

Next day Jaco and search party were looking for his instrument.

However he led them to Hiroshima Castle.

Why did he go there?

He threw his instrument to castle’s pond on the night before last.

When they arrived Hiroshima castle,he said ‘I pulled my instrument by now’.

Actually he threw his instrument on the night before last.

Then he climbed to a stone walls of castle in order to raise it.

He needed a rope for pulling instrument.


Indian costume was wearing for the reception party.

He defeated his Indian costume instead of rope.

Then he appeared at hotel wearing only underwear.

Of course, shoes were not wearing.

Since there was no time he did soundcheck on stage wearing only underwear and no shoes.

Here is Jaco Pastorius Big Band – Aurex Jazz Festival (Japan) 1982




Hiroshima Peace Park



Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


Hiroshima Castle


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