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“Mr. New Year’s Eve” 〜Guy Lombardo

December 31. 2015

There was a rare exhibition at auctionI recently.

“Waldorf-Astoria Starlight Roof Supper Club menu signed inside by Guy Lombardo, printed cover art by Xavier Cugat”

I stayed in the honeymoon in Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

It is written in detail about the Guy Lombardo.

“Guy Lombardo is remembered for almost a half-century of New Year’s Eve big band remotes, first on radio, and then on television. Lombardo’s orchestra played from 1959 until 1976 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Live broadcasts (and later telecasts) of their performances were a major part of New Year’s celebrations across North America; millions of people watched the show with friends at house parties. Because of this popularity, Lombardo was called “Mr. New Year’s Eve”.

[By Wikipedia]


Panama Francis & The Savoy Sultans

December 30. 2015



I will introduce the most impresive record I purchased this year.

When I looked for  secondhand record,I looked character of “The good life” on the record title.

This song was my favorite song.

But I hesitated to buy this record.

Because I’ve not heard much ‘Black jump bands’.

However, I selected this record from many famous songs and co-star members.

Also the commentary about record is “Masahisa Segawa’ .
He is the most confidential critic at present.

I will not be able to write the details of this band.

If you are interest this band, please refer to the accompanying website.


John Kirby

December 26. 2015

I introduced my nickname in yesterday’s blog.

Today I will describe my profile photo.

This photo is album cover photo of John Kirby.

He was the bassist of Fletcher Henderson orchestra.

His leader work was like a classy indoor music in a swing era.

I think that his concept was related with MJQ.

He was also famous as the husband of Maxine Sullivan.

Please see a high-quality program by ‘BBC’ about his career.


Fletcher Henderson forever

December 28. 2015

December for me is a very important month.
Because it is the birth month of Fletcher Henderson, it is also the death month of him.
‘Birthday December 18’
‘Date of death  December 28′
My birth month is also in December.My nickname on web is ‘sugarfootstomp’.
Jazz occurred in New Orleans. However,it has been developed in New York.
In Japan evaluation of Ellington and Basie than Henderson is high.
In the history of jazz, Fletcher Henderson is the most important person.
I want to write about his achievement through my blog.

Institute of Jazz Studies

December 26. 2015


There is a place where I want to go from a long time ago.

Its location is ‘Institute of Jazz Studies’ in Rutgers University.
I learned of the university for the first time in the photo collection of jazz magazines.
At that time I did not know that ‘Institute of Jazz Studies’ was established in university.
HP’s Jazz Institute can view by now.
This is a great HP.
It is like watching a dream.
However, I would like to go to ‘Institute of Jazz Studies’.

The lucky label of Brunswick from Saito store

December 26. 2015

Since listening to the SP records in Kurashiki music library, I had began to purchase SP records .

I have purchased the Ellington of Brunswick ,But my collections of Brunswick were released from Nippon Colombia. Nippon Columbia sale was recurrence series. Saito store sale was original.

The lucky label was sold in November 1934 from Saito store. Saito store had been importing asbestos from Canada. Also Saito signed a contract with the United States Brunswick Corporation and began to sell records. 155 sheets had been released.

This was an invaluable label that the world of collectors were looking for.

Saito store was transferred rights to Japan Colombia in January 1936.

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